Sea Witch

nilla notes: over at Erotic Writer (see link in my linksbar over on the right) had a blurb about “tentacle sex”, which is a form of fetish i’d never heard of before. An anthology will be put together in April and i thought i’d give it a try…but since it is so not my thing, i could not get past 1110 words..and the requirement is for a minimum of 2000. Well, what do i do with it now? Put in on my blog of course. So, you will see, this is a verrah different story from nilla, kinda strange, kinda kinky, and if you hate it…yeah, whatever! Back to your regularly scheduled nilla tomorrow, so there you go!  It was interesting trying something different, out of my comfort zone. W-aaa-y outta my zone. Hee!

She lived at the edge of the world. A small rocky inlet, a rough stone outcropping,  these she called home. The surf beat against the rocks, the surge and ebb of tides as comforting in their routine as the moon and stars moving across the skies at night.

If anyone knew of her, or her origins, no word had crept from this small slice of the world. Some, in the town miles away, may have heard a rumor of a beautiful witch woman who lived at the edge where water and land came together, and the equally strange creatures it was said she consorted with. 

In the full dark of the night, when the moon was dark and the stars grew bright and hot, she slipped from her small house, skyclad. Her full breasts rose and fell with each breath as she moved, surefooted, to the edge of the sand. Slowly, not feeling the chill of the water, she stepped into the gentle surf. She stood in the water, and cast her mind out, out and down to the deep.

In a short time, a ripple came from far out on the open sea. It came to where she stood, knee-deep. The water slapped up her legs, danced up to her breasts, to pearl and slide down swollen nipples and slide back into the sea. Of a sudden, parting the water, a long white tentacle appeared. Slithering across the surface, it contacted her leg. Sliding around the slim leg, and clambering up, up until the very tip rested at the cleft between her legs. A second tentacle joined the first, then another wrapped around her other leg, pulling her forward, deeper. There, just below the surface was his head. His mouth open and sucking. Waiting. She shivered.

The tentacles drew her closer, a willing sacrifice, until the giant head was just before her. Her legs were pulled  far apart, farther than was really comfortable. She could feel the suckers attaching to her flesh, many around her breasts, and two of the largest attached firmly to her nipples. The pulling mimicked a mans sucking mouth, and a moan came from her lips. With the blood flow cut drastically, her breasts began to swell, rounded and ruddy red.

Despite hating the cold, slimy feel of the arms holding her in place, she knew her duty, her obligation to submit each month. And each month, it never failed to stimulate  a response deep inside of her. Her cunt throbbed, and soon a steady flow of woman juice accompanied her moonflow, sliding down her legs and coating the tentacles holding her open.  She felt a gentle tug, and her feet lost contact with the oceans sandy floor. She was tipped, her body canted backwards, supported around arms and neck and head by strong tentacles.

Another shiver passed through her as the sucking mouth of the sea beast latched onto her mons. It completely covered her, from ass to belly button. One tentacle  surrounded her head, pulling it back, and she watched the stars whorl overhead. She felt the snaking tongue begin to reach inside of her and lick. Simultaneously, a thick appendage began to slide into her rectum. It was useless to cry out; she had in the past but a  tentacle slid from her neck into her mouth and down her throat. That experience had terrified her enough to not make that mistake again. A soft grunt escaped…the cock..for that was surely what it was, was thicker than ever before, and longer. Her anus throbbed in agony as the monster cock began to slide in and out of her ass, each penetration deeper than the last. The tongue lapping inside of her cunt began to swell as it always did, having tasted her moonblood, and it too began to pump in and out of her. She closed her eyes against the dual fullness,  accepting it as she always did. She could feel her arousal building despite…surely not because of…the pain. Her hips began to buck in rhythm to the monsters penetrating shafts, and suddenly, her orgasm broke free. The tidal wave within her belly erupted with a fierceness that was greeted with obvious joy from her sinuous lover. The busy mouth of the beast slurped her flowing juices, the tentacles undulated along her captured body. Wave after wave of intense pleasure overtook her. As the last ripples died away, her lower body throbbed with the release.

