She fought at her bonds futilely. Her wrists were tightly bound together, and even as she struggled again to try to pull them apart, they were seized, tugged firmly upward. Something cold was slipped between her wrists, hooking onto the rope bindings. The sound of  boots moving away across a wooden floor, then silence. A clicking sound cut through the air harshly, and she felt her arms begin to rise. She pulled and moaned through her gag, but slowly, inexorably, her arms were pulled taut until they were fully over her head, outstretched.

She knew she’d been flirting with fire when she came on to her History professor. There were rumors about him. He was a dangerous man, into kinky and weird stuff. Well, those were things she was very interested in learning about. History? Fuck no. Required for her Liberal Arts degree, yes, but interesting, no. No, it was the Prof who made her come to class each day.

She’d known the paper on Medieval Tortures of Sexual Perversions would get His attention. He’d smiled at her in a very…nerve wracking way. He looked into her eyes, and deeper. Probed at  her thoughts with his questions. Finally, he told  her the options. She could rewrite the paper. Or he could suspend her for a night. No brainer. No way was she rewriting the fucking paper.

“Fine,” she’d tossed at him, playing the coquette. “Suspend me!”

He smiled. That smile made her very nervous. And very wet. When he told her to meet him at the corner market, she agreed.

She remembered her feeling of victory as she climbed into his car, her 5 inch heels and fishnet stockings catching his eye, and his sexy grin made her heart pound with excitement. 

Now here she was. She knew she wasn’t alone.   He was somewhere in the cavernous room. The silence was the worst, she thought. Her arms ached. She felt eyes on her, but nothing happened. Finally, a sound wafted to her straining ears….a soft thunk, like a chair coming to rest on all four legs, and then faintly, the shifting of feet. Abruptly, the footfalls became louder. He wanted her to know he was coming for her.  Her heart raced.  What next?  She shifted, trying to ease the pain in  her feet and shoulders. The heels she’d worn to the meet were impossibly high, not meant for standing for untold minutes. They were meant for fucking.  Heels on shoulders, tied to a bed, yes, but for standing, no way. 

She felt the heat of him. He was tall, she knew that. She pictured him in her mind. Dark hair, silvering at the temples. Strong face. Hands. Oh, those hands. Large, powerful. His hands dwarfed hers and the control he had of himself and his power…mesmerizing. Hadn’t she watched, spellbound, as he sat on the edge of his desk and lectured?  Watched his muscled legs as he walked across the lecture stage? Tried to see the outline of his cock as he stood there, explaining about sharecropping and early wars?  Boring shit, but oh man the Prof was one hell of a stud.

 Had she really thought at all, before getting into his car and letting him blindfold her? Had they spoken much beyond “yes Sir”? to his command to get in the car? Panic had her memories fogging. Had she told anyone where she would be?

She felt the barest touch of a finger against her nipple. Her damned betraying nipple.

“You must be very afraid by now, kitty cat,” came his low voice. It continued, soft, silky. Molten chocolate with a hard center.

“The pulse beats strongly here,” and she felt his fingertip move from her nipple to the hollow at the base of her throat. She swallowed nervously. “And yet, here,” and his finger once more pressed her nipple, “and here,” as he switched to her other nipple, “your body betrays its lust. Does fear make you wet, kitty cat?”

The finger left her nipple, and she felt a tug at the zipper on her skirt.  Frozen, she could only stand there, knowing he would find her wet. She could feel it leaking slowly from her, gilding the tops of her thigh highs with her lust cream.  The skirt was tugged from her, then each foot raised gently to remove it fully. The sound of the fabric being folded came to her, as his footsteps moved away. 

His finger came to prod at the opening between buttons on the front of her blouse. She felt the heat of the probing digit against her skin. She’d assumed that he would dive right into her cunt and torment her about her needyness.  So much for assumptions. A second finger joined the first in the small opening.  With a suddenness that had her jolting, his fingers hooked on each side of her blouse and ripped it open roughly. Buttons flew around the room to dance on the floor and she gasped through her gag and tried to jump away. Of course, there was nowhere to go. He held onto the sides of her shirt like reins, pulling her towards him, until her now-bare breasts pushed up against his chest. Her nipples were tickled by his chest hair, and a long, low moan came from her center and poured out. His arms came around her, hugging and holding her tightly, as his mouth traveled down her neck, biting and licking the slender column of flesh. The silk of his hair tickled against her throat as his clever mouth traveled down the long expanse to her nipple. He sucked it deeply into his hot moist mouth, pulling it hard between partially closed teeth. The sucking, scraping and heat combined to weaken her knees and she was glad that he was holding her so tightly else she might have collapsed in a pile of melted woman at his feet. Deeper and harder he sucked at her breast, until her nipple was against his molars, and he began slowly crushing it. She felt the tormented nubbin growing bigger, swelling with the lavish attention he was paying it. Her moans now were of pain as well as lust, as his teeth worked over her bud. As he released it, he sucked again, and laved the abused flesh with his tongue. He felt her stiffen, felt the tightening in her lower belly and smelled the rush of fluids as she came. Tit orgasm. How delightful!

