Perchance (2.5) (mini)

**this is what happened between Perchance 2 and 3….why Tony and Kayla never managed to “hook up” on New Year’s Eve at the BDSM club…..

He wanted her. He knew she wanted him. Her gaze, a challenge. Her idly swinging foot amused him, as he could see how hard she was working at her nonchalance. He could see the pulse beating wildly in her throat, nearly in time to the throbbing beat of the rock music beating its way towards the New Year.

She stared at him. Dear gawd, he was handsome. She could see he was completely confident. In a boardroom, or here in the noisy club with all the writhing bodies, he was composed. The half-smile on his face could have been a smirk, yet on him, not. He drew her in. And it gave her the willies.

He imagined fucking her. Her tits bouncing under his hands as he drove into her hot and wet cunt. Oh, he had no doubt she’d be a tigress in bed, one that  he’d have his hands full of. One that would be full of his cock, too. He grinned at her, teeth flashing, imagining her response at his fantasies.

Her gaze wavered under that smile. He wanted her. He would dominate and control her. She had never felt the need to submit so completely before, even with Rubierto. He had been too wishy-washy, to effeminate, she could say that now. He had not attempted to boss her, and frankly if he had, she would’ve stomped all over him. Not this guy, taj’s dom friend. Still, and it would behoove her to remember, he was wearing taj’s pussy juice on those fingers, at least the ones taj had missed when he’d made her clean them in the middle of the dance floor. She looked down at her feet, jiggled her toes.

He wondered at her sudden capitulation. He began to move up to the bar, planning to talk to her from very close. As his leg came up to her jiggling foot, he felt a hand grab his arm.

“M A S T E R!!!!”  He groaned, mentally. Oh. Fuck.

The giggling blonde was obviously well on her way to being totally shit faced, he concluded, as she clutched his sleeve as much to keep upright as to greet him.

“Hello, slut” he said to her, his voice hard, his gaze harder.

“Ooooh, are you mad at me for beeeen’ a teeeensy weeensie bit …” he winced as she giggled again, high-pitched ” drunk?”

“You are far more than a teensy bit drunk, slut, and in no condition to be driving”. This, as he observed her keys in her hand. “Where are you going?”

“Oh, my NEW Master” she winked, attempting coyness, at him, “he wants me home, like now. I’m supposed to be computer chatting but i did tell him i wanted to check out the party here, and i kinda um…” she trailed off, obviously lost.

“So, you disobeyed your Master, a recurrent theme, i see, and he’s calling you to go home. Does he know how plowed you are?”

“nope,” more giggles. “we TEXTED” She hiccupped a bit, putting her pink gloved hand up to cover her pink-slicked mouth. “oops, ‘scuse me”.

Frustrated, he ran his hand through his hair. Damn! He’d been…he sighed. Took Pinkey’s keys from her, and scooped his arm around her.

“I’m driving.” His tone brooked no arguments from the pink clad slut reeling before him. He guided her outside into the night, the pulsing of the band following them out. He glanced at the stars that still twinkled merrily.

“Happy fucking New Year,” he muttered up at them, as he all but shoved the drunk girl into her car. Be damned if she’d ralph in his Lexus!

The Wall-nilla gets ‘inspected’

this is the “explanation” of the Wall….next weekend is a wee story about how it feels to be on the Wall….if you’re sick of the wall, take heart…many more “not-wall stories” coming up later this week! And hey! It’s my blog and i can wall if i want to…..*nilla giggles, doppler effect *****…… . . .    .   .

Okay, two of you have openly asked about “the Wall”….so that means there are others who wonder and will never ask because…you’re lurkers, right? Having been a former lurker myself for over a year, trust me, i get it!!

Sir is an awful tease. He’ll text me nibblets of things He wants to do. Like “spreader bar”. That’s all. No details. And maybe he won’t even get to it because He’s having fun with something else that He DIDN”T tell me about.

His biggest tease (and we had a long time before we finally managed to get together physically) was “The Wall”.

We meet, we kiss, we talk, nilla giggles. We kiss some more. nilla is a huge fan of kissing…and Sir is a spectacular kisser. (nilla is nodding as she is typing…and smiling. hooooooo boooooy can that Man kiss.) Then i begin to shed vanillamom. Off goes the coat, mittens, boots. Into the bathroom to “slut up” as i call it. Freshen the makeup. Don the sexy lingerie. Add scent. Fix my lipstick. You know, the 8 hour lipstick that never even survives the first 5 minutes with Him? Yeah, that one. He prefers deep red. Back on it goes. Gloss over that. Vanilla gloss. Hey, you know how it goes. (grins)

He hands me the Shoes. Great bountiful Goddess i adore those shoes! Black and white, with tall, tall stiletto heels (5 1/2 inches). I slink out of the bathroom, and He looks me over, then blindfolds me, and leads me to The Wall.

Pushes me back against it. Always it is cold against my back, my ass, my shoulders. He places me just so. And i’m expected to stay. Just so. Sometimes i hear  Him move away, hear the jingle or rattle as he begins to unpack his toychest. I know he’s laying things out according to his whim. But…He’s sneaky and silent, and often when i assume He’s over —-there, arranging things, He is rightnexttome, checking out His property. He’ll speak softly into my ear, and i jump about a foot! OMG! He’s *here* …

He pokes, prods, moves my clothing, cuffs my wrists. A slap of the little whip against my breast, and a quick inspection to see if the nipple is paying attention under the sexy bra. (it is!)

Then…nothing….and last time, nilla got cheeky. Came off the Wall. Well, one hand was on it…that counts, right? Hrm. No.

Hence the “What the FUCK are you doing off of the Wall?”

incredulous that nilla could be so brazen on our second visit. He puts me back on the Wall, and warns me. “Stay on the FUCKING WALL!’ No shouting. He has a very…menacing, cool tone that is 100% Dom Voice. I can’t *stop* myself from obeying when He uses that tone. Have you read in novels about “He spoke in a tone that brooked no argument”….?well, yeah, it;’s  that kind of tone.

So the Wall is the initial “check out nilla ” place. Once inspection is over  (and trust me, the inspection is fun in a whole new way for me! The heart pounding, pulses racing where-will-He-touch-now-OMG!-yes…that is a huge turn on for me. And Him. ) i’m shepherded to the bed…and …well, you only asked about the Wall, right?

It never stops thrilling me…. thinking back on it,  -or-  looking forward to it on our next time together.

nilla on the Wall.


(yes, it’s a  good  thing!)