nilla….and notso nilla…

Sir and i were exchanging emails and texts about the juxtaposition of my life as a vanilla mom, and my life as His slut.

i’d just bought a tiger…zebra? whatever the hell animal print…bra. He’s seen a few pix of it, loves it. I wore it to our “mini-meet” a few weeks ago.  He loved it IRL, too. Loved that i wore it “for him”.  Because i did, indeed do it for Him.

But so many pix i send him have me in my blue flannel shirt (which was rescued from skunk smell…don’t ask me how it worked out, but YIPPEE!). He calls it “signature nilla’. He recognizes that essentially, i’m pulling myself out of my “comfort zone” to be his slut. And understands that i’ve not felt sexy in a very long time. (My wife does not think i am sexy. Part of the whole lack of sex thing. )

My vanilla world is all earthy, crunchy. Flannel shirts, tank tops, corduroy skirt, wool sox, slipper or my blue outside boots (those almost-sneaker boots).  You all know that about me anyway.

But there’s this new flavor in my vanilla world. Vanilla with a touch of slut. (grins) I wear makeup ALL the time.  And since Sir likes my slut look, i do a slightly (not much slightly, but enough that it passes vanilla wife muster) less slutty look for real-life.  i have always been a make up slut. Ever since my first green eyeshadow when i was 14. Dolly Parton was my idol. Man that woman could wear makeup (still does, too!) I think i related to her because she has those giant tits…and at 14 i was also very big breasted. As in “C” cup. Really.

So anyway, i figure that, if i’m always in sluttymakeup mode, no one will be the wiser when i head out for a Sir meet all dolled up. Devious. Deceitful. Naughty.

When i go see Sir, i have a wee bag of things. Extra make up (naturally!), sexy stockings, sexy panties, sexy bra.  He takes care of the shoes.

Did i mention i only wear slippers? Flat slippers?

How hard it was to accept that He wanted me in heels. The blindfold he requires….not a problem. Spanking? Sure i was game for that. Heels? 5 1/2 inch heels? On a 5 foot 1 inch nilla…ridiculous. Past silly. nods.

Then he took them out of the box. Oh. My. Fucking. Gawd. First of all, those are fucking tall heels!!!  But…so sexy. Black and white. Beautiful. Stunning. As He said, “sexy, but classy…like you, nilla.”  *blush*

I was so worried that i would make all this effort to break out my vanilla fantasies and swirl myself in this world i am so curious about…and not be able to go through with any of it. The mental shifting was so funny. Hiking, camping, wool sox wearing,  nature woman becomes slut.

You know what? nilla did! (smiles)

Somehow, it all compartmentalized itself neatly. Vanillamom on one side, sexy slutty subbie on the other. They co-exist very well together. sss is sure glad to have had a chance to come out and play.

and did she ever. Stepped out of the bathroom, submissively obeying Sir to come out, all sexed up, all slutted up…in miles tall heels.

damned if i wasn’t every inch as sexy as HE told me i was.

Power of the Dom.

Now that’s one hell of a power exchange.

nilla is sexy.

Because Sir showed me i am.

Thank You Sir.

nilla.  is. so.  sexy!

(a tiny p.s. here to say a huge THANK YOU to all my readers! Vanillamom has just hit 25,000 views this morning! Wowza! Thank you all so much for coming, visiting, commenting, and reading, and did i say cumming? *grins*!!)