Glow at Your Own Risk

He left her splayed over the footrest in front of his chair. Arms and legs secured to the sturdy legs of the heavy leather seat, she wasn’t going anywhere until he decided she was.

He walked into the kitchen for a beer. Drank half of it leaning against the doorjam, looking at her. Ass red and welted. Cunt dripping cum slowly onto the floor between her splayed knees.  She was such a beautiful sight.

He pushed off the doorway and came up behind her, admiring how gorgeous her flesh glowed after her spanking. She moaned when he dragged the cold, sweating bottle across one asscheek, and then the other. Moaned again when the chilled bottle slid up and down her wet slit.

Taking a last long gulp to finish the bottle, he picked up the crop.  A man’s work was never done.