*********you know who you are…who i wrote this for…just coz…yannnoo..that’s what friends are for….love ya…nilla*********


His disembodied voice came from the monitor on her desk. She’d been reading, He’d been called away almost as soon as He came online.


Strip, slut. Slowly. Like the little fuck toy you are. Entice me. Make me want you.”

“You don’t want me?”

“Am I not speaking clearly enough, slut? Did ever I say I didn’t want you? Stop over thinking and START OBEYING.”

Although His voice hadn’t raised, even a bit, it had firmed, chilled. She felt the goose-flesh rise on her arms. She had managed to piss Him off. Again. She sighed. She was not feeling it.

Despite the recent weight loss, despite the successes in her work, despite it all, she was not feeling sexy, or wanted.

She turned to face the monitor. His expression was grim. Solid, like granite. The planes and angles of his face made even more stark in the dim light from his monitor cam. Fuck Him. She was going to make Him so fucking hard He’d blow it all over his fucking keyboard!

Anger spurred her, to look at his face dead on, and then turn her back to him. She reached up and slowly pulled the clip from her hair. The burnished copper tresses  fell from her updo down to her shoulders, and a bit past. Slightly curly from her twisted style that screamed “business woman”, the heavy mass of it enticed. Arching her back, she ran her fingers through fistfuls of it, bunching, pulling and playing with it, massaging her sore scalp, and letting the light glint and play with her lovely locks. She heard Him ‘hmmm” through the open microphone, and smiled to  herself.

Turning for a 3/4 profile, she began unbuttoning her sensible business suit jacket. One button, then the second, and third. Slowly she eased it off the shoulder furthest from His view. Twitching her arms, it fell to rest in the crook of her arms, before she  shrugged it off completely. Though her breasts had diminished in size somewhat from her weight loss, the profile view of them was just fine, and she turned just a bit more to entice His eyes. Glancing over her shoulder to gauge His reaction, she saw that His eyes were taking in the view of His tits. She lifted her hands to the buttons on her blouse, and turning a bit more towards his sightline, she began to unleash herself from her nine-to-five life.

She left her bra on, then slid down her hose. Barefoot, wearing only her black lace bra and panty, she slowly turned her back to the cam. His eyes traced a trail from her beautiful back, down to her well turned ass. The g-string panties slipped between her asscheeks, and for a moment, He envied those panties. He imagined pulling those cheeks close to His face, burying His nose deep in that cleft, and tonguing his way down to where He knew she was tender and moist.

She reached behind and released her bra strap, then slipped the wee strands of the panties down and down and down. Over the hips, down her thighs, until they dropped to the floor at her feet. A single shrug brought the bra from her shoulders to her forearms. She was nude.

Turn”    His voice was harsh, gutteral with His need to see. To see all of her, His slut, in her naked glory.

She revelled in the sound of it. The need throbbing in His voice. An answering throb was beginning to beat inside of her. She felt her cunt heat, then moisten. Suddenly, she didn’t feel unsexual at all. A wave of heat ran rapid-fire up and down her body until she felt flushed, woozy with it.  Her nipples responded to Him, and rose, even as she turned to fully face Him.

At His command, she lifted her leg onto the bed, opening her delightful assets to His roaming gaze. She felt Him looking at her. Again, at His command, she raised her tits to him, pinching the nipples out towards Him. She moaned, felt the need begin to build in her.

She wanted Him to hurt her. Needed Him to want her, to want to do this to her.

As her desire began to coat her inner thighs, she realized she’d become unfrozen. No longer sad, no longer uncertain, she knew, unequivocally, that she was His.

11 thoughts on “Unsexual

  1. 🙂 I love the way our minds work.
    I feel nonsexual when I consider myself – 4 kids and no exercise has not been kind to me. — but mentally…. Mentally, I’m quite sexy. LOL

    Maybe that’s why I’m a fan. Reading is mental.

  2. See, preaching to the choir here! I have 4 kids and little exercise as well…although my kids did not come through my body, so really, no excuse there.

    I AM SEXY. Sir sez so. (nods), So yanno…the Man has spoken.

    And you can be a fan because you’re mental.


    not necessary, but it helps…


    cracking up over here….
    i so bad

  3. Damn, girl, you made me hard as a rock reading that. Thank you for a fantastic fantasy. Love getting a girl out of her 9 to 5 attire. I think that’s sexier than all get o uot.

    1. Why Thank You, PapaTomLA! That’s the best compliment i ever get…that someone got all warm and toasty because of my story….*beams*


    1. {{{HUG}}}} you so sexy…yesm, ya are…deny it all you want, girlfriend. but da nilla knows all, sees all (grins @ sin)


    1. Why, thank you Sir. And it seems to be a common theme amongst the Tops of the group! not that this subbie minds…*grins* Welcome to nilla-land!


  4. Damn, nilla, this one is even hotter than all the others. I’m surprised this controlling Dom can stay out of this as long as He did, even though He gave her the orignal direction to “Strip – make Me want you”. He must have had lots of patience to then allow her to sexily remove her clothes without any further specific direction and control. I bet he truly does love a show and it sounds like she is quite a lil exhibitionist too. Big hug, lil one.

    1. Thank You, Sir! Now, how would You know how controlling He is? (grins)…oh. Right. Dom Code. silly nilla! Glad You enjoyed!


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