He walked into the club, an elegant man in an elegant suit. His walk was crisp, purposeful.

The trendy establishment catered only to a certain clientelle, and discretion, so highly valued, so hard to find, was their mainstay. Each booth was fully encased, almost a small, private room. Paneling in rich mahogany, soothing music- new age today-and plush carpeting all played on the senses.

Peace and tranquility was the quiet, gentle aura that the man walked into. The maitre ‘d quickly ushered him to his preferred booth. The door opened, he was offered wine, and the menu.  Directly to his left was a bench style seat, covered in black leather and buffed to a high shine. A small table sat centered before it. On the opposite side was a man’s chair. Deep red leather, with comfortable arms and back. He chose to sit there this day.

Sliding back into the seat, his ass found the comfort spot, worn smooth by this same move over the course of many years. This was a much used, well-loved seat. He relaxed into it, a small sigh of comfort escaping him. It had been a stress-filled week. He needed this time to relax.  To the right of the chair, a small 1920’s vintage end table, three-tiered, with a leather top held a small cut glass Waterford vase with a single red rose. Beside the vase, today’s paper, and a wine glass, also Waterford.

A quiet rap at the door drew his attention. The wine had arrived. The waiter pulled the small cart inside, then closed the door. Placing the ice bucket and stand to the left of him, the bottle’s seal was expertly broken, and the room filled with the scent of his wine, and the soft hiss as the first glass was poured for him.

He nodded his thanks for the wine, then began to peruse the menu. The wineman left as discreetly as he had arrived. A short time later another knock, and another waiter entered. The order was given, items 3 and 9.

Once again he was left to the peace of this small room. He opened the paper, sipped his wine. After an acceptable period of time had elapsed, a quiet rap at the door at the opposite side of the paneling drew his attention. He signalled his approval and the panel opened.  A silver cart appeared, with two domed plates. The scent wafting from those plates caused his mouth to water, as did the woman pushing the cart. Her large breasts hung free, though a silver chain hung between them, fastened to the rings piercing her nipples. Those succulent nipples were very appealing..large, pink and fleshy, his favorite.

As she leaned forward to remove the domes from his still steaming steak and potato’s, he caught the swinging chain, and pulled. Her eyes flashed up to meet his, then back down to the food. He pulled harder, garnering her full attention.  She slid the domes to the under-shelf, then turned to fully face him. Closer, she stepped, then closer still.

He slid forward on the chair, and sucked one ringed nipple deeply into his mouth. Releasing the chain, he held her hips and pulled her closer still. He sucked until a soft gasp came from her. Then he bit. He bit until she moaned, then released the nipple and worked its mate. He pulled his mouth away, then gestured to the steak. She turned and cut a bite and placed it into his waiting mouth.

Slowly the delectable steak disappeared. She fed him steadily, eyes downcast. Occasionally he would pull her tit chain, or her hair. Twice he pulled her into a deep, tongue sucking kiss, making her flushed and flustered. It was obvious none of the other patrons were much into kissing. The scent of excited womanflesh competed with the last of his steak. Both were utterly delicious to him.

Meal finished, he eased back into the chair, took up his wine. He looked at her steadily. She covered the detritus of his meal, then returned and knelt before him. Patting her head, he urged her to begin.

She removed his semi-soft cock from his trousers, and slowly slid her fingers up and down the shaft. He saw her smile as she brought him to life. Then he smiled as her head began its descent to his lap. The soft warmth of her mouth was a welcome respite to the harshness of the day. Her sucking and licking made him grow harder, longer, and he could tell she was struggling to keep up with the turgid pole in her mouth. Grabbing her hair, he helped her to swallow the rest of his cock, held her so her nose was buried in his hair. Counted softly to 5, then released her.

Gasping and coughing, she pulled away, threw him a look,  and  resumed her sucking. He knew he could have called her on the look, it was one of annoyance, but it would have cost her job, and he was willing to put some effort into helping train her. She was, after all, quite new at this, which was why he’d requested her. He felt his orgasm building, his balls tightening as the urge to pound her throat nearly overtook him. He held her head steady, making her take all his juice, and would not release her head until she swallowed. He checked. He was that kind of guy. He patted her on the head, then watched her sassy ass swing away as she pushed the cart back out.

He would be ordering number 9 again. Soon.