Saucy Wench (for Sephi)

She stretched up to her tippy toes to reach the tea tin. He’d placed it in the top cabinet …”again, dammit” she murmured under her breath. Just as the words left her mouth, she caught sight of Him, leaning negligently against the kitchen door frame. His arms were crossed, His head tilted in that way He had. When their eyes met, He smiled. Slow. Feral. She grinned back at Him, then sprang across the kitchen. Fast as she was, He was faster still, and He wrapped His arms around her as they fetched up against the sink. He turned her around, and put his face into hers. Noses nearly touching, she felt the power of His will brought to bear.

“sorry,” she giggled, a bit nervously.

“Not yet,” he replied, “but you will be”. With that, He took her two nipples between His fingers, and pulled her from the room. He turned as they reached the stairs leading to His room, and pushed her backwards, step by step to receive her reward for being saucy.

He loved when she was.


So, now the secret is out. Nilla is a much better writer than computer person. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why my blog won’t accept/maintain the pic i’ve been dropping into it. So, (nilla hangs head) I give up. I tried to do my part, truly i did. Ask sephi. She helped. Still…guess i’ll go write a story instead….

nilla, pouting