The sucking began in earnest then. All her juices were thoroughly drained from her, and once again she was brought to orgasm.  It was during the second orgasm that a thin tentacle worked its way deeply into her womanspace. She felt the pain in her cervix at the breach, then the tickling in her cramping belly as the last of her moonblood was scooped directly from her womb.

With the onslaught of female blood, cum, and hormones, the thrusting appendages grew stiffer, the sucking became painful as the maw drew again and again at her body. Her clit was captured by a sucker that pulled and tweaked it fiercely. Her mouth opened, but the scream locked in her lungs, when finally, the thrusts slowed, stopped, and withdrew.  The sucking maw backed away, and she was carefully raised to stand once more on the ocean floor. Her knees were shaky, and she was thankful for the steady grasp of the tentacles.

They began to withdraw, but this time, one last tentacle, the one which had suckled at her left breast, rose up and caressed her cheek. It was unexpected, unprecedented. Tentatively, she placed her hand over the gently caressing tentacle tip. The burst of power between them had  her rocking back on her heels, and a soft ‘aaahhh’ escaped her lips. The teasing tip traced those lips, slipped into her mouth to touch and pull on her tongue, her teeth, the insides of her cheeks.

The careful touches, so lover like, were as shocking in their intimacy as the maw was in its ferocious attempt to garner all her fluids. The sharp contrast between the two puzzled her, even as she smiled. As the beast began to ease away, the last tentacle drew back and away, yet seemed to reach for her, longingly. She wondered what her next moonblood cycle would bring.

The Thief, pt. 3

She regained consciousness slowly, aware of a deep chill on her tits, and the inability to move even an inch. She tried rolling over, but the hogtie position didn’t allow for that, and the tight rope around her neck discouraged any enthusiastic movements. She tried screaming, but then memory began returning. He had re-gagged her, after releasing her legs from the headboard of the bed.

Pulling out the ball gag had been such a relief, and she tried to talk to him to explain…but when he turned back to her, she saw the washcloth in his hand, knew his intent. She fought, as much as she was able. Hands still tied to the bed, legs tied together, she tossed her head from side to side, while he, smiling asshole that he was, gathered a fistful of her long locks, and wound them around his fist. Tighter and tighter he pulled, until his fist was tight against her temple, and she could only moan in agony. Slowly he inserted the washcloth into her mouth, and when she, in her panic, tried to bite at his fingers as they packed the cloth deeper into her cheeks, he slapped her hard across her face. No malice, just a strong admonishment. Her cheek burned from the blow, her eyes stung with tears.

Then the tape. Shiny silver duct tape, which he tore easily from the roll in his valise. Smoothing it carefully across her mouth, he stared into her eyes. She was completely unnerved, her heart thumping wildly. What could he do to her that he’d not already done, she wondered.

She jolted when his hands caressed her tits, pulled at her nipples. He’d fucked her already, this was true, and damn him, it had been the best sex she’d ever had in her life. She didn’t understand the allure of her powerless state and how it had enhanced her sexual arousal, but it had been smoking hot sex.

Now his hands were cruel, twisting her  nipples and pulling them far from her chest. She moaned behind the gag, then began tossing her head  and muttering “no-no-no-” behind her gag when she saw him pick up the chain with the clamps on each end. At the first bite of the clamp, she arched up off the bed, squealing.

“Oh suck it up, sugarplum” he said to her, and gave her tit a hard smack.  He carefully attached the other end of the chain, ignoring her tears, and the faintest of cries from behind the new gag. He slapped her other tit.

“To balance them” he said with a chuckle. He traced the red marks his hands had left with a fingertip, drawing a shudder from her. He looked at her, tied, gagged, clamped, and beautiful in her fear. The tracing finger went from one breast to the other, sliding down one slope across the valley and up the other.

“These tits really are magnificent, “he mused aloud. He chuckled at her mewling response as  his finger flicking her clamped nipple. “You’re very responsive, slut” he said aloud, “and I bet, I just bet, that if  my finger took the southern trail, it would find a flood of pussy juice leaking out of you, wouldn’t it?”

