Opinon, Please?

Wifey: I found one of those horrible books you like at the library and got it for you.
nilla: that’s a terrible thing to say. If you don’t like the book, don’t touch it, if it offends you. Or just say, “here’s one of those books i know you like”. You don’t have to editorialize or make it such a sacrifice to have brought it to me.
Wifey: Hey, I was doing something nice for you! Don’t get all pissy about it.
nilla: i’m not pissy…You hurt my feelings, and you didn;t need to say that. . . sometimes you are very much like your mother…you give with one hand and hit with the other.
Wifey: you don’t have to be so rude/hurtful yourself. I’m not like my mother, i was simply stating my opinion. From now on I’ll never again tell you my opinon…
nilla (interrupting) …no, no i’m not saying that, and you know that. I’m simply saying you didn’t need to editorialize your comment to me.
Wifey: huffy voice. I am not like my mother. You are over sensitive.

So, dear readers, was nilla oversensative? I’m trying to be an effective communicator. I feel i was. Maybe i was bitchy, though i tried very hard to be moderate in my voice tone, and calm in responding to her.

Chime in…i really want to know your opinion.

ps…read on for today’s story…i just needed to add this “vent”….


Cat looked forward to her annual visit to the OB/Gyn office with the same jollity reserved for funerals and job reduction meetings. Yet, every year, being a woman who believed that one needed to tend to one’s health, she did it anyway.

As she entered the new building for the first time, she was struck by the beauty of it. Set away from the main part of the city, the front façade, done in a pale blushing pink, resembled the opening petals of a flower. No. Wait. She backed up from the door. Looked carefully.


Oh. My. Gawd. The Practice must be doing very well to have engineered a building that looked like…a vulva. Just there, where the doors opened, if one looked carefully, you could see that you were walking into …the vaginal channel.

Well, perhaps this visit would be better than she thought, she smiled to herself. The waiting room was faintly rounded, and a deeper rose, suggesting the inner sanctum of the womb. Again, she grinned. Thumbed absently through a magazine on childbirth, and gazed around the room. Sipped from the spring water she’d been given when she registered. A feeling of serenity settled over her.

When her name was called, she was ushered down another corridor. No white  walls, not cacophony. Calm, peace, serenity. And the nurses were hot. Different sizes, different colors, but all nicely turned out. And quite friendly.

Anna, her PA, stayed with her while she undressed. Helped unclasp her bra, and rubbed at the red mark around her back from the strap.

“You know, ” Anna stated calmly, rubbing gently from the back to the underside of her breast, ” wearing a bra too tight is very bad for you. The lymph nodes can’t properly drain. Dr. C is a big fan of going au naturale!” Briefly Anna’s hand left Cat’s body to stroke down her own full breast. Her nipple rose quickly at the light touch, drawing Cat’s eye, and a smile from them both. Again the calm and peace of the place settled on her, and Cat felt her hand rise without conscious thought and she pinched the full nipple in front of her, eliciting a soft ‘aaahhh’ from the PA. 

When the Dr. rapped softly on the door, he smiled to see his Anna massaging his newest patients tits, and being massaged in return.

“Welcome, Catherine, I see you are enjoying our new amenities…”

Cat pulled her hand away with a start! What had come over her? She wasn’t drawn to women per se, though she always admired a nice chest…’did that show latent homosexual tendencies?’ she wondered, fleetingly. Her attention was drawn back to the doctor.  The physicians assistant helped her up onto the exam table. The legs, unlike the old style cold metal stirrups, were well padded, and covered with soft, removable fabric. Her legs were strapped on, and she made herself as comfortable as she could.

She felt the doctor’s hands on her hips, pulling her to the edge of the table.

“nervous” she heard him murmur to the PA. “See what you can do to ease her a bit, please.”

She felt the PA between her legs, then a warm, wet sensation. LICKING! She was being licked on her pussy! Oh MY GAWD!!

