FFF 2/26/10 Stripped poker (226 words)

They met, as they did every Friday, at Mary’s house. She was the unattached one, the freethinker, the…deviant of their threesome. They’d played together for so many years now that they virtually knew every nuance of each other’s play.

Mary opened her beer, took a long gulp.

“New game, ladies,” she stated, her honeyed whiskey voice overriding the girl talk and teasing. 

“What?” said Sue, surprised. They’d not played a new game in…well, since they learned Hearts a few years ago.

“What now,” said Molly, resigned. She was stuck in a rut, rather depressed, and it had been a shit hole of a week. Now she had to engage her brain and try to learn something else. Fuck.

“Strip Poker.”

There was no sound in the room. Molly looked at Sue, Sue looked at Molly. As one, they turned on Mary. Their disbelief, shock, and a wee bit of intrigue was predictable.  Mary guided them down the path she wanted. Eventually, when the beer was about half gone, she got them to play the first hand. Then another. Another beer, another hand.

When Mary unexpectedly lost her bra, the hilarity reached new heights. Soon after, the other two were also down to their panties and stockings.

Mary excused herself to get more refreshments. Her Master was in the kitchen, where he had a clear, albeit hidden, view of the goings on.

“See,” he told her,  “I knew you could do it.”

(nilla is over by 13 words- uh oh!)

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