And now for something different…

She felt the weight pushing her deeply into the mattress. A hard, hot cock was pulsing between her slightly spread labia, looking for entry. She bucked, trying with a soft moan, to get away, but her arching back opened her even further to the mysterious stranger probing for her warmth.

Her arms were useless. She felt the soreness of muscles held in stasis for longer than comfortable. Her wrists were raw from the zip ties that bound her to the headboard. It was dark, so dark. He was big, heavy. Her breath caught in her throat as he thrust his pelvis forward and began to grind his way into her.

With a forceful push, his large bulbous head popped inside, and she yelped in pain. Too big! Nononononononnono…..a large hand clapped over her mouth, cutting off her yells. The other hand still grabbed her breast, sweaty and hot.

She was groggy, too lethargic to fight much, too scared to resist for fear of more violence.

What was happening? She hadn’t expected this, not at all!

The lingering smell of stale sweat and  urine came to her. Not her apartment, where all was spic n span. She could barely make out a brick wall behind the bed as her eyes rolled around the room in panic. The hand on her mouth relaxed as she quieted, but the stiff cock was pushing deeper, ever deeper.

She squirmed and he thrust and suddenly she was full. His groan of satisfaction came upon hers of pain. He pulsed his hips forward, easing deeper into her tight warmth. She moaned again.

“Shut the fuck up” he growled into her ear.

Then he withdrew. She took a deep breath as he rose to his arms in push up position, as he looked down on her. She stared at him, a butterfly transfixed just before the needle pinned it to the board. Just so, he pinned her to the bed, his cock ramming deeply into her. Her breath drew in fast, but she held the scream inside. His eyes dared her. Dared her to make a noise.

Any noise.

Over and over he withdrew then slammed deeply into her. She felt his cock burning its way into her, pushing, pulling her tender flesh. The pain was intense, she was not ready. But her body knew best, and began to lubricate. With the seeping of her fluid, the banging thrusts became less painful. The friction became warmth instead of fire. She moved her hips, just a bit, and the change in angle drove his cock head into her g-spot for a fraction of a moment, and she arched up and into his stroke.

“Ugnnnn” she panted, lowering to the mattress on his out-stroke.

“mmmmm” he moaned, thrusting hard back into her.

As if he’d lit a match, she began to burn. Rising into his inward thrusts, pelvic tilts, and ass raises pulling him still deeper into her.

A squelching sound filled the room, over the sound of his flesh slapping at hers. She stiffened, groaned, then a high, shrill note erupted as her body convulsed around his shaft. Her orgasm caught them both by surprise, and he rammed his cock deeper, deeper, through her tightening sheath. The clenching of her internal muscles, desperate for his juice, began milking him, and he felt his balls tighten in response.


Her son was born in the spring.

She read the morning paper as she ate her breakfast. Saw the ad in the classifieds again.

AdventureKid: success on the first try.