The Thief pt 2

You should read part 1 first…go back one entry…thank you!

She glared at him. She lay, mostly immobilized. Her arms were spread but her legs were still free. She debated kicking him, hurting him where it mattered but she figured that anyone who could handcuff someone so efficiently was going to be ready for her to do just that anyway. Plus, even if she killed him, she was still stuck here.  Unless a maid…she saw him  glance at her and grin. Watched, appalled, as he grabbed the “DO NOT DISTURB” sign from the dresser top, and went to hang it on the knob. Great. She had to get caught by a fucking mind reader.  She’d be stuck laying here for days if she did disable him. And if she didn’t…well, she didn’t want to dwell on the possibilities.

He stopped at the end of the bed. Looked at her, taking in the beautiful tits that rose from the top of the crimson dress, all creamy skin and full globed. Her nipples were flat from fear, but that would change.  His gazed continued to slide down her body. Paused at the slope of her waist, down her long, long legs, to her feet. Then back up, admiring her long, tousled tresses. Paused at her raspberry tinted mouth, now spread around a black ball gag.  Her eyes, a deep and stormy blue, glared at him, despite her dire circumstances.  He reached down, stroking one silk-clad calf, exposing the slim leg as he slid his hands beneath her dress.  He kept sliding, up, and up, until his legs pressed hard against the end of the bed, and he was resting on his palms, and his palms were resting on her thighs. His thumbs rested just at the apex of that warm juncture. Her eyes locked with his, as he began, slowly, teasingly, to twitch those thumbs up, then down. First in synchronicity, then, in alternating rhythm, until he felt her, very gently, rise up to him. Her eyes closed, and a flush played across her face. The faint rasp of his thumbnails against her neatly trimmed bush was barely audible, but the scent of her, oh, that carried very clearly.

He slid his hands back down to her ankles, and then slowly pulled her legs up. Sliding them up and over his shoulders, he leaned forward until his mouth was just above her plump vee. As his warm exhalation blew across her, the long, low moan coming from her intensified to a deep, albeit muffled cry. Her hips rose to try to capture his mouth, but he pulled back, waiting for her to drop back to the bed.

Each time his breath came across her, she rose. Each time he backed away, until finally she squealed in frustration, tossing her head back and forth. Her legs tightened around his neck, but a good hard pinch on her clit stopped that bad habit. Finally she lay, legs open, waiting for him. He could see that just this short bit of playing with her, denying her, controlling her, had caused her lower lips to swell and pinken nicely. He could see and smell her arousal, gleaming wetly like pearls awaiting the diver to find them all.

Now that she was pliant, needy, he took her legs and began pressing them up towards her head. Her eyes half-opened as her knees came closer to her face. Watched as he took a pair of panty hose from his pocket. He quickly slid the first pre-made loop around her right ankle. While she was still compliant, he took her left ankle, slid that through a second loop near the first, and pulled the entire thing up over her head. Behind the headboard was a “D” ring that he’d put in the backside of the headboard on his first visit here, several years ago. There were other modifications he had made to this room,  but each in it’s proper time. She began to struggle as he pulled the pantyhose tight through the “D” ring. She didn’t know exactly what he was doing, of course, but he sensed her panic at being folded nearly in half and left exposed and vulnerable. Oh, so wonderfully vulnerable!  But it was far too late for struggles, which was why he’d been so very patient in arousing her.

“Pantyhose is an amazing tool for the bondage aficionado.” His words fell with quiet precision in the room as he finished tying her off. They were the first he’d spoken in nearly 30 minutes. He went on.

“They have great give, that wonderful elastic stretch, but not too much. They won’t harm your skin too terribly, you may get a slight abrasion but far less than rope or leather. They are found everywhere, light to move, and easily go through airport security, too!” He gave her leg an experimental tug. It moved a bit, but was still secure in its position.

