The Thief pt. 4

“Where’s your stuff?”

His voice, gruff with fatigue, growled into her ear  through the darkness of the room. He had finished his dinner, she had finished blowing him, and then he’d pulled her up on the bed, still bound at the wrists. He secured her feet together, tight. Uncomfortably tight. There was no way she could move off the bed and get anywhere…except by rolling. Since she couldn’t open the door, that was pretty futile.

He’d warned her about making noise, or she would find her mouth gagged yet again. The ballgag was uncomfortable enough, and messy enough to make her nod “okay”. Likewise,  his alternative gag, the washcloth and tape,was just terrifying.  What if she swallowed the washcloth in her sleep. He wouldn’t care if she died. After all, he’d caught her in the act of burgluring   his room.

She must have dozed, because his voice, when it came,  startled her. The room was pitch dark, but his body was warm behind her.  She was naked, having had her dress cut off earlier, so his body heat was welcome. He kept the room fairly chilly. She felt her nipples rise at the faint eddy of air moving in the room. That was the only reason, and had nothing to do with him. His arms around her were tight as restraints but also warm. Strong. He was very strong. He’d hauled her around the room like she weighed nothing at all. She was not attracted to him. Much.

“Don’t make me repeat myself, little girl,” his voice was colder now. She felt the rasp of a day’s beard growth against her neck where he leaned on her.

“What stuff” she whispered, remembering his admonishment to be quiet.

“Listen, slut, I know you have a room here. No woman traipsed around hotels without a purse and yet, you had  none in the lobby, nor one now. Where are you keeping your haul, your tools, and your clothing?”

She was quiet, thinking fast. If he found her room, he’d likely turn her in. She’d had a good 3 days here, jewelery, cash, and the like stashed in  her locked bags in her room. Damn him!  She moaned as he pinched her nipple firmly. Kept squeezing. She pushed back against him, felt his cock hardening against her ass. The pain in her already sore nipples was intense and she began talking fast.

“I-i keep my handbag in the hotel lobby safe…my keycard is in there. But I can’t go get it now because you ruined my dress. ”

He grunted a response, still squeezing her nipple.

“Please,” she gasped, “oh OW!” and her voice squealed louder as she felt the edge of his thumbnail digging into her. “Okay, okay, room 309!” She moaned in relief when his hand left her nipple.

“Listen,” she whispered, “if you get me a dress or something to wear, I’ll go down to the lobby, and get the keycard and bring it to you, okay? Then I’ll just disappear and you’ll never have to see me again. Keep the stuff you find in my room. Deal?”

She craned her head back to try to look at him, but his face was lost in the darkness. His hand rubbed up and down on her hip, occasionally sliding around to her belly and ass. She didn’t welcome the need that was building inside of her, not one bit. No.

“And then you’ll call the cops and I get busted for your thievery? I think not.” He replied and she heard the humor in his voice. He slapped her ass, firmly, then she felt him rising from the bed. The lamp across the room snapped on, and the dim illumination showed him, his cock rising before him, and his beautiful ass. Damn that man. Why did he have to be so powerfully attractive. And so fucking dominating.  She hated that. Didn’t she?  Ignoring him for the moment, she mused on her reactions to him manhandling her. She’d never been all that horny before, she could take or leave sex, frankly. But he’d already given her several body shaking orgasms, something no other lover had ever managed to do. Not that he was her lover. He was a Bastard. With a capitol B!

He came back to the bed, sitting facing her. He started talking as he began releasing her hands.

“You will wear this. Only this. I think a little humiliation is in order, and frankly it will amuse me no end to see you walking through the lobby in my tee-shirt. ” She stared at him in horror. “Maybe I’ll let you keep the heels on. That would be a nice touch. All tousled like you are, you look like you’ve been completely fucked. Which you have, and in every sense of the word. You’ll ask for your purse, and then we’ll slowly exit from the lobby. Head on up to your room. See what you have up there, little girl.”

He held out his shirt to her. It wasn’t oversized as some men preferred, and as he released her legs and helped her to stand, she could feel the hem of it barely grazing her upper thighs.

“I can’t go into the lobby like this!” she protested.

“Prefer just the heels then?” He cocked an eyebrow at her. She looked at the floor, knowing that he would make her do just that. She shook her head, heard his chuckle. Fucking Bastard. She fumed silently. His fist pulled a handful of hair, raising her face.

“Be a good girl. No pouting, No sign that you’re in distress. Or I will have to report that you came into my room, unannounced. And you’ll be at the police station in that outfit. ”

She stared at his amused face, glared for a moment, then dropped her gaze. He shook her head with his fist. She winced at the pain of her pulled hair, then sullenly, quietly said “okay”. That was the best he was going to get out of her, he knew. That was okay, he’d made his point. He released her, then walked across the room and tossed her shoes at her. While she fastened them on, he pulled on his jeans.

The entered the lobby, a striking couple, doubly so because of their attire. She, ruffled, mussed clad in a  mans white tee-shirt, and heels, he in jeans, no shoes, no sox, no shirt. She charmed the desk clerk by admitting she’d forgotten all about her purse in her hasty departure, and the young man hastily swallowed her story, oogling the nipples that pressed against the thin shirt. He returned with her purse, and was treated to a lovely view of her reddened ass as the man , hand pressed against her lower back, coyly raised the back hem. He watched her gorgeous butt until the elevator doors closed.

Some guys had all the luck. So they got all the fuck. The desk clerk went back to his paperwork. But he was smiling.

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