Of Stats,Transforming & Strange Searches…

Bloggers thrive on stats.At least this blogger does!  When I started blogging late  in August, 2009, I had 18 views. Now, that was only a day or two, so….. not bad for a newbie. By September, the views had crept over the 800 mark…and since then, this vanilla woman’s blog  is hitting over  4,000 views per month. Wow! Blows da nilla’s mind, this does. My secret sex fantasy blog…

Now, i get nothing from this.


Not True!! I do get something…but it’s intangeable……it’s this vicarious thrill down deep in my spirit, and okay, sometimes in my pussy. You like my stuff. My dirty little vanilla world fantasies.  This blog saved me, I think.  I might have imploded otherwise. My marriage may well end if my wife someday discovers my dirty little secret life, but who’s to say that it wouldn’t have ended because of my despair? I actually contemplated leaving in mid-summer (pre-blog)…i was so unhappy. Now i’m fully out of my cocoon. Pulled by my writing, my readers, and most importantly, my Sir.  He is my coach, the driver of this wonderous ride i’m taking. And, as He’s pointed out to me, i may  have the destination in mind, but it’s His horse and buggy. Isn’t that sweet? And true!

Now I have this hidden world to hang out in. People who don’t see my fantasies as weird…but hawt.  Friends who’s blogs and lives inspire and inform me. And fans. People who can take a look with me, over the edge of “normal” and see into the vastness below. Helloooooooo…. yeah, it’s not dark and gloomy over there…it’s Hawt, and Horny…and dare i say it?…..Wet!

So thanks for coming along on this ride with me, keeping me sane (whatever that is), and playing sexay with me.

And you people with the strange search posts…man, you gotta try harder…'”thin hanging boobs”???  My girls are not so thin, and my story maidens almost always have big old tits, just like their momma! (nilla snorts out a laugh!) How about “tit punishment slapping” (no, here we do that for fun, right?) or “he pierced her cunt because” (because…why? Subbies chant together ..”Because He/She Can!”) or the ever popular “she took his cock” . Huh? Took it where? The laundromat?? nilla giggles…some are weird, but the vast majority just crack me the hell up. I’m that kinda girl.

Happy New Year, to you all, may you be blessed by much that fills you in 2010. I’ma knowin’ da nilla is gonna be filled, too (hee! and HOO RAH! )

y’all come back now, ya hear?