The Thief pt. 9

    Her eyes were open, staring at the bathroom door, which was slowly opening.  She heard his voice, saw him, turned away from her, talking to someone behind him.

“You won’t believe it, really.” He was saying, then, pushing the bathroom door open wide, presented her with a flourish.

   Flashing blue daggers sparked from her eyes, spearing him, which made him laugh. Her little defiances often did that. Naked but for the ace bandages that secured her arms to the two grab bars on the shower wall, she presented a beautiful captive picture to the two men who entered the room behind her Master. 

     The older of the two whistled softly, taking in her full tits, peaked by large nipples, now hard and pointy. He looked long and deeply at her, taking in her long legs, her shaved pussy, and last, her face. He started to approach the tub where she was bound to the wall, but was forstalled by her Master.

“She kicks,” he warned the older man.

     “Of course she does,” he responded with a smile. He was charming, actually, and despite her rather strange circumstance, she found herself calming. The second man she ignored entirely. The tattoo guy. The guy who had very quickly, and quite painfully, applied the outline of her master’s hand on her asscheek, and then wrote Master’s name inside it. Bastard. She would pay that fucker no mind at all. None.

     Master went left the bathroom, returned quickly with a chair. He set it into the tub, then sat in it, effectively blocking her legs from kicking out.

    He rose from the chair, gestured to the Old Man to take his place.

    “Pat, meet my slave. This is the woman you’ve been looking for.

    “I can hardly credit that such a lovely young lady has been responsible for fleecing my customers to the tune of …how much did you say ? Ten thousand bucks? A diamond engagement ring, watches, necklaces? ” He shook his head, as he sat in the chair. He put his knees between her legs, spreading her.

     She flushed, swallowed hard. Seeking to avoid his gaze, she looked towards her Master. He stood, back braced against the wall, arms crossed, looking very pleased.

     “Your Master has told me of your thievery. You are a very clever young woman. I’m about to make you an offer that Ive only made once before.” he paused, turned to look at Master, who smiled fondly at the man before her.

     ‘My name is Patrick King. I am the owner of this hotel, as well as several others in the region. Your Master has asked me to not use his name in your presence right now, and I agree. Now, we could be very unpleasant and call the local constabulatory, and you would be arrested, tried, and found quite guilty. There you would be, little miss, locked in the local penitentary for women, an extremely unpleasant place for one of your fine taste. ”

     He paused, and she visably gulped. He was every bit as “masterly” as her Master was. Compelling, he would have held her attention just with the nature of his presence, even if she hadn’t been bound to the wall. She watched him rise slowly from the chair, then blinked as he brought his face right in front of hers. She was well and damned intimidated, although she tried like hell not to show it. Goose bumps rose on her flesh, heart rate quickened, and her breath hitched in her throat. Yet, she continued to stare directly into his eyes.

     Dark serious eyes looked deeply into hers, until at last, she could take no more, and dropped hers.  His hand rose to cup her chin. Blue flashed up at him, then dropped again.

      “Good” he said, “you understand your place in this.”

     His other hand skimmed down her body, pausing to gently squeeze a nipple, knead her breast. His hand was large, warm, dry. Working hands. She gasped when one palm slid across her sex, one finger dragged through her lower lips, lightly grazing her clit.

     “Very nice, ” he murmured, looking over his shoulder at Master. “You’ve chosen well.” Nodding, he sat down again.

     “Once long ago, I caught a thief, here in this very  hotel. He was just a boy trying to be a man, and he was a very talented fellow. Picked my pocket when I strong-armed him from the lobby to my office. This was my first, you see, and I was very hands on back then.  I gave him the same choice I now present to you, young woman.  You can work for me, a very private, very elite security team, or you can go to prison. Of course, your Master would make your prison a very private dungeon, where you would never again see the light of day. He deserves a lovely thing like you to play with at the end of a rough day. ”

     “If you choose to work with us, I demand no less than your unswerving loyalty…something you must already have understood that you will give to your Master.  I know of his … unusual sexual appetites. I applaud them, and have encouraged them.  You could say, I introduced the life to him. And he has exceeded his teachers greatest expectations. ”

     The old man smiled once more at Master.

     “I look on him as a son. He has served me well…and now you have the opportunity to join him. Both as his slave, and as his assistant.”

