D/s Play

I talk to Sir on a daily basis. And texting, mustn’t forget the texting! We have another date planned, but it’s far in the future. Sigh. Still, the daily talks and texts help. We’re building trust.

He gives me little assignments to complete. Pushes his control over me so i can feel the weight of his Dom over my very subby head. No “O’ tonight nilla. (nilla pouts. pussy pouts. Sir laughs.)

I have done a few writing assignments, some published, some just for  Him.

Yesterday, as we’re about to wrap up another long phone call,  he says to me, “nilla, I want you to think about one more thing.”

“Yes, Sir?”

“spreader bar”

i wish you could hear the tone of his voice. Steel wrapped in velvet. A dash of humor. I can hear his smile through the phone as i sit in my car, speechless. I know!  nilla, speechless, again. Who wouldathunkit?

That was Saturday. The day i’d published the Thief part whatever…that featured…a spreader bar.

Which i know Sir had not read yet.

Psychic. (nilla nods) The Man is a psychic genius.  nilla loves the idea of a spreader bar. Now, sitting the parking lot of Walmart, nilla is smiling, too.

“really Sir??!!”

“um, hummmm” He says in agreement.

“i’m all wet now, Sir”

“oh, like that’s news, nilla!”

So, much later in the day, i’m standing in the pizza shop waiting for the family order. Looking out the window at traffic chugging by,the setting of the sun, mind aimlessly drifting and what pops into my head?

Yeah. “spreader bar” . It just sort of floats into my head and beams there. So i’m now wet again, smiling to myself (the pizza guy musta thought i was a nutjob…mayhap i am a nutjob.

Later that night, tucked in bed and once more chatting with Sir, he says to me ” so, nilla, do you get dizzy if you’re upside down?”

This is so out of context of what we HAD been talking about i’m nonplussed.

“Um, me? if i’m upside down? do i get dizzy? um, well, yes, i guess  so, why?”

“Just wondering. Spreader bars are wonderful tools. Tell me, nilla, can you stand on your hands?”

Oh. My. Gawd.

A challenge…ya…you!

Okay, so poppet, over at Pink Poppet (yes, she;’s on the blogroll and NO i won’t try to make a link work here, thank you very much and stop laughing)

crafted a delicious, delightful and decadent tale about a rather special dinner party.

So that got me thinking about seasonal cookie swaps. That, and the girl scouts hawking their wares at a local mall.

Proposal: YOU…craft a story about a sexy cookie swap. Yah. SWAP. Get it? Hee. However many words…well, lets hold it to say…500 or less. Nothing too long. Feel free to include me in your story. I’m probably going to include anyone who responds in this comments section that they’re playing too. Fair warning and all that. *grins*

And lets have it due by Valentines Day. Feb. 14.  Something sweet and fun and creative to help us over the “hump” of midwinter.

So, what say you? Gonna play?? Please? Purty Please?