She shook her head, vehemently. She was not turned on. She was not turned on. She was not…He held up his finger, slid it down her slit, and brought it to her nose. He wiped the wetness that covered his finger around and in her nostrils.

“See? Didn’t I tell you? Wet. No,– you’re more than just wet. Drenched! You are one horny slut.”  Still holding her eyes, he slapped her mons several times; hard, loud smacks that reverberated around the room, and deep into her core. Her breathing deepened, her eyes darkened.

“More?”  he asked softly, his hand poised above her pussy. She stared at him. He waited. One heart beat. Two. There. Her head nodded, the barest fraction. He slapped her again. And again. And again. Her eyes closed, squeezed tightly shut against her coming orgasm, when he stopped. Laughed.

“That’s way, way too easy, slut. You’re going to have to work for the next orgasm I decide you can have.”  She glared at him, her eyes shooting dark blue sparks at him. He was in control and she knew it and hated it, even as her body proved the opposite.

Quickly he released her from the bed, then dragged her into the bathroom. He let her pee, although it was terribly hard to do so while he watched her. Leaning into the corner, arms crossed, ankles crossed, he was the picture of relaxation. He smiled mockingly at her.

“Trouble starting? Should I turn on the water spigot? ” She shook her head, blushing. Her aching bladder was no match for her embarrassment,  however, and soon a torrent poured from her.

“Guess you should have gone a bit easier on the soda while you were looking for your mark downstairs, eh?” he mocked her discomfiture. She was mortified when he took the toilet tissue and pulling her from the toilet,  bent her over his knee, braced on the edge of the tub, and wiped her from behind. Her blush covered her from face to tit.

“Modesty, now? Tut tut, sugarplum,” he teased her. ” A bit late for all of this blushing, don’t you think?” And he chucked her under her chin like an infant, and laughed at her. She glared, but that only made him laugh harder.

 With her ankles tied tightly together, and her wrists secured behind her she was fully dependent on him to move her around. She was shocked when he laid her on her tummy on the bathroom floor. The marble was icy cold. The soft chink of her nipple chain on the floor was the only sound as she felt him doing something behind her. She felt her feet rising ,and an increased pull on her  wrists, and realised he was hogtieing her. A final loop of rope drew around her throat.

“You’ll be fine if you don’t struggle. If you do,  you will choke.   Room service will be  here shortly. Once they have set up my lunch, I may consider letting you have something to eat. Be a good girl and be quiet. The better behaved you are, the faster you earn that orgasm your pussy is dying for.” With that, he left the bathroom, shutting the door firmly behind him.

She could not believe that arrogant, fucking son-of-a-bitch BASTARD! Who the holy FUCK did he think he was. Lousy goddamn fucker!! She barely heard the knock on the outer door of the room through her rage. She heard his voice, pleasantly modulated, as he greeted the server. She tried to cry out, to writhe closer to the door to bang on it with her trussed body, but her increasing struggles drew the noose on her neck tighter, and tighter still. She felt her breath hitch, her vision began to blur, then speckles of darkness began to play before her, and she passed out. 

She woke to silence. She was shivering now, her tits freezing, despite the burning heat from her tormented nipples. How long had she been in here? It felt like hours.

The door opened, and she tried to crane her neck back further to see him. He slapped her leg, and began to unfasten her. Taking a fistful of hair, he pulled her to her feet, unmindful of her cramping legs and aching arms. As he loosened the noose from her neck, he grinned.

“Had to prove me right again, eh slut? Had a nice nap then, did you?” She wanted to kick the laugh right out of him, but she didn’t dare.  He led her to where a small table was set for one.  He halted her, then, moving the table from in front of the chair, he pushed her to stand facing the chair. Pushing  firmly on her shoulders,he brought  her to her knees. Behind her, she heard the distinctive sound of a zipper being drawn down.  Then the sound of one leg, and the other being pulled from jeans. Stepping around and over her, he sat in the chair. Naked, his magnificent cock there, just in front of her hungering mouth.  Her eyes locked on it, then looked up at him.

“Told you I’d give you something to eat, slut. Now get to work. And you don’t want to know what I’ll do if you use teeth.

