The slap of the belt across her ass came without warning.

Moving across the room on cat-quiet feet, He’d managed to surprise her. Again. As the stiff, unyielding leather thwacked against her smoothly curved bottom, the fleshy mound responded attractively. First tensing in the afteraffect of the blow, then blushing pink, then the full bloom of rose. He loved that color on her ass. Loved her response to his violence. Controlled violence, but nonetheless…what he did to her flesh could be termed nothing else.

And she loved it.

He admired the strength of that. He enjoyed the need of that. He took her to places she was afraid to visit, could not visit, not alone. Danced her into the darkness, and through it. To a place where the heat of their combined needs illuminated them both.

The belt came down on her ass once more.