Sea Witch part 2

She walked along the edge, where water met sand. Clearing her mind,  breathing in the cool evening air. Absently her mind catalogued what she saw as she passed; the sea-grass was near harvestable, there were pieces of lumber by the high tide line to  collect tomorrow for the garden bench she needed to build, and the rose hips were full and lush this year.  She anticipated the fall when she could harvest them, making a wonderful tisane to ease her winter blues.

She stepped over the strange marks in the sand before fully realizing their import…drag marks. Something big had fallen and been dragged into the surf.  She stared out into the  calm waters. Nothing stirred as night began cupping the water, edging ever closer to her.  Turning away, she looked up the beach. Ten, fifteen, thirty steps up she found it. A pool of nearly dried blood. Hoofprints. Man tracks.

Looking back towards the ocean, she surmised that his horse had been injured, or he was. Somehow the injured horse had been led, or fallen nearby. And her lover had feasted well.

Had it eaten  the horse and the  man?

Cautious now, she headed for her little cottage. The door was open, yet she knew she had closed it tight…she had once spent endless hours coaxing a skunk from within when she hadn’t closed it completely, and had vowed to never make that mistake again. She hadn’t. And yet, the door was unmistakably open.

Slowly she edged into the dimness of her gathering room. The fire was down, and barely lit that side of the room. As she crossed towards it, a strong arm wrapped around her throat, a second around her waist. She stiffened, then relaxed into the grip. Wild things sensed fear. She would stay calm, despite her heart beating wildly beneath  her breast.

“Who are you?” came his gruff voice.

“A woman.” she responded in her softest tone.

The arm around her tightened, a hand came to find and fondle her tit, pinching at the nipple that hardened for the first time at a man’s touch. A ‘mmmmmm’-ing noise came from him, more of a rumble than pleasure, but she was unschooled in the ways of men.

“Nice tit.”

What did she say to that? But before she could respond, she was pushed away, and spun about. She looked into deep blue eyes, a rough face grizzled with several day’s beard growth, mistrust written all over his face. She placed her arms out to the sides, palms up.  She slowly backed up, and turned to freshen the fire. He followed.  Took her chin in his hands, examined her face.

Sea green eyes stared calmly back at him, while her black as night hair curled fetchingly around her face, and cascaded down her back, nearly covering her well-rounded ass.  Full breasts pushed against her coarse-woven top, the soft swells a creamy contrast to the rough fabric.  She had seen him wince when  he reached for her chin.

“You’re hurt. I can heal that, if you dare let a woman such as I touch you.” This was a near-taunt, and had the desired effect. He drew back, brows furrowed. As he submitted to her ministrations, he continued to look at  her.

“I will take you to my bed.” He pronounced.

“You will sleep.” she responded.

“After.” he replied pulling her towards where he lay on her bed.


When the moon rose over the water, she heard the call in her head.  She disengaged herself from the arms of the man, her first human lover. She felt  an ache in her cunt from his cock, so different from her sea lover. The sea was cool, and slippery, and His was hot, so hot, throbbing and silky.  Her nipples rose in the chill of the air, but unerringly, she made her way to the water, lost in thought.

Rarely had he summoned her when it was not her moonblood time. Yet, here he was, and she shivered as his cool tentacles wrapped around her legs, crawled up her body, circled her breasts, raspy and sore from her lover’s beard.  The sea creature pulled her hard from her feet, and she gasped as the maw attacked her swollen cunt. The tentacles which usually were so lover like, giving her passion and fulfillment, whipped at her flesh, painfully squeezing her breasts, the very tips of the tentacles pinching her nipples harder than they ever had before. The grip was punishing, hurtful, and for the first time she felt fear, and tried to pull away.

He would have none of it. The maw sucked at her exposed womanflesh, driving her up and over into passion like wildfire. She felt like she had been stung by a rayfish, so fierce and brutal was his attack on her. The thrusting was not slow, letting her adapt to the size of the beast, not caring as was his wont.

This was nothing short of rape, and her anus and pussy bore the brunt of the assaulting creature. Her legs were pulled apart so hard she feared she would be ripped in two. The sucking was so  hard she felt he would suck her inside out. The pull on her clit was making her moan with pain…and yet behind the pain, just behind it, was a dark, deep lust, coiling within her. As the two appendages continued to batter her, one buried deeply in her ass, the other thrusting hard  in her pussy, she began bucking, seeking more, still more. Her moans were louder now, not cries of pain, but pure, animal lust. As her orgasm flooded her, she arched, rigid in the beast’s grasp, feeling his probing organs swell and fill her fuller than ever before. Twin geysers of his spray filled her, a  thick and foamy release. This had never happened to her before! She felt bloated with it. Her breasts throbbed in time with the squeezing on them, the tentacles pulled hard  on her nipples, and for one moment, she feared her death at his desire was a foretold conclusion. She felt the anger in him swell, then, with a final surge and gush, his release seemed to calm him.

She was his.

As it was ordained.

8 thoughts on “Sea Witch part 2

  1. Just like a “male” to want to lay claim to what he thinks is his territory, regardless of the species I guess. Women usually are willing to “share”. I hope you continue this saga.

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