He was right.  She didn’t want to know.  She felt like the slut he kept calling her as she bent to her task, bent to his will, bent to her need to have that cock in her mouth. Damn him. Damn him. Damn her. And damn her traitorous leaking pussy. She ate. She feasted. She enjoyed every moment and made certain he did, too.

What?! Giggle.

This is what He says, every time I call Him … “What?!?”  It’s said in a humorous tone, mock impatient.

This is the tone that instantly, unerringly, makes me wet. I feel submissive, and giggly and girlish. Every damn time. 


giggle, wet. Giggle. “Hi”

nilla gots it soooo bad.

Promises of spankings for whatever reason (does He even need a reason? I think not!).


Promises of biting


Promises of  nipple clamping, body cavity searches…


Promises of exotic toys nilla has no experience with, let alone know what they are/do…


What do you use a 12 volt battery for anyway?



He walked into the club, an elegant man in an elegant suit. His walk was crisp, purposeful.

The trendy establishment catered only to a certain clientelle, and discretion, so highly valued, so hard to find, was their mainstay. Each booth was fully encased, almost a small, private room. Paneling in rich mahogany, soothing music- new age today-and plush carpeting all played on the senses.

Peace and tranquility was the quiet, gentle aura that the man walked into. The maitre ‘d quickly ushered him to his preferred booth. The door opened, he was offered wine, and the menu.  Directly to his left was a bench style seat, covered in black leather and buffed to a high shine. A small table sat centered before it. On the opposite side was a man’s chair. Deep red leather, with comfortable arms and back. He chose to sit there this day.

Sliding back into the seat, his ass found the comfort spot, worn smooth by this same move over the course of many years. This was a much used, well-loved seat. He relaxed into it, a small sigh of comfort escaping him. It had been a stress-filled week. He needed this time to relax.  To the right of the chair, a small 1920’s vintage end table, three-tiered, with a leather top held a small cut glass Waterford vase with a single red rose. Beside the vase, today’s paper, and a wine glass, also Waterford.

A quiet rap at the door drew his attention. The wine had arrived. The waiter pulled the small cart inside, then closed the door. Placing the ice bucket and stand to the left of him, the bottle’s seal was expertly broken, and the room filled with the scent of his wine, and the soft hiss as the first glass was poured for him.

He nodded his thanks for the wine, then began to peruse the menu. The wineman left as discreetly as he had arrived. A short time later another knock, and another waiter entered. The order was given, items 3 and 9.

Once again he was left to the peace of this small room. He opened the paper, sipped his wine. After an acceptable period of time had elapsed, a quiet rap at the door at the opposite side of the paneling drew his attention. He signalled his approval and the panel opened.  A silver cart appeared, with two domed plates. The scent wafting from those plates caused his mouth to water, as did the woman pushing the cart. Her large breasts hung free, though a silver chain hung between them, fastened to the rings piercing her nipples. Those succulent nipples were very appealing..large, pink and fleshy, his favorite.

As she leaned forward to remove the domes from his still steaming steak and potato’s, he caught the swinging chain, and pulled. Her eyes flashed up to meet his, then back down to the food. He pulled harder, garnering her full attention.  She slid the domes to the under-shelf, then turned to fully face him. Closer, she stepped, then closer still.

He slid forward on the chair, and sucked one ringed nipple deeply into his mouth. Releasing the chain, he held her hips and pulled her closer still. He sucked until a soft gasp came from her. Then he bit. He bit until she moaned, then released the nipple and worked its mate. He pulled his mouth away, then gestured to the steak. She turned and cut a bite and placed it into his waiting mouth.

Slowly the delectable steak disappeared. She fed him steadily, eyes downcast. Occasionally he would pull her tit chain, or her hair. Twice he pulled her into a deep, tongue sucking kiss, making her flushed and flustered. It was obvious none of the other patrons were much into kissing. The scent of excited womanflesh competed with the last of his steak. Both were utterly delicious to him.

Meal finished, he eased back into the chair, took up his wine. He looked at her steadily. She covered the detritus of his meal, then returned and knelt before him. Patting her head, he urged her to begin.

