“There you are…”

The voice is soft, mellifluous. The sound of it teases at the edge of my memory. I know this voice.  The sound of it taunts me. Where?

I am groggy, can’t piece myself together. Cool satin against my skin. I try to stretch, but my arms cannot move. Still groggy, I turn my head, try to orient.

Can’t see. Dizzy.

“Easy now.”

Again, the voice as smooth as the satin beneath my skin. The warmth of a hand stroking down my body, cupping my breast. I feel the warmth of an exhalation over my nipple, then the hot wet pressure of a mouth.

A rush of sensations…dizzy, heat, and the fluid feeling of wetness between my legs. A throbbing runs from my nipple to my clit. A stab of pain as the nipple is bitten, hard. I arch into the mouth, the pleasure wars with the deep heat in my loins, the intense sharpness of pain on my breast.


I stutter over the words…there are no words. The incoherence of my brain is echoed by the swirling effects happening on my body. The mouth leaves my nipple, the swollen flesh puckering tighter still in the sudden coolness. A stunningly hard hand slaps on my exposed cunt.

My legs are spread, cannot close. Dizzy, so dizzy. Can’t see, can’t …another slap steals even that thought, and I spin back into the darkness that I came from.

The voice pulls me back.

“Here now, come here now, come now, come now.”

I hear the voice. It’s so dark. So velvety. It makes me shiver, and I realize that it is not fear that makes me shiver, but an orgasm, one He is pulling from my body. My body that is rising to His slapping hand, my body that is arching, my mouth that is “aaaahhhhing” as the wave thunders through me, consumes me.

So dizzy.