First Meet

Chloe (, (she’s on the blogroll over there…go, look!) had put out a post about the first words we ever said to our Dominant One.

I had a migraine the day i typed mine, so it was kinda incoherent. So for posterity’s sake, i’m redoing it, here.

First the words, then the back story. It’s funnier that way, trust me.

He said: “you know why he couldn’t make that turn, don’t you?”

nilla said: ” OMG! i thought he was going to kill me before i ever got the chance to fuck you!”

So if you’ve read any of the nilla back story, you may recall that i’m a vanilla, lesbian, wife/partner of 32 years w/4 kids. Met Sir via innernets (Thanks Fet Life!) and after hearing his side of things…it’s a miracle that we ever hooked up! Isn’t karma a good thing sometimes?

So we plan a meet, but he can’t make it…family emergency. Then we plan another meet, but it’s like 4 weeks later (my ability to schedule free time is  more limited than his). Major nor’easter hits New England and although i didn’t get much snow (7 inches) his area got nailed by over a foot. Meet kaput.

So we plan another meet. We’re into our 3rd month online, texting, phoning. We’ve really gotten to know each other by now, and are really enjoying each other. We set a third date. Local for me. As in…5 minutes from my house, local. NO traffic woes, no getting lost…easy peasy.

He calls me from the hotel as i’m brushing my teeth. He’s there, time to come along.


nilla is dancing as she hurriedly dons coat, scarf, boots, mittens. It’s an absolutely frigid day. Brrrrrr. I get to the hotel in about 3 minutes (hey, it’s downhill!). Call him from the car as he asked. He says “wait there, I’ll come and get you.”

I get out of the car, go around to the other door to get my stuff out. Wind is whipping my hair all around my face, i’m blinded by it. Hear a noise. Look up. A fucking tractor-trailer (it’s a popular motel for truckers to rest in, with a restaurant there as well) is coming up the narrow lane.  He’s going to make a turn just after my car to park his rig on the far side of the lot.

Can’t turn worth a fucking damn.

Backs up.  I know Sir is on the sidewalk on the other side of the truck. I can see his legs. I’m standing between my car and Sir’s. Truck backs up. Tried to take the corner again. Can’t….. and is edging ever closer to nilla’s wee little matchbox car. And nilla.


Fuck. I’m going to be killed. Standing just here. And it’s like a funny, sick-o dream. My feet won’t move. I’m staring in horror at the truck, mouth open, wind whipping my hair everywhere…scared to death that this maniac is going to kill me before i ever, ever get spanked, tortured, fucked, or even kiss my Sir! While Sir watches. So much for the Vanilla Mom! She came, she tried, she was fucked…by a truck. Giggle….

Truck moves forward. There’s Sir…he gestures to me…calls out, “C’mon NOW, nilla” and i bolt across the parking lot, praying the fucking idiot won’t back up when i’m right behind him.

Fast forward to the two lines of conversation at the top. I’m gasping and laughing and Sir is gripping my arm tightly, as he leads me inside.

“All your fault, you know?” Sir says, looking down at me.

“huh” nilla responds brilliantly, still dealing with 1000 cc’s of adrenaline…

“He was lookin’ at YOU! You Fucking Blinded him with how pretty you are…”


(later, after much kissing and soothing of nilla… Sir tells me that he was sure that a guy would show up at the hotel. And how happy He is that “you’re all that you advertised, nilla-girl” …but that’s a story for another day….)

18 thoughts on “First Meet

  1. Awww, lovely story, Nilla – thank you – you’ve made me smile early in the morning (prolly the middle of YOUR night but definitely start of a new day for me LOL)


    1. Thanks Ana…are you a kiwi, by chance? We’re 17 hours behind Sydney Australia time. . . but i might not have been sleeping…..*winks*

      I’m glad i got to share this story. Thank You, Sir for allowing it!


    1. The bad truck guy who almost ran me over before i could reach my long-awaited Sir?

      or Sir…for what happened later….(wicked grin)


  2. S-W-E-E-T…just so sweet. I know this has been a long, twisty-turny journey for ya to this point, but so happy for you. Loved to read that story about your first real meeting together. You are gonna have to share more in the future. You have many that share your joy in this. Hugs.

    1. Thanks pinkpoppet! Yeah, it was a winding road…first for me, then for U/us….and there *is* more to come. Another tale posting this weekend.

      I’m glad He’s letting me share a bit of “us” with y’all…i know so many of you care…and it’s really a great feeling. I know this sounds corny, but sometimes i don’t have words for all the warmth i get here…and when i visit other blogs.

      i thank you, every single one of you. Even the non-commenters. I know you’re reading, and…you come back. So, while i’m pleasing you…you’re pleasing me. Thanks for that.


  3. What a wonderful story and what a perfect first line. You must have known you had a winner from that first sentence.

    And from your post on my site about cleavage, I’m sure one thing about you caught his eye right away. LOL.


    1. Thank You, FD! Yeah, as first lines go, that was a Touchdown…in overtime…with 2 seconds on the clock! He put me at ease and under his control with a few words, and a firm touch. I knew it would be exciting to dance out of my vanilla and into His arms; little did i know i’d be having a near-death experience as part of it!! Grins!

      Oh, yes. He’d seen the “full monty” via photo’s but He did seem to enjoy the real thing way, way better….as did i!!

      Thanks for the comment…i appreciate Your stopping in!


  4. I found your blog recently and I have spent most of today going through and reading old posts(I have way too much time on my hands). You’re an amazing writer and I can’t wait to hear more about this first meeting.

    1. Thanks sin…and that was just our “opening act” as it were (wink, wink)! The adreneline kept on…and on…and on…

      smiling, remembering..

  5. *laughs* Great stuff. The first thing Luna ever said to me in person was “Hey you. Get in!” She was all eyes and flashing smiles, squirming like a 3 year old who has to pee really bad as she patted the passenger seat of her little sports car with a manicured hand.

    I just grinned at her. Years later, I’m still grinning at her…

    Happy Thursday!

    1. Yeah, You two have the “feel” of years together. And i can see the mutually flashing smiles/grins…

      Thanks for the comment…happy Thursday backatchoo!


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