Perchance, pt. 2

Someone had turned the music up really loud, she thought, mistaking the roaring in her ears for music. Her friend taj had just had an O in the middle of the room, with a man she now had led up to the bar. How the hell was she going to make polite conversation with a man who still had the wetness on his fingers from her friends pussy?

As if reading her mind, He looked steadily at her, raised his moist fingers to taj’s mouth and said simply “clean them”.

Of all the! ? ! She gazed at the impudent man. Oh, he was something to look at to be sure, and he certainly knew it, didn’t he,  Mister Bossy?? She shook herself, remembering, right, BDSM club. This would be the D part. As in Dom. taj had explained that to her, that she would be meeting all kinds of people but that the Dom’s and their female counterparts, Domme’s or Mistresses, would stand right out in any crowd. They didn’t have to dress fancy, wear outfits, though some did, it was their manner that marked them as …what had taj said? Kings of the Universe. Something like that. This Dom’s eyes were thickly lashed, and deep dark pools of blue. There was a challenge here, and she could not help but rise to it. She raised her chin, cocked an eyebrow, lifted her glass to her lips smoothly. Inside, however, she could feel a small trickle of heat begin to melt, somewhere behind her belly button. She did not try to watch her friends mouth working His fingers one by one, for she was giving him the eye as much as she was getting it from him. Never one to back down from a challenge, she lowered her glass, and smiled slowly at him. Not a full, pretty smile, but nearly a smirk. Her smile grew larger as she watched his eyes narrow, laser into hers with quelling intensity. She refused to cower.

He could not believe it. She was baiting him and had yet to utter a word. taj was done cleaning his fingers, yet his hand stayed locked between her lips as he and the woman fenced with their eyes.  He felt a flash of heat, low in his belly. She was not of his world, but he knew, before this night was through, that he would bury his cock deeply inside of her. He wondered how much sexual experience she had. Certainly not any of his kind, but a woman who looked as tousled and sexy as she did must have an interesting history. He wondered about her pussy. His eyes slid from hers for a moment, danced over her tits, and weren’t they absolutely fine tits? Nice, large, fleshy melons. God he lived for women with big tits.  His palms itched to touch, and find her nipples.  Yearned to pinch them to full saucy hardness. Lay a few clamps on them and lead her around the room by them. He looked back at the stormy gray eyes.  Oh yes, she knew what he was thinking. He though again about fucking her. Her cunt. Her delectible mouth. Painted a gorgeous deep red, and glossy. He wouldn’t mind having that saucy lipstick sliding off on his cock. Nossir.  Well, he’d like any of her holes, but he thought he most wanted to fuck her ass. Not from the back, but  from the front so he could stare into those gray cat eyes of hers when she felt the full brunt of his cock as he full-throttled it into her brown highway. Slowly he smiled. Cocked his brow at her. Thrust the thought at her that she would be his. Tonight.

She felt her eyes widen with shock. He was..coming on to her? As her friend sucked his fingers, the fingers that….my god, he does think he’s king of the universe, she thought, amazed. And dammit, she was aroused, too.  He stepped closer to her, only a foot from where her legs crossed at the knee, her glossy heeled sandal toe only inches from his thigh. His fingers pulled from taj’s mouth, with a slight wet popping sound, but neither noticed. taj thought about an introduction, but looking at the two locked in mortal eye combat, she silently slipped away. She thought she’d seen Master Philip come in and he might need a blowjob before his subbie arrived. If she arrived. That one was as flighty as a raven. taj wended her way around groups and clusters of people meeting and greeting as she went. As she slipped from the larger room, she looked back towards the bar. Sir Tony and Kayla were certainly hitting it off. She smiled, knowing the fireworks coming later tonight would not all be happening over the lakefront outside.

2 thoughts on “Perchance, pt. 2

  1. Ok I thought the Dom was taj’s friend’s husband. I guess I read that wrong in the first chapter.

    I like the true description of Doms & Dommes standing out due to the aire about them. I also like the inticement of him just outright deciding he will fuck her tonight.

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