HNT 12/31/09

I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions…not when we can make changes happen whenever we bring our Will to bear….and nilla is proof positive of this!

So, for resolutions unspoken, my lips are sealed! My heart, however, is open and happy…for i have found many new friends here, and at long last, peace, lust, and an outlet for that which has always hungered inside of me.

New Years Blessings to You, dear Sir, and to all the bloggers who drop by with or without comments! May you know only enough sorrow to be leavened by happiness, only enough pain to bring you fulfillment, and only enough sex…well…there’s NEVER enough sex!!!

Blessed Be and Happy 2010!

8 thoughts on “HNT 12/31/09

    1. OH, poppet…nilla smiles…thank you! You know you are one of the sisters of my heart, right? Thanks and may you and the Captain have a wonderful New Year as well! I think of you overseas, and send prayers to the Goddess that you are both kept safe and sound.
      hard hugs…

    1. viemoira….another heart-mate…we share some commonality as well…i’m so behind on blog reading because of the holidays, but I promise (nilla draws a big X over her heart) that I’ll be by to visit your site soon as the holidays are done and life resumes it’s normal course!

      Happy Blessings to you and your Beast in 2010!



  1. I love love love your new wordpress pic and this weeks HNT, so beautiful and sexy! The colors of your hair, skin and lips are so vibrant and full of life 🙂 Your Sir is a lucky man *hugs* all the best in the New Year chikadee!

    1. *blush*…thank you, sweetie…you are mayhap the nearest and dearest to my heart…sweet lil sister…you are vibrant and full of life yourself!

      i’ll tell you a secret…i have never, EVER worn red lipstick…thought it was too vibrant for me. Srsly. Sir changed that. Preferred it, so I tried. I have maybe 7 tubes of red now, all various shades. All wicked and wild and beautiful. Like how nilla feels these days. Sir did that. He has been so good for me, and to me. 2010 is our year. (nods)


  2. I love it! Beautifully said as always Nilla.

    k and I are grateful to count you as a kindred spirit and friend. We look forward to tantalizing our dear readers with salacious tales and much more for as long as we continue to breathe.

    May 2010 be better than the last.

    Cheers to a healthy and happy New Year!

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