Octopus Vulgaris

She was alone. Adrift. A bit worried, but not too much. The shore wasn’t all that far away. The sudden drop of fog had been unexpected, but then again, the ocean was a fickle thing. 

She’d been kayaking along the shore line, keeping sight of the beach, but then the fog came in, and she had to stop paddling, or risk going miles out of her way. She hoped she was not being pulled too far south, but then again, she had no way to know.

She smiled, thinking of that car ad on tv where the kayaker used his car keypad to find his way back. Yeah, if her car wasn’t 10 years old, that might have worked. The fog continued to thicken, which concerned her. She had been warm enough, with the paddling, and sun on her back, that her bikini was sufficient. She thought about pulling out her fleece as the wet air began to chill her skin.

She bend down a bit to reach under the opening of the kayak, when she saw what looked like an orange buoy cross over the bow of the little boat. Straighening, she leaned forward to see if she spied it again, rising up with arms straight on the sides, and peering into the fog. A tendril of something slicked down her back, and she gave a small scream and whirled around. Her braid! It had slipped down from where she’d attached it at the back, and slicked with fogdew, slid down her back. Sheepishly, she turned frontwards, and let out a louder, longer scream.

A large, bulbous, orange head appeared just beside her craft. A long, snakelike arm was wrapped around the front and suckers had attached to the sides. A large eye, bigger than two of her own hands, stared intently at her.

She felt a probing at her back, and felt a cold wetness even as she spied another tentacle coming around her, wrapping around her waist, trapping one arm in its sucking embrace.

“noooooonoooo” she screamed, as the head, eye gleaming, looked at her. She felt something else..something heinous, forbidden. She looked down, and saw that another tentacle was pulling her top away from her breasts, and both tentacle tips were rubbing at her tits. The tip of one tentacle brushed her nipple, the coldness making her nubbin grow hard, and distend. The tentacle latched onto the flesh, grabbing tight and pulling. She screamed, feeling as if her nipple was about to be torn from her body. Even as she writhed and struggled for freedom the tentacle holding her boat let go, and she was plucked from it, a sea-bound Fae Rae, fighting the arms of an ocean monster.

She was shivering uncontrollably, fear and cold combining to make her mute. She stared at the one eye, even as she felt yet another tentacle exploring her leg, from ankle to calf to thigh. She shook her head, pleading even as that tentacle began to explore the folds of flesh between her legs. Pulling off her bikini bottom was a moments work, and a thick rubbery tip was pushing into her.

She felt the probing tip begin to push itself deeper and deeper into her. As the tentacle tip probed deeper, the fatter part of it began to push inside her. Several suckers were now inside her, a sensation that was weird, yet not unpleasant. She could feel the inquisitive tip pushing at the deepest part of her, and the probing was sending shocky tingles inside of her cunt, sending warm, lubricating juices from her. The octopus reacted to the sudden rushing of warmth, of female juices by sending yet another tentacle to join the first. Two opposing tentacles were now circling around inside her, taking separate paths, then twining together, then separating…it was like an erotic inner massage. She moaned, her head thrown back, as her body responded to the stimulation.

A tickling touch found her spongy g-spot, and pressed. The reaction of the female in its grasp, a jerk, a moan, and a rush of fluids, caused the tentacle to try it again. Again, a jerk, a longer moan, and more fluids.  Over and over, the flagellating tip poked at her g-spot, and again and again she rose to near orgasm. When the third tip began to probe for entry, despite the overfilled state of her cunt, and found instead, her clit, she spasmed. The tentacles withdrew from her cunt at the spasmotic squeezes, then came back to explore, and taste. Withdrew, and re-entered.

The discordant fucking was making her wild. Again an orgasm slammed into her, nearly making her swoon with the force of it. A low, wracking moan left her lips. Her eyes closed, her body a shivering mass of orgasmic matter. In and out the strange oceanic fucking continued.  More probing brought tentacles to her ass, and the probing past her last defense happened quickly. She felt the long thick arm moving up, sinuously. Up until the wideness could barely squeeze through the obscenely stretched hole.  She could feel the tickling of the exploring tip deep in her belly. She felt the tentacles in her cunt touching the one in  her ass, and play along the membrane that separated the two orifaces.  Pleasure warred with pain. Heat warred with cold. She was shivering, caught between ecstacy and agony.  Her  nipples were pulled, her tits were squeezed.

She felt  herself moving through the water. Her head was kept carefully above the surface, but the monster itself was turning, turning. She saw the opening maw below her. Screamed helplessly as tentacles pulled her legs apart, and brought the mouth of the beast closer and closer to her center.

When it latched onto her, she felt the suction begin immediately. She arched back, even as she felt something thicker than before begin to enter her abused vagina. There was a bulbous knot on the end, pushing and pushing to enter her, unlike the smooth pointy tips of the tentacles. With another hard suck, she felt her fluids rushing out of her, to be swallowed by the greedy maw latched onto her, and a forceful ramming on her cunt pushed the head of what must be it’s cock into her.

She fainted. When she came to, groggy, disoriented, she felt the hot fullness of the beast inside of her. Her cervix felt bruised from the battering.  Her ass throbbed around the fat tentacle still lodged deeply inside of her, holding her in place for this alien rape. A thick, gushing of fluids filled her. She could feel the pulsing of the rod inside of her, each distended push threatening to tear her tender inner walls. She felt the head of the beast against her, beating at the door to her womb. It withdrew a small bit, and jetted again. No fluid could leak out past the thick tube inside of her. A push forward was pumping the alien’s sperm into her womb! She fainted again.

She awoke on the beach. Naked, her kayak tipped on it’s side beside her, she lay just inside the high tide line. Her bikini bottom was nowhere to be seen, but the top was just by her arm. Stiffly she rose, dusting sand from her body. She felt achy and sore. The last thing she remembered was the fog..and being lost at sea. Thank goodness the tide pushed her back to shore last night. She was exhausted!


It was late May. The ocean water was warm, the day breezy and mild. Great day for kayaking, she thought. She’d put on weight this fall, in fact,the last 7 months, she’d not felt like being outside much. She’d taken to lounging in the tub, often waking there after dozing off for several hours at a time. But the late spring sunshine beckoned, and she was drawn to the ocean, despite a queasy stomach and a bit of a backache.

When the kayak tipped over, she could barely swim. She floated there awhile, then doffed her swimsuit and let the sun beam down on her. She was calm, quiet, peaceful. The chill of the deeper water outside the bay went unnoticed as she slept. The watchful eye of the octopus kept her in view just a few feet below her, steadying her gently as she floated.

When the first baby octopus was born, she smiled, unaware when it slipped from her body. She felt the caress of warmth along her inner thighs, and her pussy was humming. She slept, dreaming of sex, of hands caressing her, fondling her tits, and sending little jets of warmth into her.

Nine babies later, she was once more gently guided to shore by the beast, accompanied by their offspring. He wore a blue bikini bottom on one thick tentacle.