inspired by sins blog….finding my submission…go read it…it’s good. (link is in my links to the right. You KNOW i don’t do well with this computer stuff, right??)

It  hurt.

Waves of pain swirled around her, a whirlpool of heat, centering on her tormented tits. A firm bite from the clamps on her nipples insured that every movement renewed the pain waves. From the shallowest breath, to the swats He administered with the thin crop, everything centered just there, on the erect nubbins at the end of her full breasts.

Each time she was certain He was done, as she stood, panting in the heat of the inferno of her tits, she’d hear the faint swish of the thin leather a hearbeat before the slice of pain registered.

She whimpered. Tears fell freely, drenching the blindfold. Eventually they began leaking from underneath, long smudges of mascara’d saline, etching the pain strokes upon her cheeks.

A long pause. His thumb against her cheek, smudging the trailing ravages of her slut make up. His fist grabbing at her chin, pulling it up, and assaulting her lips with His ravaging mouth. Teeth and tongue took her to the brink, stealing her breath, fucking her mouth with savagery. Her moans were swallowed into Him. His hand plucked at the chain that decorated her chest. Pulled up. Up. Up. She rose to her toes, His mouth still latched firmly against hers, as He ate her scream of pain.

The release of pain was almost as painful to her.

Alone, clamps gone, flesh gently throbbing, she rubbed her swollen lips with a finger.

Wondered when He’d return.