Mr. Brooks (fini)

He pulled her down to his lap, disregarding the wetness that would dampen his jeans. As she slid into place, his hands fastened onto her lovely tits. Full, with pink nipples, he knew he would enjoy every inch of them.

She writhed on his lap, the need he had built  was  seeking a release. As his callused fingers began pinching and tormenting her nipples, she dropped her head back and ground down on his well muscled thighs.

Her begging plea was like music playing in his ears.

“Pl-eeeeease, Sir, please may i cum.”

“No, slut. I’m still not feeling any sincerity here…”

Her breath was rasping from her lungs, punctuated by soft groans and grunts when he pulled her nipples hard, ground his thumbnails into them. They were hard little nubs, very responsive. Pulling one up to his lips, he sank his teeth into it. He bit and sucked at it and she arched even further backward, offering herself to his mouth.

He slapped her other tit at the same moment he bit the nipple in his mouth with sharp pressure.

“Aaaahhh!” she jolted, trying to rise from his lap.

Another slap, his mouth leaving the tit he was playing with to order her firmly, “Sit, slut!”

She sank into his lap and he swore he could feel the heat of her cunt  burning through his pant leg. The letter her former master had written had gone on to say that he believed this slut would service him well. With his cock throbbing for release, He pushed her off his lap, releasing both tits, and stood over her.

Dazed, she stared up at him. Arms akimbo on the floor behind her where she had fallen, chest heaving, her thighs sprawled wide, she looked like the type of wanton slut that appealed to him. Her hair was tousled, and in her eyes were questions left unasked.

“Service me, slut,” he ordered, crossing his arms, and glaring down at her. She could see the bulge in his pants, and rising to her knees, she slowly unzipped the fly, unbuttoned his button.

His cock sprang free. It was larger, thicker than her previous owner’s. She swallowed, a mix of fear and anticipation. She’d never had a cock this big in her mouth before.

Her thoughts were cut off abruptly as he grabbed a hank of hair on each side of her head and pulled her mouth towards his rampant penis. He needed relief and he was going to have it. Quickly she opened her mouth, took the head of his cock and sucked at it. But he kept on pushing forward, forward. She panicked as it went deeper and deeper, felt the gag of it hitting the back of her throat, felt her throat clenching down. Even as she opened her mouth wider to accommodate the thicker base of his cock, the head popped down her throat. He moaned loudly, and spoke through clenched teeth …

“aaaaagghhh good girl, nice, take that,  hold that, aaaaa”

Tears formed and fell as she gagged, sputtered, trying to tamp down the panic, until he released her just a bit, pulling out for precious seconds. She snatched a breath, a wisp of air as he slammed back into her face, his pubic hair going up and into her nostrils, the musky scent of man filling her, even as his cock dove towards her stomach. There was nothing she could do but bear it, as he fucked her mouth as he would later take her cunt….roughly.

She felt the pulse beat in his shaft a moment or two before she felt his balls tighten where they pressed against her chin. She could taste nothing, he was so deeply imbedded in her throat. Her throat felt raw and scratchy, and she relished the warm wetness of his cum as it washed down into her.

He pulled out of her, a long thin string of spit and semen commingled, attaching them together even as his cock left her lips. For a frozen moment in time, they remained that way, connected by the silver strand of fluid, and his hands fisted in her hair. Then he pulled away, collapsed into the chair. She sat down fully, resting her knees, but her gaze never left his face.

“Did you cum, little slut?”

“no Sir,” she whispered. “You told me not to.”

“Good girl. ”

“Mr. Brooks? Sir?”

“Master, slut.”


She came to all fours, and crawled across the floor of the plane towards him, slowly, seductively, like a cat coming for a rub. As she moved, she softly moaned out, a second time, “Maaassssterrrrr?”

He smiled as she approached him, lay her head on his knee, looking up at him with brilliant blue eyes.

“Yes, little slut?”

She closed her eyes, then slid her palms to the back of his legs, gently rubbing up and down, squeezing the solid muscles there.

“Please Master, your slut needs to cum very, very badly. Please Master, please, may i cum for You?”

At the last, her nimble fingers had nearly run up his thighs, reaching to where his cock lay quiescent in his lap, his fly still splayed open, and began pulling at him. With a single twitch, he felt his cock respond to her, and he laughed.  What a saucy and delightful vixen!

He grabbed for her hair, pulling her up fully to his lap again. He brought her mouth down to his and began to taste of her, his other hand exploring her velvety soft wetness.

She moaned into his mouth, pushing down against his busy hand.

Releasing her hair, he grabbed a tit, squashing the soft flesh between his strong fingers, pinching the pink nipple between his second and third knuckles. With His thumb flicking against her clit roughly, his other hand assaulting her breast sent her rocketing skyward.

“Pleeeeaaaaseee, Masterrrrrrrrrrr….”

Head thrown back, tits thrusting, pelvis grinding, she was the picture of carnal lust. Bruising her tender places with His hands, he released her into the ozone….

“Fly, little slut..”