for m & M….

His cock twitched.

“Oh christ”  he muttered under his breath. He felt the steel teeth begin their insidious bite into his hardening cock. He tried to think of  things to calm him, taxes to be paid, balloons, *fuck! Why think about anything inflating now?*, little girls on ponies, a dip in a frigid Minnesota lake. But still his cock continued it’s journey to hardness, the turgid head pulsing. How could it not?

There she was, his wife, his Mistress. Walking across the lobby of the hotel, looking so fucking fine. The ruby dress followed every sweet line of her body, hugging tight to her magnificent tits, curving over the twin moons of her ass. An ass that he’d woken up next to this morning, and now was watching as it walked across the room with another man’s hand on it.

Her Dom.

She loved being his Mistress. Controlling his orgasms, his erotic ministrations to her body. She’d never before felt more sexual, more desirable, more worshipped. Knowing that she held the reins in the relationship hand not taken anything away, but instead had deepened their commitment to each other. Enough that she was ready to play some games of her own. 

They weeded through the Dom’s replies together. Talked to several. Well, she did, and then discussed with him, although he was her sub, he was still Mike, still her husband, and neither wanted to damage that relationship. Finally one Dom rose from the rest. He was a late “entry” to her requests, but he was just what she was looking for. He took no bullshit from her. Laid out his rules, his requirements.

They agreed to meet for coffee. That went so well that they met for dinner. Mike and Megan agreed that he would attend as well, though he would not dine with Meg and her Sir. And her Sir was amenable to the idea. They talked earnestly during the meal, although Mike noted that Meg kept her eyes downcast and appeared to follow her Sir’s directives promptly. Sir fed her small tidbits from  his plate, and when she was not eating, she was listening. She nodded, and smiled and appeared…quite happy. At the conclusion of the meal, they kissed. It was deep, long, and passionate. Mike’s cock had gotten hard just watching.  It stirred something in him. What, he was unsure. But he didn’t feel a loss per se, more of a…sharing of needs. It made her gloriously more attractive to him, to know that this man wanted her as he himself did.

Now it was D-day. Sir had arranged all, and before they knew it, they were in Atlanta, at a posh hotel. Their rooms were lavish and beautiful. When Sir came to them in the hotel lobby, he shook Mike’s hand.

“So, you’re the subbie of my subbie?” he asked. Mike listened for disdain but there was none.  Apparently, the guy meant what he’d said…no judgement for other’s sexual needs.

“I’m going to fuck your wife.” This bald statement dropped into the middle of polite chitchat.

“Yes, i know” he replied somewhat meekly.

“And I will tie her up, beat her ass, and fuck that ass if I so choose.”

“Yes, i know” he replied, his voice thickening. Was it sick to feel this lust trickling down his spine? His wife, mother of his children, bound and fucked while he waited in the cocktail lounge, for chrissakes.

Nodding, Sir put his hand on Meg’s ass, and pushed her through the lobby.