He turned to his special valise. Withdrew a slim cane. Laid it beside her, making certain she could see it. Reached back into his valise. Took out a vibrator, and a butt plug and a tube of lubricant. These he placed on the nightstand. He caught her eye, the fear in it. Winked at her. She moaned and closed her eyes.

A sharp rap on the back of her thigh had her opening them again, fast.

“Pay attention. Don’t want you to miss a thing. Kind of like previews when you go to the movie theater.”  He withdrew a short crop, clothes pins, and nipple clamps. Laid them on the pillow next to her head. He turned to the valise, but stopped. Looking back at her, he smiled. He turned back to the bed and took up the crop. He watched her cringe, her eyes  half closing, her pulse beating rapidly in her throat. He carefully balanced the crop between her top lip, thrust up and out  by the gag, and the lower edge of her nose. Laughed.

“Keep that there. Don’t even think about shaking it off, or the first slap will be on your pretty face,” he warned his voice hard and at odds with the pleasant smile on his mouth.  He watched a tear form and slide slowly down her face, to pool in the cup of her ear. 

The last item he took from the valise was a pair of scissors. She wanted to toss her head in protest…NO….NO…but he had  left no doubt in her mind  about what would happen if she dropped the damned whip.

“Fucking Asshole!” she screamed silently in her mind as she heard the steady snick snick snick. He’d started low, and she could not raise her head to look down her body…then she felt the cold steel against her belly. She shivered involuntarily at that icy touch, and her strange and frightening position.  In no time at all she was clad only in skin.

Her ass and pussy were right there. Out and exposed and …she could feel sweat pooling under her, even as she shivered with fear. And the damned fucking bastard had gotten her all hot and bothered and …

“Fuck!” she fumed silently. “I can’t BELIEVE what he did to me. Made me want this…this…” she had no words for the vulnerable feelings, nor for her astonishing response to her  situation. Horny. What, was she suddenly 16 again and a victim of her carnal desires? She’d buried those thoughts years ago. She froze….groaned, her eyes slamming shut tightly as she felt his tongue lick her from anus to the top of her cleft.

He tasted her honey. Sweet. Slick. She was so wet.

“Made for this, ” he said quietly, “that’s what you are, little dirty slut. You want this. Want me to take you. Use you. And so I shall, slut, so I shall indeed.”

She moaned, louder this time, as his tongue dove deeper and deeper. The first slap took her by surprise, and made her squeal in shock. The thudding of his hand over and over on her left asscheek and exposed thigh was in direct contrast to his slurping mouth, his lapping tongue. When his teeth scraped at her clit, she rose up off the bed, grunting. Rose into the thudding hand. Rose into his seeking mouth. When he began sucking hard on her swollen nubbin, she came unglued. Mindful of the crop on her face she could not thrash, but her screaming, blunted cries rocked through her body, and her hips undulated as much as she was able. Her legs, tied overhead as they were, gave her faint purchase to rise and fall with her orgasm. And as fast at that one washed over her, he drove her to a second one.

She shook, and moaned and came. Never felt him pull the crop away from her face until the first slashing blow came down on her ass. The steady, repetitive beat of the  stinging crop hurt like nothing she had ever felt before, but even so, she felt herself driven again to the brink of orgasm, when he stopped.

He lifted her glowing, welt covered ass, and slid his hard and aching cock into her. Her cunt opened for him, drew him in. The wet, the warmth, the scent of her surrounded him. In a heartbeat his legs were against her asscheeks, the warmth on his tight thighs as much a pleasure as the tight hot sheath that held his cock.

He fucked her hard. No gentle ministration this. This was wild, pure animal fucking. He punched in and out of her sucking cunt like a man fighting his way home. Deep, then deeper, his balls slapping at her asscrack. His grunts of effort  joined her mewling cries as he grabbed her legs and leveraged himself into her again, and again. With a last cry, his cock lurched and began spilling his seed. As his cum poured from him, he braced his forearms on the back of her thighs. Looked down at her sweaty face, his own sweat dripping slowly on her. 

“Round one.” And he pulled away, and walked to the bathroom.