As the tongue sought her channel, drilling into her most intimate hole, Cat felt her legs relaxing, opening more. She saw Dr. Corer spread the wings open further, and screw it down, tight. She was widely open, and the lapping tongue was stirring delicious feelings. When she felt her clit sucked between Anna’s teeth she nearly came off the table. A long groan came from somewhere deep in her chest. She felt a hand on her tit, and saw Dr. Corer squeezing and palming her.

He smiled down at her.

“This may pinch a bit,” he said, as he pinched her nipple to firmness. Cat was delirious with the pleasure happening between her legs, her orgasm building. The PA seemed to sense each time she was near the crest and would back off a bit, lapping and laving at her outer lips, letting heat die back to slow burn.

Her attention returned to her nipples as the doctor fastened a tight clamp on one upthrust bud.

“Hmmm, lovely, beautiful response,” he said clinically as he watched her arch up off the table. His hand pushed her back down, and he reached around and secured a strap around her throat, holding her in place. Another strap held her hand to her side, and before she could reach out, Ana rose from between her legs and secured her other hand. She was securely attached to the table, spread wide open, helpless.

A second clamp went on her other nipple, and she watched him nod to the PA. She felt the tongue on her sex driving her relentlessly to the brink, stabbing and lapping at her hole, at her clit, and even as she watched helplessly as the doctor attached a chain to the clamps, and then to a longer chain suspended from the ceiling, felt the aching pull on her tits, Ana drove her over the edge into a powerful orgasm.

She felt her inner muscles clench and burn with the force of it, felt the liquid pour from her, felt the PA’s busy tongue lapping and lapping. Then Ana was at her mouth, kissing and sharing the fluids from her body. She felt a prod at her cunt, and knew it was Dr. Corer.

He was not gentle, nor slow. He pushed his large, hard shaft deep into her still pulsing pussy, sending her over the edge. Aftershock or another orgasm, it hardly mattered. He was pounding into her, while Ana played with her aching tits. Her nipples were swollen, aching nubs, and every thrust by Dr. Corer pulled the chain tight, pulling her tits harshly. She moaned, she tossed her head, she whimpered.

The PA whispered in her ear that it was okay to scream, all the rooms were soundproofed, and the Doctor really loved to hear it.

She felt his hands on top of her thighs, using them as leverage to push himself deeper into her. She felt his large head butting up against her cervix, felt his length bend just a bit to force every last millimeter inside of her.

His hands slid from her thighs to her tits, and he pulled on them cruelly. She screamed as one clamp pulled off her nipple from the force of his hand. Screamed again as he wrenched the other clamp off.  Tears came as he slapped each tit hard, accompanied by his deep thrusts.

She felt a finger probing her ass. Ana! Nono! Tossing her head, moaning, she tried to push away the invading finger, but the Doctors large cock pushing in, the pain in her tits, the deep tingle that was forming deep inside of her. What the ? how could this be turning her on? With a pop, she felt the questing finger begin sliding in and out of her rectum. The combination of sensations sent her pinwheeling over the edge and her orgasm exploded from her.

Body arching up as much as she was able, she tensed every muscle, head thrown back, mouth open in a silent scream . She felt a flood of juices, felt Doctor Corer pulse once, twice, and his groan let loose a moan of ecstasy from her mouth.

Fluids dripped from her sated body. She dimly heard them spatter on the floor between her open legs, felt her ass hanging off the edge.

As her senses returned, she saw Dr. Corer and Ana looking over her chart. He glanced up at her.

“Well, everything seems to be in order, Catherine. You’re in fine shape. Don’t be embarrassed about the orgasm…you wouldn’t believe how many times it happens during an exam! See you next year.”

With that, he shut her file, handed it to his PA, and left the room.

Later, driving home, cunt throbbing, she wondered, did she imagine the whole thing?

nilla note: i was researching  the word “orgasm” and how it would be said in other languages. Many other cultures don’t have a precise word for the action of orgasm, other than in the sense of “to come” (hence, our “i’m coming or in the vernacular…cumming..) An interesting article in the Nassau Weekly came up on my search engine, and it was quite informative! Corer, by the way, is the Spanish version of orgasm.