musings and woes….

Okay, woes first…my computer has a virus. And it’s been a bitch to “cure”. Computer guy has been out twice, and will need to come out again, because the ‘malware” that he recommended we get won’t load. And I can’t connect to the innernets on “my” account, only on wify’s and that just stresses me the hell out. Sir’s blackberry is malfunctioning, and he can’t read my texts, nor send them, so yesterday was a very quiet, boring day at work without us zinging back and forth. Sigh. I miss that.

Then i was thinkin’ and worring about Sephi, who was on a plane from the UK to the USA. Sephi, i’m still sending virtual hugs, and i feel you hurting, sister.

And with the computer woes…how will i get stories posted? Okay, so i’m here now, but i’m stressed about it so my story writing will have to wait. About 5 minutes. I’ll have a cuppa, and then do some yoga breathing, and admire my freshly colored red hair (gawd i’m such a vain creature…but my hair has awesome POW today! Sir will be soooo happy when he see’s it…verrah soon…wink, wink…see i’m feeling less stress already!)

And that brings us to musings. You know last time we were together was my first (*blush*) time with a guy in. well. um. longer than some of my readers have been alive, i’d imagine. (grins)  And it was Awesome. hmmmmm….(nilla pauses, closes eyes, humms to self….) yeah. oh my. But that was like 7 weeks ago. Bruises all faded away,  even though he was pretty gentle on me, for my first time and all. Did i mention how much i love spanking? What, only a dozen times?? hahaha! Well, he’s promised to blister my butt this time. Told me in great detail. Gawd he’s so funny about it. He has this evil, but sensual chuckle when he tells me something diabolical…and i get wet. And then he asks me…”did that make you wet, nilla?” Well, um, yeah. He’s in my head, bigtime. And i like him there. I like who i am with him, guiding and directing me.

I’m happy.

Despite the computer. Despite squabbling, sick-of-the-winter kids. Despite bitchy wife. Despite cat puking up balloon ribbons. Despite the skunky dog.

I’m happy.