He pulled her hair, hard. She gasped, head pulled back with her ponytail, back arching. For a moment she wondered if He would break her in half.  She felt his teeth at her neck, biting hard small bites from below her ear to where her neck and collarbone met. That bite was the hardest and deepest. She felt it from her neck down through her seeping pussy, to her heels. She rose up a bit, into his ravaging teeth, cocking her head to the side even as he continued pulling back and back on her ponytail.

With a suddenness that had her lurching a bit, she was released, but then was whirled to face Him. Eyes masked, she was confused as to her position until she felt his hands grabbing at her tits. First cupping, then lifting, then squeezing, he toyed with her ripeness until his fingers reached the very tips. She felt his hands slipping away, until her nipples were held by his thumb and forefinger. He pulled, and tightened his grasp. She moaned as he pulled further and further away. 

Such tiny bits of flesh to control her by, she thought, trying to not fight him. He was watching for her to lean just a tiny bit, she knew. She held her ground, wincing behind the eyemask, her mouth drawn into an ongoing “oooohhh” of pain.

He lifted now, as he pulled, slowly but steadily bringing her to her tiptoes, even as he continued steadily pulling forward. Her nipples were screaming, twin points of pain, and her breath was becoming ragged and labored.  Her moan became a mewling sound, tears leaked from under the mask and dripped from her face to her chest, and yet he still pulled.

She envisioned him pulling her nipples completely off, tucking them into the pocket of his jeans as a trophy. Fucking sadist!!! She didn’t think she could take any  more …and then he let her go. The release of the pinching grip was almost as painful.

She felt him stroke gently down her chest, petting and caressing the very flesh he’d tormented moments before. Lifting her left breast, he took the tortured peak into his mouth, sucking gently and laving it with his tongue.

Her moans turned from pain to pure pleasure, even as his free hand began sliding up and down her slit. She fucked out at that hand. He stopped. She groaned in frustration. He sucked her nipple a bit harder, and she moaned again.

The path between pleasure and pain was so very narrow.

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