she Told Him…

she told Him not to come.

Not to bother to try to fit it into His schedule. He was stressed, she could hear it in His voice. He was busy, this she knew for fact. He was the boss, but this time she was putting her foot down.

“No, i mean it…don’t come. I’m rescinding my offer. Besides, i have housework and stuff to get caught up on while everyone is away. ”

“Don’t come?” His voice sounded…strained?

“No.  i know You are busy, and stressing, and i don’t want to add to that. It’ll take You over an hour to get here, for what? a few hours playtime at most? No, Sir, it will take too much time from Your current task. So…just don’t bother.”

“Don’t. Come.”  His voice was flat. Soft. But devoid of emotion.

She rattled on, oblivious. Changed the subject. They shared their days, the ups, the downs.  Finally the call drew to its inevitable  close.

“i will miss You, you know?  But i can’t be the source of any further stress on you, dear Sir.” Her voice was soft, wistful.

He made no reply, other than to wish her a good nights sleep, to dream of him, and then he was off. She fell quickly asleep, to dream of Him. 

The days passed, as they do, filled with busyness and business. Family and children, jobs and friends. On the morning her family left, she waved farewell from the doorway, smiling outside, crying inside.

How she hated, hated that she had told Him not to come. Sighing, she pushed the door shut, and went off for the next load of laundry. Her cell chirped as she moved the clean things into the dryer. The dry load was plunked on the dining room table awaiting her attentions.

“Good morning slut.”

“Sir! Good morning!”

“Open the door, slut.”


“The door, slut, big, red, pretty wreath? ”

She knew her mouth was hanging agape, but she ran from the laundry to the front door, flinging it wide.

He had come.

“Did you forget which one of us is the Big D and which one is the little s?” He asked, His voice silky as He came into her home for the first time.

She swallowed hard, closing the door softly. Turning fully to Him, she lowered her gaze to His shoes.

“no, Sir,”  she all but whispered.

His finger brought her chin up, and her gaze to meet His. He looked deeply at her, into her. She found it hard to remember to breathe. He took her in. His eyes caught and held onto her and she could not, would not break free.

“I think you did, slut. And while I do appreciate the …” He paused, smiled  coolly at her. “…the caring behind it, I do believe it is time for a lesson on which of us  is the big “D”  in our relationship.”

“Show me to your room,  little fucktoy.”

His hand fisted into her long hair, she led Him up the steps to her small room. She was bent awkwardly, at His whim. Her first lesson, she supposed.

He smiled at her little space, taking it all in….the drawings from her children papering the walls, the bags of knitting yarns, the books. The purple and green accent wall, marbled and textural, and  the little nook where her mattress lay, waiting. It suited her.

He  pushed her forward, face down on the mattress. He brought her pillow down, lifted her by her hair, pushed her face back down into it.

“To muffle you.”  He explained, His voice amused. Then more firmly,

“Don’t move.”

She felt His hands exploring her ass through her skirt, then the cool air of the room circulating against her bare skin as He folded it up and over her lower back. She knew she was blushing under His scrutiny. She hadn’t shaved, hadn’t prepared for him, knowing He wasn’t coming.   She thanked the powers that be that at least she’d showered and done her hair and makeup.

Her face felt hot with her blush. Her ass, however, was chilly. Then she felt the warmth of his palm on her skin. It was soothing. But the sudden heat of the first slap of it against her right cheek was far less soothing.

She heard a faint wisp of sound, not knowing what it was. She strained to hear it again when she heard the unmistakable whoosh of air from a fast-moving object, and just as she realized it was His belt, she felt the white-hot slash of it on her exposed buttocks. She could hear Him moving around her, knew the next blow would fall in a different place. Was this a good thing, she wondered idly, or “OUCH!” she cried out, as the blow lashed across her upper thigh as well as her asscheek.

The next blow fell again across the two round moons, but every few strokes managed to hit her upper thighs, her lower back, and occasionally, the crease between, just faintly caressing her slit.

She wasn’t counting the blows when He paused. Tapping between her thighs, He spoke firmly.


“ooooh ” she moaned, “please Sir, not there, please Sir…not my pussy…not with Your belt…”

“Didn’t you learn anything just now, slut? You will NOT tell me what I can and cannot do to you. ” She heard Him sigh in exasperation. She trembled with nerves, then taking a deep, albiet shakey breathe, she opened her legs.

He began using the belt much harder.  It seemed shorter, the blows more intense. She chanced a glance over her shoulder. He’d doubled it up!  The folded belt slapped against her cheek in the exact same place as the last 3 blows and she screamed into her pillow.

“FUCK!!!”   By fucking geezuz it hurt!  Her ass was on fire…and then he hit her cunt. The jolt took a full second to register, and her first inclination was to slam shut her legs. Thankfully she didn’t. He went back to hitting that “sweet spot” on her ass. She knew she’d have a mega bruise there shortly. She could feel the soft squishy soreness that presaged one. And FUCKALL if He didn’t hit it again!

“Siiiiirrrr!” she shrieked, her ass coming up off the bed. “Please, please, please…please Sir, hit me someplace else, pleassssse…” and she ended on a wail as the belt hit just there, again.  She was panting, moaning, crying.

He turned her over. Watched impassively as tears trickled down the side of her face. She sniffed, but didn’t dare move to wipe anything from her face. He seemed pleased with His effort. Her ass was on fire!

He gestured with the belt. 


Her eyes opened very wide. She felt her face squinching up into tears again. This was her first punishment spanking. It wasn’t very nice.

“i don’t like You very much right now, Sir”  she dared to say.

His fingers pushed her knees apart. Fully exposed, He looked at her cunt, the puffy lips. Leaning forward He slid three thick fingers into her heated opening. They slid in all the way to the palm, making a soft squelch sound as His hand met the edge of her hole.


He paused, looking deeply into her stormy eyes, fingers buried in her. He watched the blue fire there change as He wiggled those fingers inside. The glint of lust replaced anger, and He felt her squeezing  her muscles, attempting to hold Him inside of her.

“Your cunt says otherwise, little slut. It’s all wet, hot and fucking greedy.”

His fingers withdrew and she uttered a little note of distress. He flashed her a wicked smile as He slid them home again. He fucked her to a hard orgasm, their eyes locked every bit as tightly as her pussy clenching down on his busy hand.

“Mine.” He grunted as she spurted onto His hand, onto the sheets tangled on her bed.

“Mine to use when I choose. How I choose. When I choose.”

“Yes, Sir, Yours.” she spoke softly, but clearly.

Lesson, learned.