Does she deserve this or what?

I know it’s coming. The first blow, the first slap, the first kiss of the belt on my ass.

It’s been coming for days now.

Days that i’ve spent digging the hole deeper and deeper, flirting outrageously one minute, then teasing and taunting the next. Never say “neener neener” to the Man.

He told me tonight was the night. We were going to have some fun. It’s been a long dry spell. Almost a week with no playtime. Work tires us both out, and frankly, several nights this week I’ve been a bitch.  He shrugged it off, and i was wise enough to not be too bitchy to him. To my extended family, yeah, to the garbage truck guy who threw the can into my garden, again. Yah. But didn’t he deserve it? Heirloom roses, dude. Er, Fucking Stupid Dude, actually is what i said.

I think he only spoke Dutch. He smiled and waved at me as they headed onward on the path of garbage truck destruction. Fucking assholes.

He was amused. The Man. “Told you not to plant the rose bush there,” He gloated. I really didn’t think He heard me mutter in my best whiney cartoon voice  “told you not to plant them there”. It was under my breath. How was i to know he was right fucking behind me, i ask you? Do YOU expect The Man to be on your ass when you’re going to wash dishes and mutter about the shitty state of the universe? See? Justification.

Well, whatever, all that led from one bad thing to another. I expected the swats in the kitchen. I mean, who cares if the windows are up, the curtains blowing in the breeze as he bends me over his leg propped on the chair, flips up my skirt, and whams my ass with a wooden spoon 5 or a dozen times?  And then switched to the pancake flipper thing. For another dozen times.

Over. Finished. Done. Right? Am i right?

No. Because i’m the subbie. He’s the BossMan. His rules. OH Fuck. Why do i forget that when i’m in a snit?

And so here we are. Tonights the night. Ya, Rod Stewart in the back of  your head now, maybe for days. Ha. You deserve it, for laughing at my fate. I figured a few slaps in the kitchen the other day set us all to rights. Right now, i’m not so sure.

He put the big butt plug and lube right next to my face. My hands are cuffed. I hate these pink fur lined things. So frikking stoopid looking. I mean, this is D/s, right? Not Laverne and Shirley do S & M. He thought they were cute.  Geeze. Spare me. Wearing these things should be a punishment all on their own.

So, FSC’s on (Frikiin Stoopid Cuffs), and i’m stretched across the bed, pillows under my belly, ass floating in the clouds. Head down, staring at the fucking giant butt plug. You’d think he was a sadist or something.

Oh. Wait.


*snort* Oh…i hear him coming. He’s wearing his mother’s army boots again. Oh, he reads my blog doesn’t he? haw haw. just kidding honey pie.

I feel pretty squirmy now. Dunno how long he’s been making me wait but i could be doing laundry or washing the kitchen floor, so i’m kinda enjoying the break, frankly. Only, don’t tell him that. Oh. right. Reader.  Heh. just kidding again honey pie.

(He HATES when i call him honey pie…)

(I hate when HE makes me wait for a spanking…i’ve worked pretty hard for this, yanno?)

OMYFUCKING GAWD! No no….oh you fucking mean assed ….asshole!

He’s putting the big metal butt plug into a bowl of ice cubes.

.The fucker!! Jezuz…..oooohhh, my asshole…it’s freezing.  I swear to …jeeeeeezzzzuuuzzzz….i’m puffing ice clouds out my mouth coz my ass is so fucking cold.

Fucker!! Go ahead, laugh at me.

Oh, You’re gonna warm my ass up now? Oh, Shit. Fuck! OWW….

i’m muttering into the bedlinens now, asshole, asshole  and i can feel my ass is starting to glow.

You know how the first blow is kind of a relief? It’s begun. He’s starting. Then about 4 or 5 blows into it it’s like…owwww…oh gawd how many more…and you think your ass skin is splitting you can hear Him grunt with the effort of the coming blow and suddenly KERPLOW…you’re zonked into subspace?

Ya, me neither.

It fucking hurt.

Later, after he bit his name into my asscheek, and fucked the living daylights out of me, he told me i was a such good little slut. I was beaming, happy to have pleased my Man.

He told me how tired his arm was now.

And he’d finish tomorrow.