musings and woes….

Okay, woes first…my computer has a virus. And it’s been a bitch to “cure”. Computer guy has been out twice, and will need to come out again, because the ‘malware” that he recommended we get won’t load. And I can’t connect to the innernets on “my” account, only on wify’s and that just stresses me the hell out. Sir’s blackberry is malfunctioning, and he can’t read my texts, nor send them, so yesterday was a very quiet, boring day at work without us zinging back and forth. Sigh. I miss that.

Then i was thinkin’ and worring about Sephi, who was on a plane from the UK to the USA. Sephi, i’m still sending virtual hugs, and i feel you hurting, sister.

And with the computer woes…how will i get stories posted? Okay, so i’m here now, but i’m stressed about it so my story writing will have to wait. About 5 minutes. I’ll have a cuppa, and then do some yoga breathing, and admire my freshly colored red hair (gawd i’m such a vain creature…but my hair has awesome POW today! Sir will be soooo happy when he see’s it…verrah soon…wink, wink…see i’m feeling less stress already!)

And that brings us to musings. You know last time we were together was my first (*blush*) time with a guy in. well. um. longer than some of my readers have been alive, i’d imagine. (grins)  And it was Awesome. hmmmmm….(nilla pauses, closes eyes, humms to self….) yeah. oh my. But that was like 7 weeks ago. Bruises all faded away,  even though he was pretty gentle on me, for my first time and all. Did i mention how much i love spanking? What, only a dozen times?? hahaha! Well, he’s promised to blister my butt this time. Told me in great detail. Gawd he’s so funny about it. He has this evil, but sensual chuckle when he tells me something diabolical…and i get wet. And then he asks me…”did that make you wet, nilla?” Well, um, yeah. He’s in my head, bigtime. And i like him there. I like who i am with him, guiding and directing me.

I’m happy.

Despite the computer. Despite squabbling, sick-of-the-winter kids. Despite bitchy wife. Despite cat puking up balloon ribbons. Despite the skunky dog.

I’m happy.

10 thoughts on “musings and woes….

  1. *HUGS* I made it. I hate American Airlines. With a fierce burning passion. *kicks the plane* stupy plane…

    but about your computer troubles….have you tried downloading Malware-byte’s Anti-Malware from its easy to use if you haven’t already tried that one. I also suggest ccleaner for your basic computer health and maintenance. If you need any help with the operating of these things just lemme know and we’ll chat it out on gmail 🙂

    cheers babe, you nearly made me cry with your concern *hugs again*

  2. I had a virus once. I got it from going to a very trashy website. Bad girl. And I spent tons of money trying to get rid of it. Talking to tech support. We partially solved the problem. Eventually something else went wrong too and I bought a new computer. Probably NOT what you wanted to hear I know.

    My kids are loving winter this year with a burning passion. which is great. And a bit surprising. But great. I’m not trying to gloat, just … being surprised. Cheer up, it’s the end of February, it’s almost over!

    Sounds like fun, you and your man. I’m glad it was good.


    1. Trashy website???Moi(giggles)…i think Lee got it, actually. From a vanilla site. Yay. Least it wasn’t me. And i’ve left trashy websites behind…grins…

      My kids love it, but we had so much snow melt that all that was left was ice…and my dau has a hard time navigating on it (we have a good hill in the yard)…and because it’s in my garden the rocks were poking through and were a hazard….yeah.

      And Sir…oh, the lacivious things He keeps telling me about…He is so naughty. Teasing a poor nilla that way. Making me want. Making me wet. Making me a needly little slut…wait! I was that way before he started talking….grins…


  3. I am glad that your happiness can still transcend all the other crap hon. Hope your computer stuff gets straightened out soon and that you once again…soon I hope…get to be with your “Sir” and get the spanking you so richly “deserve?”, “Want?”, “Need?”. Tee-hee. And like you, I also am concerned about Sephani…but she is tough enough I think to handle this…after all, it is only temporary..not forever. As always, hugs to you sweetie..from one ‘red head’ to another (at least mine is red some times..depending on my mood and degree of honesty over my natural haircolor. Haha).ThePinkPoppet.

    1. Want. Yes. Need. Hell YeS! Deserve…haa!! Maybe, maybe. Only Sir can answer *that* one. That would mean that i was a naughty nilla. Can you imagine that? me neither…guffaw!

      “honesty” and “hair color” are two completely unrelated, unrelatable things, you know.

      I’m not telling anyone i was born blonde. nope. Although Sir once said something to me about it. I’d said something really stoopid, and he told me i sounded like a blonde. I confessed that sometimes, when my roots show, the blonde leaks out a bit.

      He thought that was hilarous.
      And told me to do my roots soon.


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