Wax Doll-Crime and Punishment

john solved a riddle on my poetry blog and won the prize of a story. he suggested a continuation of the Wax Doll characters, featuring caging and punishment. you have a wonderfully deviant mind, john! This then, is for you! ~nilla~

She wanted to be blindfolded.

He would not allow it.

He wanted her to see every lash as it came towards her cringing body. He wanted her to flash to her error, her transgression, as she dealt with the twin pains, her ravaged flesh and her tormented guilt.

She had spent the night in the pen. What He sometimes called the HenHouse. It was small, wired on all 6 sides. Shivering at the small eddies of air across her chilling flesh, she didn’t even have room to toss and turn. Finally, in the wee hours of the dark night, she curled up into a small, weeping ball, and slept.

When she had awoken, He was sitting in the chair watching her. She felt like a zoo animal. She didn’t usually mind cage time, it gave her time to relax, to chill, to put aside everything, and just be.

Last night and now, it only gave her time to worry.

She had played with his cunt without permission. She had brought that cunt to an orgasm. Two, actually. He was going to be late, he’d said. His plane was delayed. It had been nearly 3 weeks, 21 days of empty longings. She had crawled up to His side of the bed, buried her nose into his pillow.

Drinking in his scent, it was logical that she would touch His treasures. Fondle His tits, bring the points to bright hard peaks. And only justified that her other hand should slide down and play with His clit, slip along the meaty folds of His cunt. The first orgasm came quickly, slamming into her with the speed of a lightning bolt. The second she worked on. Head tossing in her needs, His scent surrounding her, she came unglued, dousing the bedding with her fluids, filling the room with her scent, her moans, her spent passion.

When she opened her eyes, He was leaning, propped oh-so-casually in the door jamb.

“Enjoyed yourself, pet?” His voice was level, but the threat was in  His eyes.

She had slid from the bed, crawled to His feet, licked at His shoes. He stood, impassive. She cried, stumbled over the explanations, dozens of words begging to be released to Him. She fell silent as He pointed to the cage that served as His nightstand.


He let her out twice that day, to pee, and then later, served her kibbles on the bathroom floor, fucking her ass as she had her face in her bowl. When he was done, he pissed in that ass. Told her to hold it.

Fifteen burning minutes later, He allowed her release.

She crawled back to the kennel, spent her first night with Him home there. Crying softly through the night. He wouldn’t even put his hand into the cage and rub her head.

The second day passed as the first, although He used her ass as His toilet in the wee hours of the morning, and made her hold it for 30 minutes before he allowed her to crawl quickly to the toilet and release, sobbing all the while.

Now it was the morning of the third day. Punishment Day.

One hand pulled and tied to the grab handle He had installed on the bedroom door, and the other hand pulled and tied to the bottom post of His bed. He had full access to all parts of her body. And with the mirrors placed strategically, she could see all of what he planned.

He came to her, kissing her soft mouth gently, then more insistently. His fingers found her wet, toyed with her clit as she tried to hump His hand.

“Horny little sluttoy!” He laughed at her.
“This is what got you into trouble in the first place. Can you not control this wee little bit of flesh?” He rubbed her clit harder, pinching and rolling it between his fingers.

“no Master, i can’t” she replied softly.

“It seems I must then control it.”

“yes Master,” she said, even while pushing harder down on his hand, begging with her hips for more.

He slapped her pussy as he pulled away.

She moaned.

“Now now, bad little sluts must have punishment first. Then we’ll see about that needy little cunt of yours.”

He raised the whip. She watched with dazed eyes as he painted her punishment across her flesh, one red stripe at a time.