He is Not my Dom!

“Lift up that skirt, cunt.”

His order was curt. WTF? I’m sitting on the toilet in the club, and He followed me.

“Are we having trouble hearing?  LIFT UP THAT FUCKING SKIRT, LITTLE CUNT!”

“Unless of course, you want to head back out to the club with my piss all over it?”

hurriedly i complied. Why the fuck did i open the stall door when HE said so?

He is not my Dom. He is NOT my Dom. My thoughts are zinging around my head like a wild bat caught in the kitchen. But i’m interrupted in my musings as i feel the hot stream passing between my thighs. I feel the heat of it, smell the intense smell of man piss. I feel the stream of it, the wind of its passage between my trembling legs, and i start to pee in concert with him. He laughs as he hears my splashing flow, and then aims his dick higher and begins pissing on my exposed slit.

I know, disgusting.

I moaned. I’m such a fucking slut! It was hot, hot piss….feeling the heat of it, the nasty dirtiness of it spraying into my exposed pussy lips…of course the fucking bastard hears my moan. He chuckles, grabs my hair with the hand not steering his dick, makes me look at his cock as he’s pissing on my pussy.

Finally his flow stops. A sputter, another dribble and he’s done. I’d finished way before him.

“Wipe me.”

He has this look on his face that i cannot decipher. I turn slightly, grabbing for the toilet paper dispenser, but his fist tightens in my hair and he shakes my head fiercely.

“Dumb cunt. Use your fucking tongue. NOW.”

I know he’s getting my  “deer in the headlights”  look. I feel him pulling my head towards his now drooping penis, a single drop of urine clinging to the head. I stick out my tongue, and trying to not think about it, i lick it off. I shudder. It tastes horrid. Like piss. Duh.

“Put that whole fucking thing into your mouth, fuckslut.”

Why am i listening to this fucking bastard? He is not my Dom. He is NOT my Dom. I open my mouth, and suck the soft length of him inside. Saliva is pooling in my mouth. I love cock. Love the feel of the silken skin, the helmet shaped top, the textures and tastes of it. I love knowing that my mouth brings it to life, from a soft gentle toy to a maddened, raging weapon. The pulse of the veins, the hardened flesh…all of it turns me the fuck on. I look at a hard cock and feel great satisfaction in a job well done. “I did that.” i think with pride. “I brought this tough guy to this state of being. ”   Except this tough guy was a bastard. And he was not my Dom. I know, i’m confusing you. Let’s start back at the beginning of the evening, shall we?

Have you spent any time in a BD/SM club? You see all kinds of folks, all kinds of kink. There are the bonded couples, the new couples, the hit-’em-once Dom’s, (or Dommes), and the trollers.  No not trolls! Trollers…the Hunters and seekers.

So i got to the club a bit later than i had wanted. My Master  had been gone for 6 months, and it had been an amicable separation. He asked me to move to  North Dakota with him but really? Who the fuck moves to North Dakota? I mean, chooses to?  Like there is fuck-all of anything to do there? I’m a city girl;  give me music and traffic, blaring horns and theater. Art boutiques and lingerie shops.

I said no. I’ll miss him. I’ve been missing him. We had a great sex life together, but we weren’t a “couple” yanno? And He was a great Dom. Just the right amount of bossy to keep my sassy ass in line.

So how the fuck did this sassy sub wind up in this position? Because i hadn’t had sex in the 6 months Master had been gone. Okay, i can’t count my one time thing with the barmaid when i was out-of-town on business can i?  It wasn’t a cockfest, yanno? She was one fucking hot thing though. She was at my pussy like a bear on a bee’s nest, digging deep for all my honey. Phew!

So, aside from that one little adventure, nada. I was horny. And really, i miss being bossed around. Told what to do. Being a good girl is hard work and i didn’t mind some of my “chores” ending when Master left. Did i  mention how i’ve been missing Him? Yeah, well. So i decided to go seeking at the club. There are many Dom types out there. The ones who only want their lil subbies to take pain and pain and pain, and fuck the fun stuff. I’m just not a painslut. Some pain, yesSir. But deny me orgasms for a month? Heh, um, no.

Just like Him, i’m in this for the sex. Give me a chore, make me miserable with my need and eventually, fuck me silly. See? It’s a win-win.

I don’t want a Dom that i can boss around. Some of the “switch” Dom’s are like that. They can be bossy, but when faced with true defiance, they wither. Not my Master. He never..oh, again, i’m talking about Him. Sorry.

So i see a few “maybe’s out there. Dance with one. Another asks me to kneel and suck him off as i’m sitting at the bar nursing a Bud. ‘Scuse me? I give him my “fuck off shithead” glare. He glares back. Hmm, that’s kinda interesting.  He reaches for my tit. I slap his hand away. He slides off the stool, i’m thinking “c’mon big guy, make me”, but he slides off and accosts this blonde wench with tits like milk jugs. Fuck me! Or not. Okay, i have nice tits but this girl …well, of course they were fake. That’s so cheating. Poacher. I stuck my tongue out at them both, but neither noticed. She was way too busy giggling on her knees.

I finished the beer, thinking, okay, i’m just not ready for this, yanno? Decide i’m going to take a potty break before heading home. Damn. I really wanted a good spanking tonight. Fucking horny bitch. I head for the Slut’s room. Sit in the stall . I hear the outer door open, and just as i’m ready to release, He pounds on the door.

“Open the fucking door, slut”. I leaned forward, and hesitantly unlatch it. Talk about vulnerable. He’s gotta be 6 feet tall, and i’m sitting on the hopper, all of 3 feet tall. Bent in half, covering my assets.

Yeah, so that’ s how it got here. The cock that was springing to life in my mouth, i mean.  I felt the pulsing, then the stretching. Ever see the Incredible Hulk as he was transforming? Except for the green part, that’s what was happening, in my mouth. He got longer and longer,  and i began to panic and sweat as it grew down towards the back of my throat. I’m usually pretty good with the whole gag reflex thing, but this was one impressively big fucking cock. My mouth was a huge open ” O ” and all i could think was O my gawd, and O for orgasm. I wanted to laugh, but trust me, laughing with a mouthful of cock is never a good idea. First, you could accidentally bite, which is very, very bad manners, and second, you could impugn the manhood that is choking you, and get yourself royally whipped. It was likely just the stress. Here i am, his piss still dripping off my pussy, his cock threatening to grow down into my lungs, and HE is NOT my Dom.


I think right now, He is.