Her hands hugged each other, bound tight together at the wrist, and drawn over her head. Attached to the headboard by a strong leather strap, she could be turned front or back, depending on His whim.

Her legs were free; He knew she would not dare to kick out at Him.

She lay, breathing slowly to quell the panic that she always felt when he gagged her tightly. The blindfold was tight as well, and she had no hope of rubbing it off this time. Her favorite ‘saucy wench’ panties, bright pink lace and black bow on the back was lodged in her mouth, and a shiny band of duct tape sealed her lips closed.

A hot mouth lands on her breast, teeth pulling at her nipple and she arches, and moans low in  her throat. A hand rubs slowly on her belly, tracing large concentric circles around her belly button, before finally grazing the top of her fresh-shaven cleft.

Slowly a thumb traces that cleft, down, then up. No pressure, just a light flutter of a touch. She rises and moans again.

The mouth is removed from her breast and the soft blowing across the wet nipple causes it to rise and seek that hot moist warmth again.

As soon as one sensation registers, another is beginning. Fingers on her knees, tracing more circles. Her toe in his mouth. His thumb against her arch, dancing teasingly against that ticklish flesh. 

He brings her to the edge once, then again. Then stops. His chuckle fills the silence as her protestation, gutteral through the gag, dies away. He knows her need. He knows too, that what she needs, she doesn’t always know.

Turning her on her belly, he walks away, sits in the chair that squeaks. Watching. Waiting.

She dares not move. Breathing on her belly took more effort. Her head canted to the side, and she tries to calm her racing heart, and her throbbing pussy. The need was dark and deep and threatened to overwhelm her, but her training had been thorough.

He watched, pleased, as she calmed. He rose suddenly, the chair squealing loudly, making her jump. He pulled his belt from the loops at his waist. A quick flip of his wrist sent the end of the belt across her beautiful full backside.

She jolted, grunted as the first blow fell. It wasn’t particularly hard, more of a warning shot across her bow. As her flesh continued to pinken, her moans became more frequent. Tears began to gather, and snot made it hard to breath.

His hand gathered in her hair, raising her head. Not blue yet. He dropped her back down to the bed. Took out the paddle. She hated the paddle. Which made this all the sweeter.

When he was finally done, her ass glowed like a lighthouse beacon. Her cunt glistened as if a tidal wave had splashed against her womanhood. The smell of red ass and female arousal filled his nose. She was ready.

With his cock straining painfully against the zipper of his jeans, the steady pulse of desire and need reminded him he was ready too.

He took. Plundered. Devoured. And found  himself  drowning in the deep wetness of her cunt. She sucked him in, held him deep. Together, they fought for control, he holding her off, trying to slow their fall, she egging him on, squeezing and sucking him further down.

They fell over the edge together, wrapped tightly in each other.