The Thief part 6.

He pulled the blindfold securely over her eyes. Her tightly trussed arms and torso were kept motionless by his efficient binding, but her feet were kicking up a storm. 

He pulled her upright easily, and led her, protesting and fighting, to the center of the room. Holding the rope securing her hands in his large hand, he threaded it through the ring  that hung just above her head and pulled. Her arms, tied behind her, pulled up by the wrists. She began to bend over to accomodate the pulling on her arms. A long, low moan came from behind her gag as he pulled  her tight. It was an uncomfortable position, to be sure, but he really wanted to make a point with her. This was the best way. A quick, harsh lesson in obedience.

Her ass, bare and vulnerable was exposed to him. He stood behind her, surveying her form. Lovely. And soon to be made fully His. He went to the chair where his suit pants lay, folded neatly. After pulling his belt from the loops, he dug in the front pocket and retrieved his cell phone.

He made a brief phone call, his tone too low for her to hear. Her arms were killing her, and she was so afraid of falling. Bent, exposed, she seethed. And yet, dammit. He turned her the fuck on. He’d played with her, pulling her nipples, teasing her clit, just before he’d bound her wrists and strung her up. Now her cunt was pulsing with need, she was juicy wet, and although she hated to admit it, terrifyingly excited. Lost in thought she didn’t clue in to the faint swish until the white-hot slap registered on her upturned ass.

“MMMMWWWWW!” She screamed through the gag.

Again her ass took his belt. God! Help! Sto-o–p!!! He could not understand her words, buried behind the undies stuffed into her face, sealed with silver tape. Still, she tried. Tried earnestly. Until she broke. The first cry escaped her nose. A broken whimper. Then the tears came. One. Two. Six. Then a torrent as she sobbed.  He pulled the tape from her mouth. Slapped her ass again. He reached forward again, and pulled the undies from within,  and she took a deep, sobbing breath. Her lungs were on fire. Her ass was on fire. God. SHE HURT!  And then he hit her ass again.

She took it. Crying silently, knowing that no sound she made would stop him. She had her pride. The tears she couldn’t hold back, but she would take this. Overcome it.

His fingers found her slit. It was throbbing and wet. Slick and wet. Her cunt hole was leaking every bit as much as her tear filled eyes. He began slowly, slowly filling her cunt with his fingers, parting her swollen lower lips and flitting up and down across her opening. He watched her fluids slip from her, tiny pearls of need. Her moan as he pushed deeper, withdrew, pushed back, withdrew,  told him all he needed to know.

He pulled his fingers from her. They came away with a sucking sound. He wiped her wetness on her  flaming ass cheek.  He pushed into her, hard and throbbing. His cock slid in easily, her cunt making slurping sounds as if swallowing him. His thighs burned from the heat in her ass as he pumped into her swollen slit, and twin moans of pleasure filled the room. Reaching forward, he grabbed her swinging tits, using them to pull himself deeper into her channel. Wetness oozed from her, ran down his balls and her thighs. She was perfection! Pain and pleasure bring her to hot wet need. A need he was more than ready to answer with his own. Beat after beat he rode into her, and she pushed back, grunting with the position, her sore arms, and her aching , begging cunt. The shiver ran from her clit to her neck as she felt her pussy begin to tighten, squeezing down on his cock as her orgasm exploded. He held on for a few more deep, thrusting strokes then his cock clenched and doused her with more wetness.  He stroked her soft belly as his cock poured his release into her, pulled her hips back against him, until he softened and slipped from her. He leaned against her ass for a few minutes, recovering.

He leaned forward, flicked her cheek with a finger. Kissing her neck he murmured “nice”, before pushing away.

 Crossing the room, he took the chair from the desk and pulled it under her so she could rest her shoulders and upper torso upon it.  She heard him digging under the bed but had no idea what he was doing now. Her attention was solely on her burning ass and needy pussy. She felt him attaching something to her ankle. He kicked her legs further apart, then attached something to her other ankle. Now she stood, spread wide, unable to close her legs. Still in a place somewhere between euphoria and floating emptiness, she didn’t at first hear the soft knock on their door.

He let his friend into the room. Watched as Walters eyes lit with amusement and admiration. He watched Walt’s face as he observed the fluids dripping from her onto the floor between her spread legs.

“You’re such a lucky fucker, you know that, right?”  They grinned at each other.

Her head came up at the strange voice. Blindfolded, she saw nothing. As she opened her mouth to protest, to …say anything, he pressed the ball gag deeply into her. Fastened it tightly.

“You’re going to want to bite down on this. That’s why it’s there. I told you that you are mine now. And now I’m making it permanent. Walt will put my tattoo on your ass.  The more you stay steady and cooperate, the faster it will be over. There is one other modification I will be making, and when done, you will be mine and mine alone. ”

“You came here to steal from me. Now, I have stolen you.”

” Seems fair to me,”  she heard the man named Walt say. He was behind her now, and she felt his cold hand on her burning ass.

“Here?” she heard him ask as he wiped his hand down the curve of her cheek.

“No, here,”  and she felt Him smack his hand firmly on her reddened butt…midcheek.

“Can you follow that or do you want to trace it?

It didn’t take much longer than an hour to trace her owners hand on her asscheek. She did scream when his name was carved into the center of the “palm”. 


How fucking appropriate.