FFF She’s Coming Undone… 3/19/10

She wanted out. She wanted out NOW. She felt the growing need inside her cunt, the throbbing, the yearning, but she knew, beyond all doubt, that when she came, she’d also come undone.

The wires pulled taut against her flesh. She’d desired MORE, she had told Him. Had expected MORE from Him. Had wanted the hurt, and MORE.

He’d just laughed at her.

“You’re not ready for MORE,” He had said. “You can barely take what I give you now, barely stand up once we’re done here, and head back to your real life. How do you think you can take the MORE you’re whining about?

She pouted at Him but He, Dom that He was, could not be shaken from His stance. She was ready!! She knew it.

 She made a choice, a decision outside of their relationship. Theirs was not a full-time thing, but He had told her that HE owned her, no matter what. She was His to play with, and she was His property.

She quietly contacted  the club where they sometimes went together. And got “hard-wired”. Third act, main floor. She hadn’t known about that, the public venue of it.

Yet, here she was, in painful need, and in severe pain. The orgasm she was being so painfully brought to would pierce her body, and whet the appetite of the blood thirsty crowd.

She felt the welling…orgasm swelling, blood rising to the pinpricks of the wire she was wrapped in…

…felt the first bite as the orgasm began to ripple through her, the tearing of her flesh with her need shaking her…

and woke with a start. He held her tightly in His arms, ran his hands down her scarred flesh, whispered softly to her,

“long ago little girl, long ago….”