FFF 3/12/10 Take me (a nonet poem)

Clad in latex, she poses, gleaming

an illuminated slickness

her every breath, teasing You

beckoning, enticing –

an alluring sight.

Her eyes pleading

Please, take me,

take me,


Flash Fiction Friday is a product of Spanky, who is taking a well deserved vacation. Panserbjorn has taken up the gauntlet, and is now our celebrated host! Feel free to visit his blog (on the blogroll over there….Panser) to check out all the FFF contributors this week.

my style this week is one i found at shadesoferoticpoetry.blogspot.com  A poe m called a  nonet.  Nine lines, each with a syllable count to match the line number…puts me            w-aaaa-y under my word count for this challenge but i wanted to play with making a statement with very few words. Feel free to let me know YOUR opinion on my attempt!  ….*nilla*…..