Screwed at Solaria Minor (2.)

read part one first. Go to 3/21/10 for part 1. Warning: nonconsensual, alien sex ahead. proceed at your own risk. nilla

The alarm began to blare, the door sealed with an audible “puff” of air as backup air generators went online, and Madeline began to scream as the gelatinous goop that was “Charlie” began oozing up her leg.

Sven and Zachary pulled away from her, attempting to shake the ooze off of their legs, but as with Madeline, the ooze continued up their legs, sliding up their flesh faster than either had ever imagined.  The two men froze as one. They looked at each other, nodded, and grabbed at Maddy. Despite her frantic screams and pulls, she was held tight, and borne to the floor.  Charlie had oozed to her upper thigh, and her legs were feeling very twitchy and tingly. She tried to wiggle her legs free of the goop, but there was Zachary, kneeling between her legs, pulling them up and open. The goop  was sliding towards Maddies exposed cunt, and as the first of the ooze landed on her lips, it stopped, quivering, waiting for more of the mass to gather there. 

Her head twisting from side to side, she could also, in the scientific part of her brain, observe with detachment, the undulations within  her two male counterparts’ pants as the ooze climbed ever higher. Zach suddenly threw back his head, moaning, and began thrusting his pelvis forward. The ooze had captured his genitals, and was doing something to him. Something obviously pleasurable. Still, his grip on her ankles only intensified, even as he fucked the air between her legs. His head thrown back, eyes closed, he grunted and thrust. She could see the knot in his pants where his cock bulged, observe, again in that clinical way, the writhing of the ooze stroking the maddened flesh under Zachary’s clothing. 

The same thing was happening to Sven, as he knelt on his hands and knees behind her head, pinning her hands to the floor. With a gutteral groan, both men thrust hard and came synchronously.

At the exact instant that they released,  the knot of Charlie forming on Madelines mons  pulled itself into a vaguely phallic shape, and began probing between her swelling cunt lips. She felt shivery, hot and cold simultaneously. The sounds of the men panting, one between her legs, the other by her head filled her head, and she felt…swirly. Dizzy. She swore she felt the pinprick of a dozen stars entering her flesh, the heat from the alien invader, his thickness, causing intense arousal. Her cunt responded to the myoelectric stimulation, sending Maddies natural lubricant down through her channel. Charlies response was unexpected.

Even as the ooze slid inside of her, more slid up her body, and in a very short time, she was coated with a thin sheen of goo. Her breasts swelled, nipples flared, and she felt the tingling touch of Aurilis everywhere. He continued to grow on her, surrounding her, up her neck, across her lips, into her mouth, her nose, covering her eyes and ears, filling her every open orifice. Yet, she could still see, still hear, still breath. He was porous enough to allow her body to continue living. And yet, he filled her. Melded with her. And began fucking her.

He learned. Learned what she liked. Learned, from the men he had captured, and nullified, about what a male of her species needed to mate with her. Even while filling her tight cunt with a representative cock, his membranes attached ever firmer to her chest globes. “tits” the males had called them.  He pulled them tight, tighter still on the little tips. Flexed and released, milking them, each squeeze painfully tight. And yet, she responded to the pain with pleasure.

He absorbed her moans, had his men hold her more open to him. He took from her. Absorbed her fluids, and grew stronger. Continued the “fucking” that sent her into a frenzy, until she exploded and poured copious juice into him. He absorbed it, wanted more of it.

The fuck lasted for several hours. Long past the point of consciousness for Maddy. She would rouse, feel the fucking, the tingling, the unbelievable pleasure of the creature, and as he pulled another orgasm from her body, she would faint again.

Aurilis felt her vital signs begin to slow. He sent the man “Ssss’  to gather water from the silver reservoir, to carefully tend to the female. He left his matter on the males, slowly absorbing into them via their skin, changing them, merging fully with them.  As for the woman, “Maaii”,  He pulled himself from her, slowly, reluctantly, becoming more solid from his feasting on her fluids.  He  shapemorphed, becoming a small, vaguely humanoid form, as he carefully watched the men caring for his feeder-woman.

******                              *************                                         **********

They left the small colony by negotiation. A lone woman and her two male consorts. What had happened in the lab was a mystery. The vid cams had all been shorted, the air lock would not respond to the rescuers. Three days after the alarms went off in the observation hall, the three scientists had emerged, apparently none the worse for their experience. They had desired to leave the colony, explaining that three days with the organism had filled them with desire to learn more, to be more hands-on in their search for intelligent life forms. They had been transformed, they had said, and despised the isolation of the colony. The Charter did allow for this, they pointed out, and they would not take much by way of supplies.

Chris had pleaded fruilessly with Madeline, who repeatedly had to rebuff his passionate pleas, his attempts to dissuade her from going. He tried to kiss her, grabbing at her shoulders, but an unpleasant tingle from her body ran up his fingers, into his hands and forearms. Quickly he released her.

“I must go. Enough.” Her tone, firm, no longer the soft woman he adored, but someone hardened by an experience he had no knowledge of. She pushed him away, then turned and went to Sven and Zachary. As one unit, they left.

What happened to the life form that had lived in Cube 3 was unclear to those that remained in the colony, although the scientists had said that they had removed the creature, that after it’s last escape, they had electroshocked it, and evacuated the goo via the Haz-chute.

Those that remained behind watched the threesome move off to the one rover they were allowed by Charter. Many wondered what had transpired between the three in that room. Knowing glances, and ribald comments between some of the men were bandied about.

“Gonna start a new colony…” chuckled one bearded leader. Little did they know, buried deep inside Maddies womb, resting, waiting, and growing stronger, was Aurilis.

8 thoughts on “Screwed at Solaria Minor (2.)

  1. how long have you been looking for the opportunity to write a story with ah character named “Swen”?

    Captain Kirk would have liked this one. Scotty would have been concerned about whether this oozy guy would have a bad influence on the dylithium crystals.

    1. achk, Cap’n…i dunno if i can clean ’em up and get us up to full pow’r b’fore the crystals crack…

      i….have never…..even….THOUGHT….about….a character that has….the name….of Sven…

      (nilla, off in gales of laughter!)
      Thanks for the comment, Mick!
      (oops, my Viking is showing!)

    1. Well, and thank you, Rayne! Welcome, and i so appreciate the comment! And there may yet be more to come..cum? in this storyline!


    1. Wow! Poppet…um, that is like a MEGA compliment…not sure nilla deserves that kind of accolades, but i am deeply touched (a huge fan of Roddenberry)….


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