Leaving her now bruised and throbbing nipple, and releasing her from his crushing hug, she staggered. Her arms were deadweight, but the rope and pulley held her upright. She was staggered by the power of the orgasm he had released in her. From chewing on her nipple, my gawd. She felt the wetness from her pussy seeping through her  hose, the thigh and calves of her legs wet, and the smell, oooh, it was the scent of horny woman. She could feel the intensity of his look as he took in her disheveled state.

She heard him walk across the room, away from her. Click click click, she heard the sound. Tension still on her arms…dear god, he was taking pictures. They’d never discussed this! She tossed her head, protested through the gag. Useless. She heard him walk around her, the click of the shutter, and shuddered in embarrassment.  Again his boots receded from her, then came back. The sound was purposeful.

He came up behind her, and pulled her blouse up to the back of her neck. She could feel him tying it up behind her. Pulling her long tresses free of the tangle of fabric, she felt him caress her from her back to her ass.  She arched back into his hand, earning a sharp smack on her right asscheek.

“Not yet, kitty cat. Greedy girls never get all they want. And I am not anywhere near done with scaring the shit out of you.”  She heard the smile in his voice, and the threat. She shuddered.  Waited. Again the silence did it’s trick, and she felt small, vulnerable.

“Good,” he purred. “Very good. You realize that you are completely at my whim now. It’s about what I want, and what I will take from you, with or without your consent.” She felt goosebumps rising on her flesh at the implications of that statement.

She felt the cold sting on her left nipple. What? A feeling of something…an ice-cube! He was rubbing her nipple with an ice-cube.  At first it was just cold. Then the tingles became a throbbing as the chill intensified. The throbbing became vague, then sharp, when suddenly it was replaced by fire. His mouth and tongue began sucking and lapping at her frozen nipple, causing a confusing welter of sensations. She was freezing cold and consumed by fire! And she came.  As her body bowed from the force of her orgasm, she felt the ice cube begin to caress her clit. She gasped and moaned, dancing on tiptoes to evade the chilly invader, but to no avail. Cold ice and fingers pressed firmly on heated wet flesh. Her orgasm continued to spasm out of control as he played her. Fingers teasing nipples, hands squeezing tits, spanking her asscheeks to glowing embers, until finally, finally he released the gag and she screamed as her fourth, fifth? orgasm shattered her.

As she sagged into the ropes overhead, she felt him standing in front of her once again.

“nooooo, ” she moaned, softly. “can’t…please Sir, no more”….But her pleas were disregarded as he lifted her by her thighs, ordering her to wrap her legs around his waist and hold on.

His cock, large, throbbing and needy, rubbed against her wet, steaming slit. He guided the head of his aching cock to her channel, and with one firm thrust, he was inside her. She moaned, low and  gutteral, her head hanging forward. He rocked gently inside her, forcing her to another orgasm.

As he felt her clenching around him, he began to pull out and slam into her, rapid fire thrusts meant to bring them both to a shattering completion. Seven, eight, nine.  Teeth clenched, he pounded into her throbbing hole, as she screamed one long note, her forehead pressed against his, her arms straining to hold on for one more second.

Eleven, twelve, thirteen.  Dripping it’s molten moisture down his invading cock, the slurping wetness of her  pussy nearly undid him.

Fifteen, six….and her cunt clamped down on him so hard he thought she would break his cock off at the root.   He felt his cockhead pushing deeply inside of her clutching cunt, felt her squeezing him and pulling him even further inside of her. Her greedy cunt sucked at his cock, drawing the  first spurt of his cum from him. He  exploded  inside of her as his yell burst hoarsely, yet triumphant,  from his throat.

Later, after he released her from her suspension, they snuggled on his bed. Her wrists, still tied together, were over his head, around his neck, holding  him close. His knee rested firmly against her swollen pussy. It was so good when she was bad. He looked forward to reading  her next paper.

10 thoughts on “Suspended

  1. Happy New Year, Nilla – thank you for this lovely, lovely story. Thank you for sharing your stories in 2009 – I’m really looking forward to all the ones you share in 2010.

    Love from one very wet and tingly, Ana

    1. it’s okay to like history, but better to be turned on…hee! I think there are groups for people like you….

      who likes some history as well.

    1. Hee! And this you know ….how? (nilla laughs) Are you perchance a teacher, Sir? (n grins…i don’t mean to be a brat, i’m just drawn that way….hahaha!)

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