What was she thinking?

be warned….nilla takes another walk on the dark side….

She stood at the bar, self-conscious. She filled out her little black dress very nicely, and the 5 inches of stiletto heel certainly added to the overall picture. She was, in a word, stunning. Long curls flowed over her shoulders, her face, composed despite her discomfort, beautifully made up.

He watched her for a while, judging the exact moment when her nerves would fail her, and she’d turn and begin to leave the crowded bar. He took her elbow as she crossed into the hallway, buttoning her coat.

She glanced up at him, a terse warning on her lips. Then she realized who he was.

She broke eye contact, her hands frozen on the last button near her neck.

“Come,” was all He said, as he led her out into the night. He gave her no chance to demur, no opportunity to change her mind. The single act of showing up was committment enough.

He put her into a rather nondescript car. He got in the driver’s side, and pulled away. He said nothing. She sat, quiet, but shooting nervous glances his way. Occasionally his dark hair and profile would be illuminated by oncoming headlights, but despite  the wan green light from the dashboard, she could see little of him.

After a short time, he pulled into a parking area. The factory was closed, boarded up. He drove around the back, turned off the engine.

“Out”  he ordered, curtly.

She got out of the car, feeling vulnerable, frightened. And horny. This is what she’d wanted to try for a long time. Forget wanna-Doms who barely scratched the itch she had. Forget play parties that left her feeling unsatisfied. This was the real deal. Her breath quickened. Her heart rate sped up so quickly, she was certain that the bodice of her dress was thumping along with the madly running beat. 

He came around the back of the car, after digging through the backseat on the driver’s side. 

He took one slim hand. Pressed a thick foam ball into it, gave her a second ball for the other hand.

“Hold these. No- you don’t need to squeeze them tightly, just hold them.”

He slipped the silvery ring of duct tape from his wrist, and began wrapping it around her left hand. She stared up at him, but he concentrated on his task. In less than a minute, her hand was embalmed with the shiny tape. He repeated the task to her right hand.

“W-why?” she dared to ask, her voice faltering at her daring.

“Can’t open a door this way, can you?” He threw a smug smile at her.

She shivered. Shook her head, no.

He slapped her face, hard. “Speak” he ordered curtly.

She felt the heat of his handprint on her cheek, tears of fear and humiliation leaking from her as she softly stuttered out “no”.

He grabbed her by her coat lapels, dragging her forward, raising her to her toes. Forced his mouth on hers, and she resisted the kiss, from fear, from anger at the unwarranted slap. His mouth brutalized hers, forcing her lips open, making her accept his thrusting tongue. As his darting tongue searched her warm wetness, she moaned, deep in her throat.  An animal sound. A sound of release. Of need. She melted against him.

He was taking her. No matter what she said, or did, he would take her. This he had promised her during their internet chats. At his time, in his fashion, he would take her.

He broke the kiss. Holding a fistful of her hair in one hand, he explored her lower lips with his other.

“Fucking slut,” he laughed, “you’re like a fucking waterfall down here.” He pulled his hand out from under her dress, wiping the wetness down the front of her coat. Pushing her roughly to one side he opened her door.

“Get in,” he ordered curtly.

This time she answered him promptly, properly.

“Yes, Sir,”

He pulled the blindfold from the glove box, pulled it over her eyes.  She heard a rattling noise, then felt cold metal around one ankle. A *snick* and then another rattle. Another *snick* and more cold metal around the other ankle. She was thoroughly secured. The door closed, and she tried to control her breathing. Between fear and excitement danced a flame of lust so high it might burn her, consuming her utterly if she could not tamp it down. She felt the wetness of her cunt leaking between her thighs, and she knew her dress would have a big wet spot on it when they got wherever they were going.

She was looking forward to him fucking her.

His door opened, closed. He started the car and they resumed travelling.  Time passed strangely beneath the blindfold. She was completely unaware how long they’d been driving. Occasionally his hand would grab her tit, or pull on her nipple. Once she let out a yelp as he pinched her particularly cruelly. She was told to shut up or be gagged. Swallowing hard, she fell quiet.

She felt the car slowing, turning. When it stopped, his door opened. He  opened her door, and helped her swing her feet out, but did not release her ankles. Did not remove the blindfold. She hobbled her way from the car, across the parking lot. His hand on her arm was strong, pulling her along.

He knocked on a door. Sweet Jeezuz!!! Knocked? Someone …

The door opened, sounds of  people in the room, the wawwaw of a tv in the background on low volume.  She was pulled inside.

“Here she is, boys. One fine piece of fuckmeat. Enjoy. I’ll be by tomorrow to fetch whats left of her.”

Sounds of catcalls, hoots and hollers. How many men? How many?

The panic clawed at her throat.

His voice came from behind her head.

“What were you thinkin’, darlin?”

The first hands grabbed at her tits…..

She wondered the same thing.