She removed his semi-soft cock from his trousers, and slowly slid her fingers up and down the shaft. He saw her smile as she brought him to life. Then he smiled as her head began its descent to his lap. The soft warmth of her mouth was a welcome respite to the harshness of the day. Her sucking and licking made him grow harder, longer, and he could tell she was struggling to keep up with the turgid pole in her mouth. Grabbing her hair, he helped her to swallow the rest of his cock, held her so her nose was buried in his hair. Counted softly to 5, then released her.

Gasping and coughing, she pulled away, threw him a look,  and  resumed her sucking. He knew he could have called her on the look, it was one of annoyance, but it would have cost her job, and he was willing to put some effort into helping train her. She was, after all, quite new at this, which was why he’d requested her. He felt his orgasm building, his balls tightening as the urge to pound her throat nearly overtook him. He held her head steady, making her take all his juice, and would not release her head until she swallowed. He checked. He was that kind of guy. He patted her on the head, then watched her sassy ass swing away as she pushed the cart back out.

He would be ordering number 9 again. Soon.


It was on the bed when she got home from work. It had been a grueling day. Her boss was on a rampage, and nothing pleased him. While she was normally sympathetic, as she knew his divorce was painfullly fresh, today had been just so awful. He had brought several of the first year girls to tears, and she had come amazingly close herself. Gah!  She shook her head in frustration. She needed this job, she loved the job but now she needed an asprin. Or a good hard spanking and some brutal sex. Something she didn’t have to think about, just accept.

Stopping in the downstairs bathroom to remove her clothing, shedding her work day into the hamper, she slowly went through the house naked. She liked the feeling of her tits slowly bobbling as she swayed through the house to the kitchen. She took down a glass from the cabinet, and turned from the faucet looking for the asprin bottle over the stove. There was a note.

                                   Go upstairs, slut. Prepare yourself.

How the fuck did He know. Just Know. She smiled. Took a sip of the water. She didn’t think she’d need that asprin after all! Upstairs, in the center of her bed lay another note. On top of a corset.

It was stunning. Ruby red satin, with black ribbons running down the sides. The demi cups would, she knew, lift her tits and shape them into pure sex.  She opened the note, sitting on the edge of the bed, running her finger up and down the smooth silky fabric.

                         Put it on, slut. I will be coming to cinch you up.

She slid the corset up. But wait! A corset like this needed the proper staging to fully set it off. She’d been waiting a long time for this opportunity, to surprise him, stagger him, slay him with her charms. She darted to her underwear drawer, finding the articles she had hidden there months ago. Quickly she tore open the packages, and slid the fishnet thigh high stockings up one leg, then the other. The black lace thong panties went on next. She went back to the closet and found the heels she’d hidden at the back of her closet. They were stilleto’s, not her usual style at all. All shiny black leather, 6 inch heels and a thin black ribbon to tie about her ankles.

She slid into the corset. Even untightened, she could see the beauty of her outfit. She brushed and fluffed her hair, retouched her make up, making sure to redden her lips to match the corset,  then reclined on the bed, like a vintage slut. Heel of one shoe dug into her comforter, knee bent at a 45 degree angle. Other leg crossing over. Leaned back on her elbows, head thrown back as she heard the door downstairs open, then shut quietly.

Hearing his footsteps on the stairs, she felt her cunt moisten. She canted her head to be able to see his face when he walked into the room.

He stopped. Although he was a man to keep his feelings masked, there was no mistaking the hunger that lept into his eyes when he saw his slut splayed across the bed.  He took in the slut shoes, the hosery, his gift to  her. She’d wanted a corset for a very long time.

He wondered why he’d waited so long.  He could barely wait to cinch her up. Tie her tight within the satin wrapped steel. Swallow her small hands with his big fist. Throw those slut legs over his shoulder, bend her in half, and fuck her within an inch of her life.

Crossing to the bed, he slid his finger from her glossy heel to her glistening cunt. Grabbed her waist and flipped her over.  Grabbed the ties like reins, and began the ride of his life.

