i am against the wall with his hand on my throat. Our eyes are locked by his command. Even without his hand  holding me, i would be pinned by that gaze. I want to look away, across the room, anywhere but at the wildness i see living behind the face i love.  He is hungry today. And today he will feast on me.

His other hand is on my breast. I feel the heat through my thin shirt. He is impatient with the buttons, and before i can move, he has slipped his hand from my throat to join it’s brother in tearing my blouse apart. My tits fall into his hands and he’s pushing me back into the wall with them cupped hard in his large hands, my nipples rising at the familiar touch, and yet i shiver.

Slowly his face comes to mine, our lips a breath apart. His eyes have pinned me helplessly here. I cannot struggle. I cease to exist except where i see myself reflected there. What is that strange light in my eyes? Whatever it is, he reads it well and his hands begin to squeeze and my flesh is molded by his force. Thumbs come up and pinion my nipples against palms.

Tears rise in my eyes, and i blink them away. As they fall down my face, his eyes track their descent until they fall softly to his forearms. It must have been a magic elixir because the effect on him is electric. He pushes me up as well as back against the wall, and i’m rising to tiptoes as he brings his full lovely mouth to mine and plunders.

This is not a kiss. This is assault. He sucks my tongue into his mouth. So hard i cannot get it back. His teeth bite on it, and i moan and arch up even more. Then his tongue is back in my mouth. I’m being mouth fucked by him and it’s hard and hot and i feel his hungering thirst.  I can’t catch my breath. He’s taken that, too.

I can feel my tits swelling around his fingers. My nipples are hard pebbles, sore already yet craving more of his touch. They press on and up into his grip.

My slacks are wet. Not moist, but drenched. I feel the silk sticking against my thigh where my wetness has caused it to attach to my flesh. The buttons fly off as his impatient fingers pull them away, down, to drop around my ankles. My ass, pushed tight to the wall by his hips, pushes my pelvis forward, seeking the beast’s cock. And i feel it, through his jeans, feel it’s throbbing pulse. My cunt  finds the pulse and matches it, beat for beat. I yearn towards him.

His hands leave my tits, once more,  thread through my hair, yanking my head back. All i see now is the ceiling as he works his teeth down my throat, back up the other side. Nips and hard bites interspersed his journey, until finally his head dips to my tit and finds the nipple. He sucks this as fiercely as he had taken my tongue, but the bite here is harder. I feel my knees buckle and only his body holds mine to the wall.

He’s let go of my hair but still i stare at the ceiling. My body is alive, alight and on fire with a raging need that now matches his. His slut. Trained by him to respond to this…the rise of his beast in  lust-heat.

He steps back, just enough, and i slide to my knees. I worship the cock straining for me.  I know what is expected, and i open his jeans and free him. Take  his hardness into my hands and cradle him for a moment, before kissing the weeping head throbbing visibly before my mouth. I am allowed no more, before he pushes my head to the floor and plunges into me from behind.

i am his. And he never lets me forget it.

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