The Farm (pt 3, fini?)

She came to an awareness of her body, slowly. Like rising from a foggy night, she found herself again. Sliding her hands down her nude form, she re-acquainted herself with herself. Her tits felt bigger, firmer than before, and tender. Her nipples had that feeling of bruisy-ness, like after a night of hard sucking.

Her belly was gently rounded. Her mons was shaved smooth, but tender to the touch.

Man, she was going nuts! Had she gone out with her boyfriend and gotten totally blitzed?  She sat upright, rubbing sleep-sand from her eyes. Stretched. As she went to swing her legs from the bed, she felt the tug on her ankle.

She was cuffed to the bed.

A bed that was not the one in her loft, nor her boyfriends studio apartment. What the fucking hell was ….

A lightning fast series of memories assaulted her then. Abe fucking her over and over, then Max having his turn as well. Both men rutting on her throughout the night. Then the device. She remembered struggling as Max pushed it inside of her, to help hold the cum inside her, he’d said.  The bed tilting up so the foot was higher than the head. And of being strapped down so she would not slip forward or off the bed. She also remembered the bed lowering, the device coming out.

And more fucking.

The sheen of a needle as it was placed carefully against her flesh.  A grinning Abe sucking on her nipples even as Max slipped deeply inside of her, bucking and moaning until he unloaded his cream into her waiting pitcher. 

How long had she been here? She felt dizzy, nauseous. She hung her head and began to cry softly.

“Don’t cry, kitten,” came his voice. It was everywhere. She looked around the room, no Abe. She spotted the small cam across the room, the speakers in the four corners. “I’ll be up with your breakfast in a few minutes.”


She wanted to throw it at him, but she was so hungry she all but fell on the tray he placed on her bed.

“You have questions.” It was a statement. She stopped eating, chewing, for just a moment, glaring at him.

She nearly growled at his calm smile.

“It’s okay. I know you’re pissed. You’re also 3 weeks pregnant.”

She hissed out a breath….”what???”

“You caught very quickly. We’re still enjoying fucking you, but it’s for pleasure now, not just for work.”

“Fuck YOU!” she spat at him.

Calmly he slapped her across the cheek.

“Control yourself,” he cautioned her. “You could still be drugged, but we chose to bring you out early. There is plenty to occupy your mind here.”

“Cows?” She sneered at him, her hand still cupping her reddened cheek. Even she had to admit that his slap had been fairly gentle, all things considered.

“We have nothing to do with the dairy farm, sweet kitten. The farmhouse used to be owned by that family, but when it burned, they decided to sell the land parcel. We rebuilt here. Quiet, rural. We don’t see much of them, they don’t see much of us.”

She was confused. “You told me that ..”

“I know. And you will be helping us with a product. In fact, you’ll be producing it. A very small, very exclusive group of partners enjoy a very rare form of milk. Female breast milk. Human breast milk. Every couple of years, we find a new girl to be our…” he paused a moment, thoughtful.

“Cow?” she interjected acidly.

“You would wish for me to call  you a cow?” he asked, amused. She dropped her eyes, answered sullenly.

“no. I’m not a fucking cow.”

“You’re a fucking knockout, kitten! And we both enjoy fucking you. And you have enjoyed being fucked. You have had many orgasms, much pleasure, and will continue to.

For the next two years you will live here with us. Supply us and the partners with milk, and as a sexual partner, too. You will be well paid. All your needs will be taken care of. $500,000. for two years of work is a nice fee, wouldn’t you say?”

She stared at him, wide-eyed. On the one hand, being used as a human milk machine was …immoral. Outrageous. Heinous. On the other hand, it would solve all of her financial worries.

“I-i can’t just …disappear. I  have family, friends…”

“If you left here for Singapore, you would have had  to leave all that behind, correct?”

How the hell had he known that her only solid job lead was with corporate Sony in …

“You’ve been stalking me?”

“No, our selection process is very particular. Trust me, Lissette, you are perfect. And who knows. After two years, you may wish to become pregnant again and work with us for another two years. Our contract only allows for 3 consecutive 2-year terms, but first your milk must be taste approved by the board. After that, we’ll go on a term by term basis.”

Jeebus Fucking Neatherthal Christos. What had she gotten herself into?

“What if I say no?”

He smiled at her patiently.


He rose from the bed, walked to the dresser across the room,  withdrawing a hypodermic and a small vial of fluid. He turned to her, making as if to withdraw fluid from the vial.

“Then we go on as we have done for the last 3 weeks, Lissette. You will be lightly drugged, sexed out of your mind, and blissfully unaware. If that’s what you prefer…” and his voice trailed away, an expectant smile on his pleasant face.

“I need to think!” she cried out, despair in her voice.

“No, Lissette, little kitten. You need to choose.”

6 thoughts on “The Farm (pt 3, fini?)

    1. mwahahaha! oh, okaaaay. Since you twisted my arm so much!

      nice to see you around the blogosphere…thought you’d gone to Zambia or sumthin’ 😉


  1. Oh lawds nevah! much too hot for me there 😛 I know, I’ve been absent and neglecting my writing duties. I shall clear that all up tonight. I promise. If I don’t you can totally guilt trip me. I swear *hugs*

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