She woke groggy. Music throbbed in the room, in her head. The bed was rocking with it. NO.
The bed was rocking …because…someone was fucking her!

She couldn’t hear his grunts as he pumped into her, but gradually sensation returned. She felt the friction, the wetness on her thighs. The heat of his legs between hers. The deep ache that told her she’d been fucked for a long time. Fingers grabbing hard at her hips, another animal grunt, and his cock stiffened inside of her. She couldn’t feel the splash of semen, but as he pulled out, she heard the squishy sound of it.

Where the fuck was she???

The bed moved as he, whomever he was, moved off and away, but barely a moment passed before it dented again, and someone else crawled between her thighs.

She moaned in pain as his cock entered her ravaged hole. The burning pain seemed ceaseless, the throb of his penis as it pushed deeply up to her cervix, the beat of the music drowning out all sounds, until all she could to was feel.

She tried moving her arms, but she felt the rasp of rough rope around her wrists. She tried moving her legs shut, but the same was true of them. She was blindfolded, so she thought they might let her go, eventually.

She’d read that someplace. If you could see your assailant, you were in more danger of being killed than if they covered your face, or theirs.

The rapid thrusting forsaged another cum dump inside of her abused pussy.

Again she felt the tilt of the mattress as her rapist moved from her, again felt the impression of another body climbing up to mount her. This one was big. His cock was thick and she swore she could feel the pulse of it as it rested for a second against her mons. She felt thick hands and fingers searching her hole, and squashing her clit, then the hard push as he began trying to shove his big cock into her swollen cunt. She writhed, moaning, trying to move her hips away.

Her breath was knocked from her as he fell upon her fully, laughing. She heard his voice in her ear.

“Wakey wakey little fuckhole,” and his laugh was cruel.

She wondered how she’d gotten here, and where here was. She struggled to remember, to snatch at the tiniest detail, but it was a blur of light and color and sound.

The deep bass back beat thrummed in time with the pushing of his cock in and out of her. In time with the headache hammering inside of her closed eyes. In time with the hands pinching and pulling on her tits.  Long hard strokes kept his hips slamming against her, the weight of him pressing her deeply into the mattress, the pain of breathing, the pain of her pussy, the pain of her tortured tits and tormented nipples. Wave after wave of sensation overwhelmed her until she felt like she was floating on a cloud of pain.

The heat of it washed over and through her. When he crawled off of her, slapping her pussy, hard, she prayed he was the last. She could take no more, no more. She was broken, throbbing. She fainted.


She awoke with the sound of birdsong, sunlight seeking entry into the room through the edges of the shades and curtains. The faint hummmm of her neighbor’s lawn mower buzzed into the room.

She opened her eyes, blinking owlishly in the morning brightness. Pushing up on her elbows, she groaned. Her tits were bruised mountains of flesh, her nipples blue and black and swollen to nearly twice their normal size.  Long lines crisscrossed down her torso, from a whipping she did not recall. Deep bruises punctuated her legs, and her cunt was so swollen, so tender, that she knew even taking a piss was going to be a monumental challenge.

She looked toward the door as it opened, and her husband was framed there, two steaming cups of coffee in his hands.

“Boy did you have some fun last night,” he said, handing the cup to her. “You were the life of the fucking party!”

She winced at him, over the rim of the cup.  Spoke with a voice raspy from deep throating cocks she didn’t know.

“I don’t really remember it, but it sure looks like i did!”  She gestured down at  her body, bruised, and aching. He smiled that grin she knew had the devil in it.

“Just wait until you see the DVD!”

Her eyes widened in shock. Dear Gawd!