Perchance pt 5

Kayla sat, mind whirling, nibbling on a pretzel at the bar. Her pussy was still moist, throbbing, actually, and her mouth still carried the taste of…gawd! Her mind whirled around again. Taj, her best friend, eating her pussy, while HE, He shoved his big cock into her mouth and mauled the shit out of her tits.

Just thinking about it made her throbbing intensify.

“You’re over thinking this.”

Taj’s voice came quietly into her ear from behind her.

“Not. Just…”

“You are. You get this funny wrinkle between your eyes when you’re intensely thinking. This isn’t a think thing, Kayla. It’s a feel thing. I’m guessing your pussy, which tastes wonderful by the way,”  Taj grinned at her friend as she watched the blush suffuse Kayla’s face and throat.

“Stop blushing! It’s your body, and it was created for this…to receive and give pleasures. You gave me as much pleasure as you did Master Tony. You have a lovely cunt. Nice full lips, great pink…”

“STOP!” Kayla leaned towards Taj, putting her palm against her lips.

“Voo cwood spop meev by overrrer wazyzz,” said Taj, wiggling her eyebrows dramatically, and making Kayla hoot with laughter.

“I get it, I do, it’s just…well, we’ve been friends and..”

They were interrupted by a heavy-set man pushing between them, bumping Taj back a few steps, and pressing his rather large belly up to Kayla’s knee.

“I saw your performance back there, slut. Give a hellava good blowjob. My turn now.” He grabbed her arm, pulling her off the stool. She got a good whiff of leather from his black vest, as well as beer breath as he loomed over her.

Taj pushed forward. “Now wait just a minute, here! She’s taken!”

He looked down at Taj. Sneered. “By you? guess again, slut. ”

He began pulling Kayla forward,  but she pushed back against his hairy chest with one hand.

“Now wait, hang on there. I don’t want to insult you, Mr. Dom Guy, but, i’m just not interested in Your kind offer.” Desperate to keep from being dragged to the hallway  and equally desperate to not upset a Dom, she tried to reason with him. He was pretty drunk, she could tell by his glazed eyes.  Neither of them noticed Taj slipping away quickly.

“Eirock. You may call me Lord Eirock. Now come along slut. You have work to do before I can decide whether to make you my slut or not.”

“B-but i’m not interested in being your slut,  i’m just…”  He ignored her protests, and kept pulling her towards the hallway that led to a grouping of small play rooms. Obviously this man was either very new at being Lore Eirock, of  just a drunk lout. As he pushed open one door, she began to struggle in earnest. She was not giving this asshole a blowjob, nor was she interested in being raped because he was too stupidly drunk and caught up in his fantasy to understand she was saying NO. Fucking lunatic!

She grabbed at the door jamb to slow her entry into the room, but he grabbed her around her waist, pulling her forward as his mouth began slurping down the front of her tits.

“mmmmmmmm” he mumbled, and she felt his tongue sliding down the front to search for her nipples, one thick-fingered  hand reaching to pull her tit free of the corset top. She pushed with two hands now, trying in vain to free herself. She opened her mouth to scream when his suddenly came up and landed full on hers.

She was assaulted by his tongue, thick and meaty and tasting of beer, as he slid it into her mouth, along with a good mouthful of his spit. She tried shaking him off but the hand that had held her waist came up to wrap around the back of her head and hold her steady for his mouth. The hand on her tit pulled it free at last, and began pinching and twisting her nipple painfully.  Shreaking behind the assaulting tongue, twisting and fighting him, all seemed to turn him on even more.  She began to feel faint from the lack of air, when suddenly she was pulled from his grasp. She slumped against the wall, gasping and crying, even as she saw Master Tony deliver an amazing right hook to the buffoons face.

As Lord Eirock staggered back, Tony looked at him.

“Mine” was all he said in a quiet, terse voice.

“She ain’t wearing no fucking collar. She didn’t say a fucking thing about being yours. What the fuck. What a fucking cunt!”  As he passed by the pair on his way to the door, he made as if to slap her. One brief look at Tony’s expression caused him to redirect, and stomp out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Tony looked at the quietly weeping subbie. So fucking vanilla. He had his work cut out for him.

He ran his hand down her hair, then cupped her chin.

“What I will do to you will be much harder on you. I suggest you consider that while you think about submitting to me.”

He turned to leave the room. Opening the door, he paused, glanced over his shoulder where she stood, an expression of mixed shock and outrage on her pretty face.

“And if I were you, I’d get the fuck out of here before “Lord Eirock” returns.”

And he left.

She stared at his retreating back.


Blinking, she gathered her wits, pushed her exposed tit back into her top and went to find Taj.


I had every intention of having a writing session Sunday and filling in a certain story “gap”….see, didn’t forget Kayla and her new Dom…

however, Sir was coming back from a trip and we got into a text discussion on Dom/sub relationships…more protocol, i guess, as i was tinkering with an idea and wanted to sound him out about it.

The discussion was very interesting, and held to 160 characters, done in shortspeak. That ate up all my writing time. But a great discussion nonetheless, and those lessons will appear!

So, check back later today for the next chapter in Perchance!