Glow: Flash Fiction Friday

Thanks to sephani for hostessing this week. FFF is the creation of Spanky, where a photo captures a sexy moment…and we writers get to imagineer the story. Go to sephi’s blog “Turn the Paige” (it’s in the blogroll on the right!) for the complete list of this weeks authors and see all the different views a photo can create…nilla

He had a thing for latex and leather. This day, latex ruled. He zipped her into the seductive body suit, pulling the tight sleeves just so, fitting it to her tight body, drawing it in, admiring how it sluiced down her body, except for her gorgeous tits. Free, full, luscious fruits, he adored how they were highlighted by the  slickness of the black garment. For her legs, clear latex stockings. And the heels, oh Gods the heels. Tall, impossibly tall, she had complained to him.

“It’s okay. You won’t be walking in them” he responded, with a sly wink. She blushed.

Posed in the window, guilded by the rosy glow of sunset, she was his latex kitten, waking for play.

9 thoughts on “Glow: Flash Fiction Friday

    1. Hey impy! Welcome back! We’d love to have you play Flash Fiction Friday w/us! Go see sephi and grab the pic and go. We love reading everyones different take on the theme!



  1. One Typo. You wrote “He had a think” instead of “He had a thing”…

    I liked what you did though, and I don’t know what -I- would have written. This is a tough one. To me, the picture doesn’t have a narrative feel. She’s too posed.

    But, out of curiosity, did this game start with my own photo quickie? Or have other writers been doing this?

    1. Thanks for the heads up. Now fixed and a bit of tweaking for double word usage, to boot!

      There’s a group of us that has been doing this…well, I don’t know for certain when “spanky” started it, but I started….2-3 months ago.

      Every week someone “hosts” a picture, right now it’s just having a place…Spanky is on blog sabbatical, so different folks have been taking lead. Cept nilla because…well, i’m computer challenged and i just couldn’t make it work!! But please feel free to jump on board with us. I think the pic’s are usually posted on the host site on Monday. Sometimes there are word restrictions, sometimes not. The full list of this weeks stories is on sephi’s blog (Turn the Paige) with the link in my blogroll on the right.


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