She felt His hand fall upon her upturned ass…SLAP! the sound was over loud in the quiet of the room. SLAP! Her moan was low, barely audible. SLAP! Her ass thrust back of its own accord, as her cunt throbbed in harmony with the stinging spots on her ass. SLAP! The softness of His hand as it rubbed the heated flesh was in tender counterpoint to the firmness of his SLAP! and she undulated her ass in a circle in the air, mouth silent, body saying volumes. SLAP! Another moan escapes her, and hard on the first came a second SLAP! as He increased the pace of His blows. His hand drew upon the canvas of her asscheeks, painting tender flesh with sunset colors. SLAP! Her cries became louder, and His quiet

“Hush….” accompanied his tender rubbing. SLAP! SLAP! She bit into the bed covers, her cries leaking out along with the tears.  SLAP! SLAP! Her ass was fucking the air, seeking Him. SLAP! SLAP! His other hand sought beneath her, finding her cunt sodden and dripping, as once more His rhythm increased. SLAP!SLAP!SLAP! Her cries became harsher, louder, keening into the mattress as her ass continued to fuck the air…as His fingers sought her clit and began to pinch and twirl it.

SLAP!SLAP!SLAP!SLAP!SLAP!SLAP!SLAP! Her body stiffened as her orgasm rolled over her, wave after wave of heated pleasure. She shook with the force of it, and His twirling fingers would not end their ministrations on her aching clit.

She felt His fingers begin thrusting deep inside of her. His fingers were hot from the brutal spanking, and her cunt began to spasm around them. Deep, deeper, the wet squelching sounds of her cunt nearly drowning out her screaming into another orgasm. Still He did not stop, and her body, overwhelmed, boiled up, up and over into a third orgasm.  She collapsed, gasping, insensate, sated. From far away, she felt Him mount her, lay on her back, slide inside her, slaking His hunger for her flesh.

She moaned.

“can’t can’t can’t Sir, ohhhhh…”  Despite  the denial, heat coiled inside of her, leaked from her cunt in mute evidence that she indeed, could. That even now, melted into the bed covers, He would take what He desired from her. He wanted all of her.

She wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sir Games

So,  Sir and I have never yet managed to meet IRL.  First meet fell through due to an emergency in His life, second meet was BLASTED away by that major blizzard that charged up the east coast and headed right for nilla’s ass…and not in a good way. sigh. So, i’ve been quiet here about our next meet because …well, because. My blog, my rules!!

We have another date planned. It’s soon. And we’ve been talking and texting etc, to the point where  i am at a fever pitch. i dream of Him. His hands on my body, what He will draw from me, on me. His voice soothes me, even as His hands extract pleasures from my flesh. i shiver in anticipation of His hand on my ass, the promised spanking both longed for and dreaded. His quiet control of me, already is staggering. Hey! I’m a fiercely independent, capable woman…and He calls me ‘little girl’ and i’m a melted, gooey slut.

i live between two hills of solid granite. So my cell signal is verrah verrah low. I have a few places to bounce a text to him, my bed being one of them…likely because of the energy i’m generating while texting. Hee. Maybe that ‘hee’ should be a long, low moaaaann…? anyway. On occasion, i run out in the evening, and always sneak along my cell phone. I will call Him as i drive to the store, and we chat a few minutes. His voice is like … warm honey. Mellow, sensual, yummmy. Strikes a chord that vibrates me right to my center. Yes, that center. Sometimes i think i will have an orgasm when He is next to me and speaks into my ear for the first time. Yeah, it’s that good.

Gods, but i digress -again! Okay, so on occasion, i’ll get a text an hour after he’s sent it.  That’s what happened last night. He texted me at 430, and at 530 i’m standing in Petco and theres this message..

     “nilla, call me about XXXXX”

my heart leaps into my throat. I’d read that expression before, but now I was feelin’ it. The “XXXX” is the day of our meet, btw.  Oh, DAMMIT, I think, hands shaking as i dial the phone. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. His voice mail. I left a message. He’s on the phone. Work. Yeah. I wait 5 minutes. Okay, 3 minutes. Okay, okay, one minute. I call again. Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring. Voice mail. Okay, he’s really on the phone for work. Leave Petco. Go to Michaels. Yarn. Must fondle yarn. Wait a real 5 minutes this time. Ring. Ring. Ring.

S: Why hello, nilla! (surprise and warmth)

n: hi Sir. (quiet)

S: There are some noisy girls sitting behind me here (he’s in a restaurant) so it’s going to be noisy on my end. Can you hear me okay?

n: aahh, that explains the noise. Sounds like they’re having fun.    (thinkin’ to myself —“more fun than i’ll be having, i bet.”    By now my trembling  worry has moved on to a  pissy feeling:    “that damned bastard is cancelling on me AGAIN!!!!” )

S: yes, they are having a very good time. A very LOUD good time. So, what can i do for you , nilla?

n: you texted me to call you.

S: I did?

n: yes, Sir, about an hour ago. I’m in the store and the text just came through like 5 minutes ago.

S: really? I sent that over an hour ago. And you just got it now?

n: yes, Sir.

S: what was it about, again?

n: (starting to boil a bit)     i…i don’t know Sir. Y-you said something about XXXX-day?? (i can’t help it, theres an anxious warble in my voice now)

S: oh. oh, that.

n: (silence, biting lip)

S: Well, you know nilla, with our upcoming meeting, I decided it was time to, well, move things up a bit.

n: huh?

S: (laughing) You were thinking, nilla, as you dialed the phone to call me, ‘that sonofabitch is going to cancel on me”. Weren’t you?

n: um. um. well….(quietly) yes, Sir. i was.

S: (laughing more) Well, XXX-day is fine. Just wanted you to know how much I am looking forward to it-

n: (big exhalation of breath…sputters…) You, YOU!!

He was so very amused at flexing his Dom muscles for me to ‘feel’. That He’d wanted to ramp me up a bit. He knew, He KNEW what He was doing to me…playing me like a piano.

Oh. My. God. Standing in Michaels, fondling yarns….. as I’m being completely mindfucked    by Sir. And yanno….He knows me well. Knew that i was a wet, dripping nilla. My pussy tingling, my nipples tingling, my body in such a lustful state…oh, yeah, He’s the Man!