FFF Clean Shoes

He’d told her that all good subbies did what Master wanted. She tried. Oh, she did try. Occasionally she would forget, this life was new to her after all, and He would set her to a lesson to guide her, He said.

So how the hell she wound up outside, hips held in perfect ass-fuck posture, she couldn’t figure it out. Just because she’d balked at cleaning his grimy shoes with her tongue. Gah! they were dirty. He had smiled, that Cheshire cat smile that scared her completely. Told her He had a solution for her fearfulness. Told her He’d help her get them clean.

Bent double, she couldn’t see a thing. It was dark except for the overhead light by the barn illuminating just the spot where she hung. Suddenly, His shoes were placed directly in front of her. His hand came up and stroked her head, played with her tit, pulled her nipple.

“Okay, slut, time to clean them up. I’ll go get you that water now.”

The sound of his footsteps receded as he walked around the barn. A soft spit and whoosh was all she heard before the icy cold water began pouring upon her. 

She never heard him return, but after a while, his laughter-filled voice came to her through the torrent that cascaded upon her.

“There you go, slut, now, make those shoes nice and clean. I’ll be back in an hour…or so…”

She heard his truck start-up. Tilting her head back a bit, she watched his tail lights heading back into town.  She cried out in anger, and fear. She could freeze out here under this torment! Finally, resigned to her fate, she bent and began licking the dirt, what hadn’t been washed off by the waterfall and her hanging hair, off of His shoes. When she was satisfied they were clean, she reached as far as she was able, and moved them out of the falling waters.  Head hanging limply, she was shocked when the water was turned off, and a warm large towel was placed around her bent body.

“Marcus needed the truck tonight for his date, slut” He said with a smile as he held her head. “Now, I think I’d better do something to warm up this cold ass of yours…”

The rest of the night was a blur, filled to the brim with Him.  Of course, they both laughed when  he entered her cunt from behind and a torrent of water was squeezed out by His cock, but that is a story for another time…

You know you’re in a D/s relationship when…

you are a subbie, you get this kind of compliment (wait, i’m gettin there) and it makes you wet, leaky, dripping, needy and happy!

of course, it happened via texting!

n: Sir? R U there?

S: yes, what’s up?

n: i was thinking about ….hygene. um…shaving my pussy for You. I know you like it bare but i worry.

S: (You can almost hear Him sigh). What are you worried about it for?

n: well, if i shave it the night before we meet, i might have stubble and it might scratch or something. GADS! i have no experience even asking the right question!!

S: nilla, your pussy could be surrounded by razor blades and even that would not keep me away from it.

n: melt

Okay, is that a hella Sir, or what? I can’t re-read it and not feel all melty good inside. Writing it again…(nilla bows left, right, center) thank you one and all for the opportunity to recount this tale and have an O as i type it (giggle).


inspired by sins blog….finding my submission…go read it…it’s good. (link is in my links to the right. You KNOW i don’t do well with this computer stuff, right??)

It  hurt.

Waves of pain swirled around her, a whirlpool of heat, centering on her tormented tits. A firm bite from the clamps on her nipples insured that every movement renewed the pain waves. From the shallowest breath, to the swats He administered with the thin crop, everything centered just there, on the erect nubbins at the end of her full breasts.

Each time she was certain He was done, as she stood, panting in the heat of the inferno of her tits, she’d hear the faint swish of the thin leather a hearbeat before the slice of pain registered.

She whimpered. Tears fell freely, drenching the blindfold. Eventually they began leaking from underneath, long smudges of mascara’d saline, etching the pain strokes upon her cheeks.

A long pause. His thumb against her cheek, smudging the trailing ravages of her slut make up. His fist grabbing at her chin, pulling it up, and assaulting her lips with His ravaging mouth. Teeth and tongue took her to the brink, stealing her breath, fucking her mouth with savagery. Her moans were swallowed into Him. His hand plucked at the chain that decorated her chest. Pulled up. Up. Up. She rose to her toes, His mouth still latched firmly against hers, as He ate her scream of pain.

The release of pain was almost as painful to her.

Alone, clamps gone, flesh gently throbbing, she rubbed her swollen lips with a finger.

Wondered when He’d return.