I stood,  palms against the textured surface of the  hotel wall. Tall, beautiful. Yes, I know, it sounds vain, doesn’t it? There you go, I’m a vain woman. Hair … perfect. Curled the way He wanted it. My lips were full, red, enticing. Slicked with gloss, pouting ever so slightly at being put here, when all I wanted was to be fucked. I was not in control of this situation, as my cuffed wrists reminded me as I slid my palms across the wall again. Poised in the 5 inch heels He’d ordered His slut to wear, I knew His eyes were on me. I could feel the heat of them, staring at my tits, encased in bits of black lace. This was a bra meant to incite, inflame Him.

Without warning, I felt His hand on my tit. Searching for the nipple hiding under the lace, finding and pulling, squeezing it. I hear Him grunt, “um humm”. Yes, He is pleased. A good start. His large hand covers my pussy mound. Squeezes. Oh, soo good. I feel my knees buckle.

“Stand up,” He barks. And I obey.

Then, nothing. Behind the blindfold I am adrift. The wall behind me, rough and cool. His hand had been warm, so warm, a ray of sunlight slashing through the darkness, illuminating my need.

“Turn.” The order is curt. I hesitate just a moment, orienting myself, making Him repeat Himself. Bad move. He does not like waiting.

“I said, Turn Around and Face the Wall. ”  There is no rage in His voice, just implacable command. Shaking, I turn. Now my forehead is on the wall, and I feel His hands slapping at my inner thighs.

“Open” I move to obey, instantly.

“More” I shuffle my legs further apart for His inspection. His hand glides across my ass. Another hmmming sound. Approval? I am hopeful. A sharp slap draws me upright, makes me gasp. I feel His smile behind me. No sense of His presence, no warm patch, just a gentle rain of hard blows to my ass. Left, left, left, right, right, left…there is no sense of pattern, just  His whim. I moan at one particularly sharp blow. He laughs softly. Oh the sting, the burn..and yet. His hand prods at my pussy from behind.

“Liked that did you, little slut? ” He asks, amusement in His voice.

“You’re so wet, you little slut!” He fingers me, finds my clit. I moan again. Not daring to move away from the wall and hump His finger. Already I feel orgasmic needs swirling inside of me. He pulls away, then suddenly, His hands are on my shoulders, pulling me back, back, away from the wall. I’m lost, disoriented. I don’t feel the bed until my body hits it, guided quickly down to my back.

Strong hands grasp my wrists, secure them above my  head. Those same hands grab my ankles, pulling my legs up, and up and up. And open.

I am exposed to His gaze. Open for Him.

Little slut.