Who Watched There?

She was masturbating. Alone in the dark. Except for her computer. On, always on, in case He came to see her.

He’d be so pleased to see her performing for Him.

But it was really for her. Wasn’t it?

She paused in her self-exploration, thinking a moment. It was hard to think, her mind hazed with the red of desire. That glow of need throbbing deeply in her pussy, leaking from her.

He wanted her to do this. To feel, to be on that edge. The precipice of passion just there, the pulse of life beating in her heart, in her cunt. The inhalations of her breath matching the in and out thrusts of her favorite toy. Her fingers splayed along her lower lips, slicking along that swollen valley, teasing at the cleft where her throbbing was most intense.

Her head fell back, her mouth open in a silent moan, thinking of Him, even as she felt for herself.

“Stop, slut”…

It took a moment for the sound to penetrate the lust blanket she was wrapped in. Almost there almost there…the first tingles of her orgasm beginning to sparkle along her nerves.


The command in His voice broke all barriers. She had been listening to it for too long to ignore it.

Her toy was buried to the hilt, the fingers grasping the base of it pushed  hard against her wet and seeping hole.

Raising her head, she stammered, whispering


He was there. Watching. His body was so far from her. Miles and miles separated them. He at his work far from here. But there was that face, His face,  so near.

“You are close.”

The question that was not a question. How He loved doing that to her.

“Yes, Master, very, very close!” Yet even now she could feel the tingles fading, felt the grasping muscles of her cunt relaxing their death-grip on her dildo.

“Fuck that hole, my slut. Hard. Let me hear your juicy slit. Silent mouth, loud cunt.”

How she hated this. This was so humbling, embarrassing. To withdraw the sodden black toy from her cunt, hold it so He could see its dripping length. To slide it back home inside of her, listen to the squelching sounds as she drove herself to greater floods of lust.

And yet, how odd that the tingle that had been only in her pussy before, had now expanded. Her tits flushed, her nipples tightened to hard nubbins. She felt flushed and humiliated and alive.

Three thrusts, full deep thrusts and she felt the grab as her inner muscles once again began to spasm in readiness for her release.


He’d ordered her silence, so she swallowed her moan of frustration.

“Yes, Sir?” Her voice, quavered, broke.

“Hold up your tits for me.”

She complied, hefting each globe, dildo hilt visible between her legs.

Where are my clamps?”  

His voice like quiet thunder. Disbelief.  Holyfuck. She’d forgotten! He had told her to masturbate through the pain…and she had simply forgotten. Or not.

She tried to stammer out a reply. He cut her quivering excuse off.

“Fix it. Now. And keep that dildo deep inside you while you prepare yourself properly for Me.”

Clenching her inner muscles, legs crabbed together, she slid off the bed, scuttling over to her dresser. Opening her top drawer, she lifted out the mid-weight clamps He had told her to use.

“Show Me.”

She turned, holding the clamps with their heavy chain up to His view.

“No. The others. ”

The moan escaped before she could catch it back. She *hated* them. They bit into her flesh deeply, and if pulled, would bite harder. 

“Short chain. Three weights.”

She shuddered. She was to be punished. Turning to the monitor and cam, she affixed the first clamp, and groaned as He had her pull it  hard to show  its location was giving her a nice bite. Repeating the action to her other nipple, she took short, shallow breaths to try to bear the pain.

“Now the weights.”

The three weights pulled. And pulled. She was afraid they would tear her nipples right off.

“Put your leg up on the desk chair and fuck that pussy that I own, slut.”

Every thrust was agony. Pulling out,  then entering her pussy, slightly bent, made the chains sway in matching rhythm. The weight would swing back and bump her belly, jolting her nipples twice for every singe thrust into her greedy cunt.

And the heat continued to burn, to snap and sizzle in her loins. Her clit was on fire with need. She began dragging her thumb across it as she thrust deeper, ever deeper. Racking pain filled her tits, grinding lust filled her lower belly.

The pain and pleasure began to swirl inside of her. She was hot, then cold, as wave after wave began cresting over her. And yet He still would not let her cum. She needed. Dear god how badly she needed Him to release this pressure inside of her.

The battle waged, her passion and her compliance.

He watched the battle raging across her body. The rosy hue of her breasts, the pinched whiteness of her nipples, denied of bloodflow and pulled cruelly. He took in that view, his cock lurching in his jeans. Watched as the twin torments of intense needy pleasure warred with her pain. Drank it in. He sat, releasing his cock, stroking it to her quivering, aching fuck.

He watched her. Stroking himself. Grunting softly as he pulled harder, faster on his own hard shaft. Imagined her there, right there, tits swinging in his face as she bounced on his lap. His cock,  buried hilt deep in her steaming cunt. Her wetness pouring down over him, coating them both with her slut juice. At that, he came, eyes closed, back arched. Mmmm. She was so fucking good that way, his little slut.

Breath easing, he opened his eyes, watching her look at him. Tears glistened in her eyes, tits bouncing hard now, as her hand moved again and again in the awkward position He had ordered.

A moment passed, then another before he released her.

“Cum for me, slut. Cum hard. I want to see your cunt dripping down your thighs, onto that chair.

A few hard, groaning thrusts and she threw back her head, hair wildly cascading down her back like a silken waterfall, tits thrusting high, nipples pulling low as she keened out her orgasm. He watched her shaking body, gazed rapturously at her racking chills, at the glistening rivulets coating her legs, dripping onto her foot where it braced on the chairseat.

“Take out that fucking dildo and suck your sweet cunt juices from it.” His voice was husky with His desire for her.

Slowly she withdrew the fat, black  dildo from her swollen wet flesh. With a shy smile, she placed her tongue at the base and slowly drew the dildo down with her hand, never breaking eye contact with Him. She swirled that delightful and devilish tongue around the top, tantalizing him. Pink tongue, black cocktoy. Slowly she inserted it into her mouth, concaving her cheeks as she sucked it, hard. When she was done, she displayed the cleaned toy for His inspection.

He smiled. He was not done with her yet, not by a long shot. He ordered her to the bed.

“Enough foreplay slut.”

She shuddered.

How she loved hating Him.