The Thief pt 1.

She stood in the hallway outside the closed hotel door. Smiled sweetly at the older couple that passed by her as she slowly slid the key card through the lock. She looked like she belonged there, which she knew was half the battle in these jobs. At the faint click, she opened the door just enough to gain entry, then shut the door. For added security, she threw the deadbolt. Piece of cake!  She was in. And if her mark was as wealthy as he’d looked when she’d lifted his keycard in the lobby, well, she’d do very well tonight.

She’d seen him from across the room. She sat there in one of those soft, comfy chairs, watching the crowd without looking it. Dressed in a lovely red sheath dress, she gathered attention. With her looks why not flaunt it. Then, when attention shifted from face to tits, she would be unrecognizable. A woman in a red dress. Oh, they could describe her cleavage, but her face? Nada. She grinned, remembering. He’d done the same thing. Once she had his attention, and knew he would be her goal for this evening, she carefully folded the paper, looked at her watch, and made a moue of annoyance cross her raspberry lips. She looked to the elevators, the towards the entry to the casino. She rose and crossed close to him. Peered into the casino, as if looking for someone.

“For pity’s sake, where is he?” she muttered under her breath, and turned sharply, crashing into the man. With deft hands, she lifted his door card, then spoke sharply to him,

“Hey, stop that!” and slapped at his arm which had come up to catch her elbow.

“Didn’t want you to fall, miss,” he replied, and she couldn’t quite quell the disturbing sensation that ran through her arm at his firm touch, nor the penetrating gaze he bent on her. Those eyes were very…knowing. She felt as if he was looking inside of her, unlocking doors that she kept firmly bolted shut. She shook herself free of his grasp, and hurried to the elevators.

He watched the little minx enter the elevator. He’d felt her, barely, lifting his key. He turned and went to the entry for the stairs. His room was on the third floor, but he noted that the elevator had stopped on two. Thankfully. Two at a time, he quickly gained access to the 3rd floor, and took the spare key card out of his wallet.  He entered the room, and speedily drew the curtains shut, blocking any light. He took items from his special valise and laid them on the pillows of the king size bed. He just had time to secure the wrist ties to the top of the bed when he heard her outside the door. Quickly, he pulled the desk chair just around the corner from the entry hall and waited for her to enter. He grinned when he heard her throw the deadbolt.

She slipped down the hallway towards the bedroom. These kind of guys always kept their valuables in their briefcases…by the bed. As she passed the  small alcove where he lay in wait, she paused a moment to let her eyes adjust to the very dim room. She debated putting on a light. When these kind of guys came for a gamble, they usually stayed 3 or 4 hours. Likely he was involved in one of those high stakes poker games and she would be out of here in just a few…

an arm snaked around her throat, pulling her backwards. As she opened her mouth to protest, a ball of some sort pushed deeply between her teeth. Though she fought to keep herself upright, she was thrust forward, an ankle hooking around her legs. She pitched forward onto the bed.

He steered her to fall facedown and despite her struggles, his knee, placed in the center of her back,  didn’t allow her to rise. He fastened the ball gag tightly, then grabbed her thrashing hands. Reaching towards the pillow, he snagged the cuffs, and snapped first one, then the other around her thin wrists. She was moaning up a storm now, and bucking, but she was no match for him. He could feel the pulse in her throat as he grabbed her by it, raising her chin up and arching her back. 

“I could snap this thieving neck in a heartbeat and be done with you,”   his voice was cold and menacing.  She stopped thrashing, taut and fearful. He felt the quiver run through her body, her back so tight under his knee that he wondered it didn’t break.

“You have no choices here, understood?” he waited until she slowly, grudgingly nodded once.

“You are going to have to work very hard to please me. Then perhaps we’ll come to some sort of …” he waited, thought a moment. “….arrangement.” She shook her head, muttered incoherently through the gag.

“Now, now, don’t hurt yourself, little girl. I think you will come to like some of tonights fun and games. And remember, you did bring this on yourself. Stealing from poor, unwitting hotel guests. Sitting in the lobby and looking for suitable victims. I’m shocked, frankly. Someone with your looks certainly has other…options…” and his voice trailed off as he tauntingly ran a finger from her midback, down to the swell of her hip, and across her ass.

More mutterings, squealing and head tossing. He gave a sharp slap across her left asscheek.

“Enough!” he spoke harshly. She froze again. He pulled her to the center of the bed, and releasing one hand from behind her, quickly attached the cuff to the restraint. A second cuff went around her freed hand, then it too was attached to the opposite restraint. It happened so quickly, so efficiently that she had no time to try to fight her way free. Now she lay on her back, arms spread eagled and she knew without a shadow of a doubt, what her fate would be.