Perspective: The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful part 1.

Very little was said during the delicious meal at the exclusive restaurant. Several times she had turned to him, only to look away, and sniff back tears. She was stunned. Speechless, and not able to taste a morsel of the delightful food placed before her. She ate because she had been instructed to do so. She suspected her husband was tasting as much as she was.

As she raised the moss-green napkin to wipe her lips, she saw a waiter approaching with a note. He brought it to her.

   “Please follow Ricardo. Both of you. NOW.”

She looked at Russell.

“This is from Him. He wants us to follow Ricardo. Now.”

“Fuck him!”  Responded her husband, tossing down his napkin. “”Let’s just blow this fucktard place.”

“No.”  She spoke quietly, but firmly. “You did this to us. You fucked up. You signed your name…”

“Under duress, it won’t stand up in court…”

“You signed your name, ” she continued as if he hadn’t interrupted, “to an agreement of some sorts. Now you need to keep that agreement, Russell. I …I don’t think I know you at all! What? Why? I…”  she shook her head, words failing her.

“Don’t play all Lady Grace, with me, Shiloh. You’ve certainly benefited from my job. Time to play fancy gallery lady, ”

She stared at him, stunned by the hurt that slammed into her.  “Y-you…”

Ricardo interrupted.

“Sir, you are instructed to come with me now, or that man over there will be calling the police to report a crime.” He pointed to the security booth, where a discreetly uniformed officer had his hand on a phone, wagging it in the air mockingly.

“Fucking pigs,” Russell grated out, as he grabbed his wife’s arm and began pulling her along.

“Let. Me. Go. You. Jerk.”  She pulled her arm free, then stepped ahead of him. When Russ made a move to grab at her again, Ricardo deftly took her elbow, guiding her to a nearly invisible elevator door. They entered, and he pushed the button for P.

The elevator rose smoothly and swiftly. Too angry and hurt for tears, Shiloh stayed in the corner, Ricardo acting as her de facto guard. Russell stood, facing the doors, bristling.

They came to a gentle stop, then the doors opened to a beautiful foyer. Russ stormed out.  Ricardo held Shiloh back.

“Wait a moment, cara, ” he murmured, his voice soothing.

Another uniformed guard waited at the double doors that were closed.

“Russell Vendinger?” he inquired, although it was obviously a formality.

“What the fuck do you want?” Russ all but growled at the man.

“Please, sir, follow me.” He opened the door, and Russell began to go through, only realizing at the last moment that his wife had not followed him from the elevator. He turned as  if to go back for her, but the cop insisted he move forward.

The doors closed with a precise *snick*.  As he followed the rental cop through the apartment, he took a moment to sneer at the genteel opulence that confronted him.

“Fucking prick. Like he doesn’t have it to spare anyway, ”  he thought to himself. His boss greeted him curtly at the entrance to yet another room. He was gestured inside. It was a bedroom. Russell swallowed, hard. The fucker had meant it.

“Sit.”  The word was spat out at Russell, and he found himself obeying. The security guard placed a handcuff around Russ’s left wrist, then quickly around the arm of the chair.

“What the fuck?!” Russ tried to stand up but the chair was very heavy, and his arm was securely cuffed to it.

“A slight modification to that chair, Russell, that you will be interested in? It is bolted to the floor and will not move. Neither will you. I said ‘sit’ and I meant sit the fuck down. Or I can have my assistant here bring you down to Charles Street Police Station, and  turn you in for fraud, theft, embezzlement…oh an entire menu of nasty charges.” Quirking one eyebrow at him, he smiled. It was not a pleasant smile. Russell sank back down into the chair. As soon as he was sitting, his other wrist was cuffed .

“You really mean to do this? You would do this to my wife?”

“Your wife will be treated with more respect from me than she’s gotten from you in quite some time. You profess to love her, and offered her your fidelity when you married, and yet you continue to entertain a variety of mistresses. ” He held up the second file. Opened it to show a series of photo’s of Russell with different women, several while engaged in sex.

Russell paled. “You…you’re not showing that file to Shiloh…?”

“I would spare your wife undue hurt, but if the occasion warrants, then yes, I will indeed make this available to her.” He laid the file on the nightstand, then turned towards the guard.

“Have Ricardo bring the lovely Shiloh to me.”

6 thoughts on “Perspective: The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful part 1.

  1. I want a description of Caleb, if it’s not too much trouble. 🙂
    I’m enjoying his plottings and your story line. 🙂

    1. Keep reading, ALA! I’m not giving you the “full monty” coz…i want him to be what YOU invision him to be…but a few hints coming…


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