117 and counting…

Yah, there’s the  “9” in my life, again. Do you see it? Yah, i thought you would!

Anyway, i’m just sort of mind-doodling here. I don’t do new years resolutions, but i kind of made my mind up in October of last year to not miss a day of posting. And i havent’ since like Oct 19th. So today is my 117th consecutive post. Several days have multiple posts, too (that’s extra brownie points, right?). My point being, that i’m sort of, kind of, committing myself out LOUD to write a blog post for every day of 2010.

And if i don’t, heh…the beauty of it being my blog…i can change the rulez!!!! nilla is laughing, but you know i’m pretty serious about this. I have more stories in my head, they just keep popping up all the time!

Now i’m forcing the issue. If i have time, i’ll write, and post date it. Yeah. Like now…you’re reading my thoughts on Saturday, and I wrote on Monday, the day i’m so zonked out from the Superbowl. (what a game!!!! Yay Saints!) I don’t do “up late” all that well.

I went upstairs to bed because wifey was chit chatting about mindless shit. I wanted to listen to the game! So up i went to bed, grabbed my knitting and started texting Sir. He and I zinged a few salacious posts back and forth, then any time the Saints did something good. It was a very fun way to watch a game.

Did I mention i knit in the nude?


I have company all weekend, my computer access will be severely limited. So please comment on my posts as you will, and i’ll work on replying on Tuesday.

And now for a wee story, now that you’ve read all my boring, mundane stuff!

Happy holiday weekend USA readers! (President’s Day)


She was asleep in her bed, nude, warm and contented. Light and shadows moved around the room with the moon. The wind blew unnoticed outside her window.

She woke with a start.

She could have sworn she felt fingers tracing across her breasts. Slipping her hand from under the pillow, she cruised down her tit. Her nipple was erect, very tight. The way it only got when stroked. She thought she remembered her last dream…He was in it…He usually was.

He’d been …hmmm…absently she rubbed over the turgid peak, felt the sore thrill of it. Sore?

In her dream, she’d been clamped. She remembered now! The hated clovers that didn’t come off, but tightened when pulled. Damn they hurt! He’d tied them to her big toes. She hated when He did that.

Sliding her hand down further, she noted her pussy was wet. Very wet.

Still rubbing softly, she slipped again into slumber.

When she woke the second time, the dream was much clearer. He was licking her pussy. Every time she curled her toes, her nipples got pulled. It was so hard to maintain posture when He tormented her so deliciously. Her hand slicked through the moisture leaking from her cunt. Her lips were swollen, and she was so amazingly wet. She felt like …someone had been licking at her. Gosh, it was so damned real.

He waited for her to sleep again, before pulling her through the dream curtain.  This time would be the best yet….