       She stared at him. This was totally unexpected. She was actually speechless.

      “Well?” Patrick asked her.

     “Yes! yes, of course, i’m ….”

     “Good. Now, of course, there will be training, which your Master will see to. But there must also be punishment. You have stolen from my guests. Stolen from me. No crime such as that will go unrewarded. Now we shall be stealing from you. First, your freedom.” He gestured to the tattoo man.

     “Bill, go ahead and fix our little lady up as we agreed.”

     She tried to see what Fucking Bill was doing, but her attention was diverted when Patrick began to gently saw his finger through her slit again. He kept hitting her clit. It was a light, teasing touch, but it got her attention. Pegged to the wall as she was, she couldn’t push her body down to get more pressure. She couldn’t close her legs because he was sitting between them.

     “mmmm, ” he murmured, “you’re getting nice and wet, little girl.” And his finger continued the slow torturous tease of her clit and lips.

     Bill came to stand directly in front of her. He pinched a caliper on her nipple, jolting her out of her pleasure-trance.

     “OW! Fucker!!! What the hell…” She yelped again as Patrick pinched down on her clit.

     “Ladies don’t say ‘fucker’ ” he admonished her. “Please apologize to Bill.” He kept squeezing her clit, then increased the pressure as she remained stubbornly silent. Finally she could take no more, and apologized, just as Bill slid the needle through her nipple.

     “I’m sorreeeeeeeeeee” she screamed, torn between pains. Her nipple was on fire,  her clit was pulsing and hurting and somehow she was getting turned on too.

     A ring was pushed through the hole, and to her horror, a solder gun appeared in Bill’s hand.

    “wouln’t move much, miss” drawled Bill as he quickly soldered the ring together.

     He moved out of the tub to work on her other breast. The ring was large, rather thick. A round bead covered the solder. Damn! She  had never wanted to mar her body in this way! Now she had a tat AND rings.

     “These are special rings, ” her Master’s voice grabbed her attention. She blinked away tears, watched His face intently. “Within each ring is a micro-GPS device. I will always, always know where you are. In this manner, we are bound.”

     “Witnessed!” said Patrick, still rubbing her abused clit. “This is a very wet cunt, by the way.”

     Master laughed. “Don’t I know it, Sir,” he replied. “One of her many charms!”

     Mentally, she growled. She’d charm him all right. Charm his fucking nuts right the fuck off. Pierce her nipples? Why she’d…

     …her thoughts were interruped as Fucking Bill pierced her other nipple. The smell of the solder turned her stomach, or maybe it was the knowlede that she was now kept. Lock and key. 

     Her nipples burned. Throbbed.  Every breath was torment.

     Bill stepped away, admiring his handiwork.

     “nice tits, good rings, ” he approved. The men shook his hand, and he went into the other room.  She blinked and blinked, trying to clear the tears from her eyes.

     “If you’re done abusing me, perhaps you’ll let me go now?” she spoke acidly to her Master.

     Patrick answered, shaking his head. “You’ve not yet paid your debt, young lady. Losing your freedom gained you much advantage, though I don’t expect you to understand that just yet. Now you will pay your debt to me.”

     She watched as Master plugged in a strange looking wand. It was white, with an overlarge foam type of head. A flick of the switch and she heard the hum.

     Patrick took the wand from Master, and pressed it into her mons. The vibration was very intense…stronger than anything she’d felt before.  She moaned. Her clit was already distended from all the foreplay. The vibe sent her over the edge, and her orgasm overtook her swiftly. The vibe stayed in place. A second orgasm took her by surprise, right after the first.

       For two hours he kept bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. They would stop occastionally, giving her water, putting a plug up her ass, or fucking her with a second vibrator while the wand stayed on her clit. When they stopped, finally, she was wrung out, shaking. If she hadn’t been secured to the bathroom wall, she would have fallen.

     As Master began to unwind her arms from their bondage, Patrick kissed her abused pussy.

     “Time to fuck this pretty doll,” he said.

     She moaned.

….my fantasy, my rules…i know there are you tecchies out there who will pooh pooh my little gps thingy…hush! it’s fantasy, remember??!! Besides…cell phones came from fantasy, too…so there!….

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